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  1. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Probably not. Vision SLR demand in the USA dropped by 50% when the FDNY scrapped them lol, so now NYPD RMPs & traffic units are gonna be the only ones left with vision SLRs. Sadly, I also think we’re gonna see a lot of FDNY rigs with burnt out lightheads or lightheads stuck on steadyburn now...
  2. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    I love their spec mini freedoms for the Ferrara RM ladders (they look like R/C dual color inboards with rapid pattern rotating corners)…they’re brighter and no moving parts, so I think they’re a win for FDNY over FedSig navigators
  3. pdk9

    2021 F250

    Honestly doesn’t look budget install at all….good solid 360 coverage
  4. pdk9

    2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

    Nice simple install, & I love the patterns you picked on the smart logic flasher for drive & park. I really hope you upgrade the side warning, b/c the only thing I’m not a fan of is relying solely on a surface Mount vertex for your side warning. However, I’m not a fan of the sidekick b/c...
  5. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Sooooo true! They’re really disappointing, & I wish FDNY went with the Freedoms (that they use on their Ferrara Ladders) on all their new Seagraves
  6. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    I’m not going to waste my time calling around to Seagrave or FDNY and getting transferred endlessly for something that nobody is dying to know the answer to. I just asked on the forum, because I was curious if anybody here had any direct knowledge, & the 2 cents put forward by some of the...
  7. pdk9

    Brightest and best led beacon

    L31 is by far the brightest IMO. I love sound off products, but the Nroads doesn’t pack as much of a punch to me (I think the fluted lenses on the L31 give it a little extra punch than SOS beacon). What’s the application gonna be for your beacon?
  8. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Do you have the number for their whacker Q&A hotline?
  9. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Interesting point; I never thought of that. It makes sense, but I also think it’s a waste on their part since the angled 45 degree reflectors on the rotators would do that naturally when they’re positioned normally. Has anybody else heard anything or have any thoughts about the decision to...
  10. pdk9

    New FDNY Seagraves

    Hey guys. I’m sure many of you have seen that FDNY went back to Seagrave for their engines and now are sporting a fully FedSig lighting package with Navigators up top. I’ve noticed that the outer minibars on the front of the cab appear to be tilted downwards. I initially thought that the guys...
  11. pdk9

    VW Golf Upfit Questions

    It’s hard to tell from the vid, but it looks like surface Mount LAWs. I’d recommend something like an under the mirror light with an intersectors b/c all the dirty work is concealed underneath the mirror (with wedges, you should be able to get a decent angle) & away from turn signals Like Seth...
  12. pdk9

    strobesnmore crescent VS feniex puck input

    What does 911 signal make for SOS? I was only aware of FedSig & Code 3 outsourcing asian products
  13. pdk9

    2012 Ford F-150 Install

    I like it but would’ve preferred both grill lights to be red. Are you allowed to use a HLF? I’d 100% recommend you putting some lights on the side of the push-bumper to give you some intersection coverage when going code 3. Some red T-ions (to give you the linear optic with off-axis) would be...
  14. pdk9

    Code 3 (uuhhh strobes n more) CD2915 warning work light

    I also immediately thought it was a SNM copy when I saw it. Another unimpressive release from Code 3. The least they could’ve done is try to make the LAWs kinda blend in more, instead of just looking like an afterthought add-on
  15. pdk9

    Powercall Sirens RDX light and siren control head

    I love the Powercall siren tone, BUT I think the faceplate on this looks cheap and tacky I also think the PA connection & USB port (which looks crooked) don’t belong on the front of the control head
  16. pdk9

    Ion vs sound off ghost

    Look into the Sound Off mpowers. Brighter and more rugged than the ions & ghosts
  17. pdk9

    Code 3 outliner

    Wow, awesome job Code 3! You released another unimpressive product.
  18. pdk9

    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    Feniex Fusion Sound off nRoads Fleet You don’t wanna go near STL. The more “economical” options from reputable places will still run you around 1K, but you’ll have the reliability that you won’t get from STL (and similar) bars
  19. pdk9

    (NYPD) Help identifying deck lights

    They’ve used R/B vipers for a long time on their marked and unmarked units. Slimlighters are typically just used on highway patrol units (with an occasional exception on some unmarked units)
  20. pdk9

    What surface mount, dual color, external LEDs are out there today?

    I think the best option is SOS Mpowers. They’re a little on the pricier side of your options, but they’re worth it IMO because they’re rugged (silicone housing/optic), bright as hell, and small/thin. Alternatives: Whelen T-ion duos are decent & slim. The Feniex fusions are ok but I think...
  21. pdk9

    Whats the brightest light bar available today?

    I think the Whelen legacy is the brightest lightbar on the market right now. While the freedom is a great option for fire apparatus and has a nice large footprint, I think the legacy beats it in heads-on intensity
  22. pdk9

    Whelen Rocker area lights... What can I do?

    If u wanna stay brand name, I vote for strip light plus duos or 4” mpowers...both are very slim/low profile and bright. Linz6 aren’t nearly as bright as those options & they’re bulkier (more likely to get kicked/bumped) On the other hand, if you’re cool with private brand, look at the SNM...
  23. pdk9

    2015 Durango R/T project

    We need a video! Any plans for a pair of grill lights to top it off?
  24. pdk9

    This gonna be fun (2020 F150) updated with specs and ideas

    Just throw a lightbar on the roof (simple and good 360 coverage) and call it a day, plus I think an ILB looks silly on a marked unit & interior warning packages don’t offer the coverage that an exterior bar does. It’s not going to be doing traffic control, so I dont think you need additional...
  25. pdk9

    Which wide angles under the mirror lights should I choose?

    I also vote for sound off. Not the cheapest, but their products are definitely worth every penny
  26. pdk9

    Unicorn lighting - anyone familiar with them?

    It sounds like you answered your question already. If you haven’t heard anything good about them, then it’s probably for a reason. I suggest paying a few bucks extra for a brand that you know (ie Feniex).
  27. pdk9


    Axixtech is good. FedSig rebrands a few of their lightheads
  28. pdk9

    strobesnmore vs UBL

    I vote for SNM over UBL b/c of their light output and warranty. However, although the SNM bar has more to offer, it’s about 2x the price of the UBL, so if he is limited on funds, I’d go with AWL Venom (similar price range to the UBL but you have Tom’s stellar service and a 5 year warranty)...
  29. pdk9

    Kia Soul Install

    Lighting requirements (ie courtesy light, 360 coverage with siren, etc )? Usage (ie respond to station, respond to scene, etc)? Budget?
  30. pdk9

    need opinion of AWL Venom Interior Bar

    What year is your F250, what’s your budget, and what’s your tint situation on the headliner? If your budget is < $200, then I would go with the venom because Tom (AWL) has a stellar reputation for standing behind the products he sells with his customer service. Universal bars never fit “just...

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