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  1. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale custom mx7000 components: whelen, code 3 , feniex

    Considering parting out the components of my custom MX all items are used, heads may have spliced wires or cut cords Whelen SXTDLED Pair - 110 Whelen LR11 alley/td - 55 per pair, 2 pair available Code 3 led takedowns - 85 Code 3 LED-X double stack set; Top row blue, bottom row amber, 6 heads...
  2. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen Par 36 Spot heads

    Used but barely, so very good condition whelen par 36 led spot heads. in metal grote enclosures. would like to sell as pair list on these new is $155/per Ill do $160 shipped for the pair OBRO
  3. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen 500 5mm heads in blue with blue lens

    5 used but good condition Whelen 5mm 500 series heads im blue with blue lens. All diodes work, has liberty amp connectors. Dumb heads, these require a flasher to flash. Prefer not to split up, would like $50 shipped for the lot OBRO please post here and message me as im not on this account often
  4. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen SA314 Speaker

    Used but great condition Whelen speaker, model SA314 short wire but plenty to make new connection $55 shipped (bear in mind shipping on this alone will rack me $18) Please post here and message me if you want to buy as Im not on this account often
  5. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen Dual Avenger Blue/Blue

    Up for grabs is a Whelen dual Avenger in blue/blue. No brackets or flash shield. Short wire as shown this was originally r/b but converted to all blue by our very own wilson. both heads were done to ensure matching shades of blue, so the whole thing has brand new LEDs $70 shipped Please...
  6. Phoenix_Rising

    Feniex apollos or fusions

    ISO ideally 3 pair (6 heads) of Feniex apollos in red/white Prefer the f12, but f6 will do with flanges also interested in one pair red/amber Being thats a long shot will also entertain 6 Red/White (dual color) feniex fusions 180 optics 2 red/amber, 180 or 40 optic post here and let me...
  7. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue Whelen Single Talons

    I have 2 used Whelen Single Talons in blue Mounts are as shown, I do not have flash shields for these. Multiple patterns via button on the rear. $35 shipped ea, prefer to sell as pair for $70 shipped payment by paypal items are still installed, these are the best pics i have, will remove on...
  8. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Feniex Apollos

    Selling off my lights: the following are used Feniex Apollos (F6) but in good functioning order 2 pair in dual blue/white (one light shown, I have 4) 1 pair in Red/amber (light scratches on clesr coat from use, still in good condition) - SOLD These are dual color, dual mode: flash all one...
  9. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive sold to stampeed valykrie

    Meet up with him today and sold him my clear MX7000 domes, pleasure to deal with
  10. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted Tomar Preemption Supply

    Looking for the same power supply as shown; would consider other small preempt supplies, must provide specs
  11. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted Feniex Apollos or Fusions

    Looking for 3 pairs of lights in the following color combos, prefer Apollos to match current setup, will also use fusions R/W R/B if fusion, 40 degree optics preferred R/A
  12. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive Jazzdad

    Well; what can I say about dealing with JDI that hasnt already been said, at great length, repeatedly He needed a pair of Whelen TIR3s I had for sale First he tried to mail me old skin books and lingerie ads from the 1930s. When that didnt work, he tried to pay me in Kurplukistani Zoobles...
  13. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue Whelen Dominator D6

    Custom Whelen D6 in blue, end heads are TIR3, inner 4 heads are LIN3. Slight damage to the end plate where wire inserts, had a tough time removing that screw when I switched the heads. Great bar, many patterns, hate to sell it but I have bigger needs at the moment. Short wire (2-3 inches) but...
  14. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue Whelen Inner Edge with LED takedowns

    Used but great condition Whelen Inner Edge, split visor bar, all blue with white led takedowns. Has 5+ feet of wire. Comes with mounting brackets to your visor. Dates/make/model on pic of label. Asking $225 shipped OBRO CONUS
  15. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Full set clear upper domes for MX7000

    For sale is a used set of upper domes in clear for the Code 3 MX7000 or Excalibur bars. Some cloudiness, very slight yellowing, but overall a solid set with no cracks, major scratches or other damage. Tops were tinted black to prevent sun damage to internal wires. I would rate the condition of...
  16. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted NEW/NOS Code 3 MX7000 Center Clear Dome

    Looking for a new or new old stock center dome in clear for the Code 3 MX7000 / Excalibur bar. Willing to pay good money, as Im trying to match a new set of outer domes I have. PM me if you have one available or know where I can find one
  17. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Lights

    Selling my entire setup , would like to sell as a lot, would consider splitting up for the prices noted. All lights are used but in good working condition Whelen Inner Edge: Blue with LED takedowns , for an Impala, has brackets -$200 Two Whelen Single Talons , Blue, no flash shield - $35 ea...
  18. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive Good buy from ehfd_tower_751

    Bought a new center dome for an MX7000 and some lenses from Chad, always a pleasure doing biz with him
  19. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive Great buy from Tsquale

    Bought a set of almost NOS Upper domes for an MX7000 from Tony. very well packaged, item was as described for a reasonable price. Many thanks again
  20. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted 500 series surface mount flanges and lens

    ISO 6 surface mount flanges for the whelen 500 series also looking for 6 clear (preferred) or blue lens for the 500 series thanks much
  21. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted Code 3 MX7000/Excaliber Clear NEW/NOS center dome

    Looking for New, NOS, or very close to new clear center upper dome for a Code 3 MX7000/Excalibur bar. Message me with what you have :)
  22. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    I am debating parting ways with my custom built MX7000 to fund other projects. This bar was a spared no expenses labor of love. The best of both worlds are in this bar, old school time tested rotators up top, the unbeatable power of LED down below. Lower level front: 3 Code 3 rx2700 heads in...
  23. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Code 3 940 series flasher

    One used code 3 940 flasher This is a great flasher for both halogen or led heads if you prefer slow pattern for LED. can either flash or steady burn heads, great for takedowns, alleys , or cruise lights. $25 shipped CONUS
  24. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue Whelen TIR3 dumb heads

    For sale are 4 used blue whelen tir3 “dumb” heads (no internal flasher) i have surface mounts for two of them. Two heads look quite new, two have slight yellowing of the lens. First paid gets choice to which pair they will recieve, and whether they want the mounts. These were in a whelen...
  25. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted My Christmas Wish List

    ISO the following items. One Whelen New/NOS or very gently used 500 series strobe head with Clear Lens, prefer non optic or strobe style optic. The following I am seeking for a department I work for. We are a very small organization, I am not looking for handouts, but please keep...
  26. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive good sale to Kevin BB fan

    Sold them a pair of code 3 mx7000 intersection filters. prompt payment and good comms, would gladly do business again
  27. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Code 3 MX7000 Red Intersection Filters

    Up for grabs is a pair of C3 MX7K Intersection Filters, new old stock, still have the foam on the one. Perfect addition to someones display bar. Asking $45 shipped (?)
  28. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Code 3 rocker pak slide switch box

    For sale is a well used Code 3 rocker pak. This box has seen better days, could use a good cleaning and new legend tabs (can find em on ebay) . I bought this off ebay in untested pulled from working enviroment, and have no time to test it myself. Given its condition and presumed working status...
  29. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted Blue visor bar

    Looking for ONE of the following, and the following only, please dont submit info for bars other than the ones listed Whelen Inner Edge Feniex Apollo or Cobra or Fusion Code 3 Supervisor MUST be blue, or dual blue/white for good price, can have takedowns Please have dimensions ready to ensure...
  30. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Items; apollos fusions talons oh my

    Selling my entire interior setup from my POV, desperately need some funds so Im pricing this to sell quickly All lights are blue only unless noted; all are used, all have short wires but enough to make new connections, all are hard wired Custom Whelen Dominator D6, internal flasher. Housings...

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