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  1. JohnMarcson

    tsquale collection thread! Updated video page 4 12/05/2021

    If you ever find yourself looking to sell or trade that Whelen Fastrax, as always, I'm interested.
  2. JohnMarcson

    Vintage Catalogs: JC Whitney

    I definitely never mounted one of these to my bike.. .that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  3. JohnMarcson

    Wanted ISO set of Whelen Advantedge End Caps

    I'll start digging...
  4. JohnMarcson

    Vintage Catalogs: JC Whitney

    That was my first light but mine ran on 3 D batteries. Looked like a flashlight reflector inside.
  5. JohnMarcson

    2007 LFL Patriot Strobe to LED conversion

    The wiring is easily adapted, you will need a smaller 2 pin amp connecter, you can adapt don the 3 pin strobe ones easily (don't leave the leds plugged into the strobe supply). You can use any LED flasher you want from cheaper able 2 ones all the way up to a smart logic Whelen. The swap out is...
  6. JohnMarcson

    Code 3 XL 5000

    This generation stingray "brain" has the inputs labeled; that's very nice.
  7. JohnMarcson

    Odyssey Emergency Vehicles / Odyssey Automotive Specialty

    Thanks for confirming this, I thought they were related.
  8. JohnMarcson

    Code 3 XL 5000

    Also, the wires can be added to each other for use with slide switches. So putting Rear Only with Full circle makes full circle, adding front only to full circle make front only... ie you don't have to disconnect the previous step.
  9. JohnMarcson

    Lightbar Tint

    My totally non-scientific experience is preemption strobes are most effected by location (height/angle) and size/design of lighthead. Whelen/3m use(d) a honeycomb type focusing grid over their 4x3 sized preemption strobes to increase directional output. A 4x3 or 7x3 head directly in the top...
  10. JohnMarcson

    Odyssey Emergency Vehicles / Odyssey Automotive Specialty

    This was their info 317 Richard Mine Rd. Wharton, NJ 07885 United States http://www.odysseysv.com (site down) Phone: 973-328-2667 Toll Free: 800-535-9441 Contact Person: LAURENCE KAHAN Established:1979 Their Instagram is still up https://www.instagram.com/odysseyspecialtyvehicles/ also their...
  11. JohnMarcson

    SOLD Code 3 Slickstik RB

    I am interested, email me ram4elightbars@gmail.com
  12. JohnMarcson

    Something Different - Ford Expedition - Oil & Gas

    I like the rear Whelen Rotabeams. Nice balanced setup.
  13. JohnMarcson

    Wanted Wanted Whelen 8000

    I have a base and speaker grill, I could probably find some blue domes. I actually probably have a full bar I could let go, shipping will be a significant cost.
  14. JohnMarcson

    **UPDATED INFO.** So? is anyone else going to John Dorgan's funeral?

    Here is a thread I have started for this purpose https://elightbars.org/forums/threads/john-dorgan-memorial-thread.93980/
  15. JohnMarcson

    Site News John Dorgan Memorial Thread

    John Francis Dorgan, husband of Helen Dorgan, passed away at the age of 74 on Sunday, May 13th, 2012 at the Veterans’ Hospital. He was born in Dorchester, MA on March 5th, 1938, son of the late John and Delima Dorgan. He graduated from Cathedral high school in Boston, MA. He then went on to join...
  16. JohnMarcson

    **UPDATED INFO.** So? is anyone else going to John Dorgan's funeral?

    I mean this in the most polite way possible; Much like we did for Darrell Wilson, we created a page of fond memories and condolences for John. Unfortunately as deals started to go bad with Joe people's complaints started leaking onto the page. We thought it would be best to take it down until...
  17. JohnMarcson

    Indiana State Police Grote bar find

    While it is very similar to the ISP bars I wouldn't be surprised if other locations in Indiana a the time copied them. This is pretty clearly a Whelen speaker, which was not a "cheap replacement", so I don't know why it would end up on a true ISP bar. It suppose it is possible they used they...
  18. JohnMarcson

    How to find out about flash pattern Whelen 9000 series bar?

    No problem, I should be able to give you some basic info
  19. JohnMarcson

    How to find out about flash pattern Whelen 9000 series bar?

    The type of corner strobe will help identify and date the bar if you can post pictures.
  20. JohnMarcson

    Whelen unknown

    The duplex series came out right before the 9m and featured a dual level end cap as well as dual level front and rear options. You could order dual level ends with a dual level front/rear options or either on their own. It was not uncommon to see just the ends and center setup dual level like...
  21. JohnMarcson

    SOLD Twinsonic 12X

    This will be the easiest safest route, but also probably the most expensive. I have had other seller that didn't want to ship do this and it was well worth my money.
  22. JohnMarcson

    SOLD Twinsonic 12X

    I totally understand your hesitation. For this sort of bar most of us are willing to pay the shipping costs and we know it won't be cheap. I professional job with internal padding, bubble wrapping, void filling and a proper box is going to be about $100 or more. For a bar like this it's a...
  23. JohnMarcson

    Different "Mechanical" Whelen tones

    I can send you pictures of the connections on mine.
  24. JohnMarcson

    For Sale Federal Signal PA-15A Director Siren and Switches

    I have the above mentioned Federal Electronic Siren, Removed from a small town police car, tested and working. The switches are untested and look to be setup pretty straight forward. This police car had an aerodynic and the switches controlled the rotators and various flood lights and flashers...
  25. JohnMarcson

    Estate FlashBall Find / Help Identify

    It has a McDermot look about it IMHO.
  26. JohnMarcson

    Different "Mechanical" Whelen tones

    Here are some sound samples of Whelen "mechanical tones through the "ages". Modern Alpha is a new Alpha siren with M tone, 295M is a 295 siren with the M tone replacing t3, Alpha12Q is an original 12Q (before the legal trouble) and Executor is an executor (not using the special speaker).
  27. JohnMarcson

    Wanted Looking for two models of Whelen responder minibars

    Are either the two very specific models I am after?
  28. JohnMarcson

    Negative Chief2Installer make it right, very inaccurate / deceptive item

    The promised replacement never arrived and I am not getting any reply to emails. I think it is safe to say the original scam I reported is pretty accurate. I could get a paypal refund, but I would have to send the unit back and risk him having nothing in his account to refund me. I will keep...

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