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  1. Dave F

    PA Firefighter Tom Royds

    It is with sadness I pass along the information that Firefighter Tom Royds of the Belmont Hills Fire Department in Lower Merion PA has made the Ultimate Sacrifice FF Royds was operating at the scene of a previous MVA when himself, 2 other firefighters and a PA State Trooper were struck by a...
  2. Dave F

    Happy New Years

    Happy New Years folks, heres hoping 2021 is a bit brighter than the year past get it......brighter? lightbars??? ba dum tis Seriously, hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years
  3. Dave F

    Classified Forum Rules

    -Deals and threads on eLightbars must not violate or advocate violating any Local, State, Federal or International laws. Items, their ownership, sales, transfer, transportation and/or possession must not violate any local, stated, federal or international laws. -Items, their ownership, sales...
  4. Dave F

    FDNY EMS EMT Yadira Arroyo

    It is with sad regret I pass along that EMT Yardira Arroyo was killed in the line of duty last night. Arroyo, 44, had served for the department for 14 years. She is the 8th member of FDNY EMS to be killed in the line of duty
  5. Dave F

    PSP Trooper Landon Weaver, PA

    It is with a heavy heart that I share the information that a Pennsylvania State Trooper has made the Ultimate Sacrifice. Trooper Landon Weaver was shot and killed while responding to an protection from abuse violation in Juniata Twp PA on Saturday December 31st. He had been a Trooper since...
  6. Dave F

    Wilmington DE FF's LODD

    I sadly make known the news that 2 Firefighters out of Wilmington DE have made the Ultimate Sacrifice. Lt. Christopher Leach, 41, a 14-year veteran, and Firefighter Jerry Fickes, 51, a 13-year veteran, were killed in fire overnight that also injured 2 other firefighters...
  7. Dave F

    Firefighter Gabriel Lee, Phila PA FD

    It is with a sad heart I announce the passing of Firefighter Gabriel Lee, of the Philadelphia Fire Department. FF Lee was assigned to Ladder 12 in North Philadelphia. FF Lee was found unresponsive in the gym portion of Eng Co 50's station; he was transported to Temple University Hospital where...
  8. Dave F

    For Sale Federal Twin $95 located in NJ

  9. Dave F

    EMS Cpt. Scott Danielson; Lakeland Ambulance, NJ

    Eskil "Scott" Danielson,49; a 35 year veteran of Lakeland Ambulance died of a heart attack Saturday after assisting at an MVA involving his daughter. He was a Division Manager for Warren County Communications as well as a member of the county Hazmat Team. He is survived by his 3 daughters...
  10. Dave F

    Danville OH Police Officer T. Cottrell

    Officer Thomas Corrtell of the Danville OH Police Department has made the Ultimate Sacrifice. Officer Corrtell was gunned down by suspect Herschel Jones. Police are still investigating the shooting. More on this as its released
  11. Dave F

    Installs, Projects, Builds/Mods Section Requirements

     This section is for Completed Vehicle Installs,  Installation Projects, Custom Builds and Modifications. For Complete Installs:Pictures: Front/sides/rear shots, specifically where any warning lights/switches/controls are mounted.Please list of the following:- What does/is the vehicle do/used...

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