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    Wanted Stalker Radar Antenna Cables Wanted

    I need a quantity of used but good condition Stalker Radar antenna cables. Can be any length. If you have some that you would be interested in selling please let me know. Thank you.
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    Code 3 RX2700 Wiring Question

    I recently purchased several Code 3 RX2700 lightbars from a municipality that were taken off vehicles that were being removed from service. The harnesses are different on two of the lightbars, and I would like to power them up to test them before selling them. I hooked up 12 volts to the heavy...
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    Wanted Stalker DSR 2X Display Faceplate/Remote(s)

    I am looking to buy one or more Stalker DSR 2X display faceplates to replace ones with bad segments. If anyone knows if these faceplates can be repaired I would appreciate that information as well. I am also in need of wireless remote controls for the 2X. Thanks!
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    Wanted Stalker Radar Antenna Cables WTB

    i am needing a number of used Stalker Dual, DSR or 2X antenna cables, any length. Please let me know if you have any that you are willing to sell. Thanks!
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    WTB: Glass Lens For Federal Model 19 Propello Ray Light

    I need a glass lens for a Federal Model 19 Propello Ray light.  If you have one for sale or know of one, please contact me.  Thanks!
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    Stalker Dual Radar Setup Mode

    I noticed on a Stalker Dual radar that there is a small hole on the bottom with a green switch behind it.  When you depress the switch with a small object, such as a paper clip, it puts the radar into a "setup" mode with several functions.  Some are self-explanatory but others I don't...
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    Stalker Dual DSR Antenna Question

    Can anyone tell me if the standard Stalker Dual Ka antennas will work with Stalker Dual DSR unit or do you HAVE to use the DSR antennas? Thanks.

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