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  1. prty

    Serial Port Cable for SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile

    Hello. Bought a SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile second hand. Someone cut off the connector before resale. Is it an ethernet cable or some other cable? How do I connect it to Smart Siren Platinum? What kind of plug do i need?
  2. prty

    Hybrid FPIU

    Thoughts??? http://www.policemag.com/channel/vehicles/news/2018/06/12/ford-unveils-police-interceptor-utility-pursuit-rated-hybrid.aspx
  3. prty

    For Sale fed sig corner hideaways $40

    sale on fed sig corner hideaways http://www.strobesnmore.com/Federal-Signal-Hide-a-way.html
  4. prty

    Work Bench

    Hello, I wanted to start a discussion on work areas. How do y'all got your stuff set up? How do you test equipment etc. I'm setting mine up and wanted to get some ideas. I just picked up this power supply to do workbench tests on sirens and lights...
  5. prty

    How to: Federal Signal Viper S2 329000 NON-SYNC to SYNC-ABLE

    DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional in any field of electronics. Everything done is at YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held liable if you break your light head. Follow all instructions carefully. If you have any questions PLEASE ASK BEFORE YOU DO. Hello, I'll be giving a short tutorial on...
  6. prty

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper S2 Spectralux Dual Head

    prty submitted a new listing: Federal Signal Viper S2 Spectralux Dual Head - Viper s2 dual head dual color Read more about this listing...
  7. prty

    Wanted Federal Signal lights and siren parts.

    Hello, I'm looking for 1 Viper S2 dual head flash guard 1 Smart Siren control head switch (the slide switch) Thanks
  8. prty

    SSP3000B Troubleshooting

    So I just got this unit (Used). My problem is no siren sounds are being produced. The control head is out of programming mode. All wires are hooked up correctly (AUX PWR/SM PWR lights are on) Control head is on. All fuses are good. Any ideas?
  9. prty

    Fed Sig Platinum SSP3000 Wiring

    When wiring the platinum, do you put a fuse/circuit breaker on the POS or NEG? Because the manual contradicts itself. In text it says put and in-line fuse on the NEG, but on the quick connect guide it says put it on the POS. 2. Crimp a ring terminal on the red lead and connect it to the...
  10. prty

    Fed Sig Viper S2

    So I picked up a R/B viper S2 unit. Unfortunately I don't think this one is able to sync with other units considering there are only two cables RED and BLACK. However, I opened up the light and noticed the plug is a 4 pin plug. If I were to add some pins and cables into the plug would it be able...
  11. prty


    Looking for a fed sig ILS spectralux R/W. Thank you.
  12. prty

    Wanted Federal Signal Viper S2 R/B R/W

    As stated in the title seeking in a good working condition Federal Signal Viper S2 1 R/B 1 R/W
  13. prty

    Wanted Federal signal smart siren platinum

    as stated in the title looking for a fed sig smart siren platinum. Thanks.

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