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  1. MEVS06

    Wanted FedSig SIB

    I need a FedSig Serial Interface Box and also need a lower outer lense for a 53" legend and mounting feet as well. Please let me know what you have. Thank you.
  2. MEVS06

    Strobe Kit & Mobile VHF Radio

    Welcome to my eLb store. All used electronics are sold as is, in working condition unless otherwise stated. All sales are final! If you have a question about any items please ask them before asking for payment information. Whelen USP188C Strobe power supply with 8 cables and 8 strobe tubes...
  3. MEVS06

    CenCom Sapphire

    Whelen CenCom Sapphire CCSRN36
  4. MEVS06

    Whelen Liberty WeCan IO Boards - SXTDLEDs

    Paypal preferred, shipping via USPS OR FedEx, no shipping outside the U.S.A. Paypal email is: sales@morevs.com . Please PM me on here when you send payment and include the item you are paying for. No trades at this time. ALL PRE OWNED EQUIPMENT SALES ARE Final, NO EXEMPTIONS!!! What you see is...
  5. MEVS06

    Lifetime LED Lights 3" Flush Mount 30 Watt Off Road Light

    Lifetime LED Lights 3" Flush Mount 30 Watt Off Road Light  $74.00 each . LIFETIME warranty . Price is for one (1) light . Flush mounting front plate . LED Power: 30W . Current draw 2.42A @ 12v . Operating Voltage: 10v-30v DC . 1854 Lumens  . Waterproof rating: IP 67 . 6 high intensity CREE LED...
  6. MEVS06

    Code 3 Prizm II heads in a Liberty?

    So I got a Code 3 RX2700 off a member on here for a decent price, FedEx used it as a ping pong ball and every lower lense is severely cracked. I did a little looking at an MX7k i have and well lets just say I cant fit the heads in a MK7k lower so I was wondering what you all think about putting...
  7. MEVS06

    MOR E.V.S. ELB Christmas SALE!!!

    Sale is now discontinued. Only available from MOR Emergency Vehicle Solutions, Elightbars original Lifetime LED Lights dealer. •Regular Price is for a pair. •No relay harness is required, Direct plug in to the factory socket •Output Power: 22W @ low beam 30W @ high beam Input...
  8. MEVS06

    Lifetime LED Lights Headlight Replacement Bulbs

    Sneak peak of the all new Lifetime LED Headlight bulb replacements. All common applications will be available. 2200 Lumen low beam and 2800 Lumen high beam. Pricing is expected to be around $149.99 - $189.99 per pair. In production now and we will be taking pre-orders soon, shipping will begin...
  9. MEVS06

    SAPD Officer Shot in the head.

    An 8 year veteran officer from SAPD was shot in the head earlier this morning while on a domestic disturbance call. He is at the hospital and is expected to survive acordin to news reports. http://www.foxsanantonio.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/vid_17209.shtml
  10. MEVS06

    Opinions wanted

    So I got bored today and decided to see what an SLR beacon would look like on the Mini so.....
  11. MEVS06

    The X10DR Wireless Microphone Extender???

    Anyone heard of or used this, reviews possibly. My Chief saw a Deputy in my county using something similar, but we are not sure of what exactly they are testing at this time and he wants more info and pricing. I can not find any info other than what Google brings up. No pricing on any site... I...
  12. MEVS06

    MOR Emergency Vehicle Solutions

    We are proud to announce a new product line to the MOR E.V.S. lineup. We are now Authorized Dealers for Welcome to Lifetime LED Lights - guaranteed for life. We are very excited to provide such high quality off road lighting products to all our current and future customers. We are still carrying...
  13. MEVS06

    2004 Pierce Contender Daytona International Speedway

    Just a small upgrade to the truck. I replaced the Code 3 Oscilaser's which kept burning out the bulbs with some Whelen 600 Series 5mm LED's. We have plans on upgrading the rest of the truck as funds permit. Thanks to Firemedic12 for letting me work on this, he's the Lt. at this FD. I know the...
  14. MEVS06

    My first Twin

    I was given these about a hour ago. I don't know if the work or not, but I will mess with them when the sun comes out later today.
  15. MEVS06

    New Feneix Siren???

    Just browsing the around out of boredom and I stumbled upon this on the products page and was curious as to this being a replacement siren for the olympian siren that had such high failure rates... anyone care to discuss this.
  16. MEVS06

    HELP!!! Code 3/Whelen compatibility

    I have a Pierce apparatus that is all Code 3 lights and they want to upgrade to all LED. My question is: will Whelen 700's drop in to the Code 3 7" X 3" halogens like these Code 3 Fire & EMS > Halogen Perimeter Lights. Also how difficult will it be to swap a Whelen 600 in to an Osilaser spot on...
  17. MEVS06


    Is it just me or does this look like a Feneix T4..... http://nypolicelights.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=17&product_id=61
  18. MEVS06

    Black Box Radios????

    I was asked about said radios for a small PD. I would like real world experience opinions. Good, bad or decent... Thanks.
  19. MEVS06

    Looking for opinions on a new lightbar.

    I am in the market for a new lightbar in all Red/Blue. I have an 2008 F150 Quad Cab and I am looking at either the Federal Signal Legend 53", the Sound Off Signal Pinnacle 54", the Sound Off Signal Magnum 54". Please do not recommend any other lightbar. I only want opinions on the three that I...
  20. MEVS06


    I have a Legend that I want to wire up to a SS2000SM-SB. I know that the SB will power the LED TA very dim because it is designed to work with halogen TA's. Is it a problem if I wire up the TA power wire to position one on the slide switch which also powers the rear lights?
  21. MEVS06

    Detroit chief suspended

    Wow this is just.... Detroit chief suspended over alleged affair with officer
  22. MEVS06

    Tenn. officer's rap song scrutinized

    This is interesting to say the least. Video: Tenn. officer's rap song scrutinized
  23. MEVS06

    Off-duty Police Officer shot and killed a burglar.

    Plus one for the good guys. http://foxsanantonio.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/vid_11794.shtml
  24. MEVS06

    TIR 6 Panel

    I have never seen this before, any help would be appreciated. It says Ballast steady so can I direct wire it? The only ballast supply in the bar is a two outlet for the front LEDs. This was directly connected to the IO board. Thanks. [Broken External...
  25. MEVS06

    SOS Predator 2 CHMSL?

    Ok everyone, I have a customer who just bought four of the SOS Predator 2 CHMSL in red and blue from me. He plans on taking the lightheads out and mounting four in his grill and four in the back window of a 2012 Ram 1500. My question is, are all Predator 2 lightheads interior/exterior or is he...
  26. MEVS06

    Unity Spotlight PROBLEM!!!

    Ok here's a new one for me. I was asked to take a look at a unity spot light because it keeps blowing fuses. Well I figured out the with the beam aiming straight up it works fine but when it is positioned facing forward such as on a traffic stop it pops the fuse. Anyone experience this before. I...
  27. MEVS06

    Belle Meade (Tenn.) Adds VW Passats to Patrol Fleet

    Belle Meade Conjure up old Southern style and grace and you might have a picture of Belle Meade, Tenn. It’s a picture-perfect little town just west of Nashville, with little crime and an upscale populace. The department serves a population of approximately 3,000 people in a city of 3.1...
  28. MEVS06

    Belle Meade (Tenn.) Adds VW Passats to Patrol Fleet

    Wrong section, oopppsss
  29. MEVS06

    Nova Bull LED TA?

    I just acquired a Remote controlled Nova Bull LED TA. My question is the power and ground wires were ripped off from the flasher module and I can not ID which wire is what as far as ground and power. There is maybe an inch or more wire, but they are bare. The previous installer used two blue...
  30. MEVS06

    Free Bullet Proof Vests


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