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  1. toyotafan

    Dorgan resolutions

    Sent email Waiting for reply
  2. toyotafan

    Dorgan resolutions

    Are you going to pay back the people you owe money to?
  3. toyotafan

    Wanted Amber mini bar

    I have one with 5 year warranty Amber $125 shipped I am in Indiana too
  4. toyotafan

    For Sale NYPD Aerodynic Model 24RMVF-2Z

    Do you have the rubber bumpers that go under the feet? Spending this much it should be complete
  5. toyotafan

    Open Dispute.

    I totally aggree
  6. toyotafan

    Wanted Blue Aerodynic Filter

    i have a blue endcaps
  7. toyotafan

    Wanted 4416 screw terminal

    Try the hardware store
  8. toyotafan

    Wanted Firebeam parts

    I have Manet and new cord
  9. toyotafan

    For Sale Federal TwinSonic speaker cover with rear marker lights

    How much clear dome and pm pictures please
  10. toyotafan

    Wanted FedSig JetSonic Filters & Parts

    i have new Jetsonic name plates with screws
  11. toyotafan

    Wanted Aerodynic mounts.

    Hey that’s my picture Yes which parts you need? All of them? Pm me
  12. toyotafan

    Wanted Amber led beacon lights

    I have brand new ones for $99 each 11 by 6 mini bars Clear dome amber leds
  13. toyotafan

    Wanted FS Fireball teardrop beacons

    i have 1 blue one new
  14. toyotafan

    Wanted Domes for Twin Beacon Ray

    I have new red domes, please respond one way or another
  15. toyotafan

    Wanted Domes for Twin Beacon Ray

    I have new blue and red ones
  16. toyotafan

    For Sale Federal Signal Aerodynice ENDCAP

    I have new FS aero endcaps NEW $27 each blue, red or clear
  17. toyotafan

    Wanted Federal Signal Red F1 beacon ray dome

    $140 shipped for a new one for the 17 series light
  18. toyotafan

    Wanted Aerodynic Clear Endcap

    I have brand new ones at a grea price
  19. toyotafan

    Wanted Fast speed aerodynic aerohawk rotator assy

    I have new fast motors you can put on but no reflectors
  20. toyotafan


    i have the rubber pieces tha t go in the bottom of your feet, that your missing
  21. toyotafan

    Positive Sold to 348

    He wanted to buy and followed thru with his payment in the mail. Excellent person to sell to
  22. toyotafan

    Positive Purchased Positive from Toyotafan

    never did this before, I will try to give feedback
  23. toyotafan

    For Sale Clear Federal signal model 14 domes. F2

    These are new? How many you have?
  24. toyotafan

    Wanted One Jetsonic Name Plate

    I have a new one $20
  25. toyotafan

    Wanted Jetsonic amounting Feet

    i send you message for payment...thanks

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