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  1. mugsy87

    Wanted Aerodynic 4 panel lapd domes I have a like new code 3 slick stick for trade

    Looking for a lapd style Aerodynic dome in blue and one in red I have a like new code 3 slick stick I can trade also have nos Aerodynic Motor and like new Aerodynic tcl lights
  2. mugsy87

    Wanted Wanted Smith& Wesson l11 red dome

    Looking for a red smith& Wesson l11 volunteer pancake light dome I have a blue one for trade and I have other things for trade as well
  3. mugsy87

    Positive Trade with LVFD2005

    I traded a Motorola xtl1500 to lvfd2005 for a 3m opticom he is a really great guy very good communication lightning fast shipping he packs his items very good and professional thanks again for trading me lvfd2005 you rock brother
  4. mugsy87

    Wanted 3M opticom

    Hello I'm iso of 3m opticom to put in my last Vegas vision bar that's missing it I have a lot of things for trade or can pay cash let me know what you have Thanks
  5. mugsy87

    Wanted Iso Aerodynic 4 panel lenses

    I'm looking for some red 4 panel aero lenses with clear endcaps and amber flashers let me know what you have also I have a bunch of stuff for trade or can buy them
  6. mugsy87

    Wanted Smith& Wesson l11 red dome

    Looking for a Smith & Wesson l11 red dome
  7. mugsy87

    Wanted Smith & Wesson Lightbar endcaps

    Looking for a decent set of Smith & Wesson Lightbar endcap small plastic that holds the dome on the bar
  8. mugsy87

    Wanted Code 3 rvm strobe

    Looking for a code3 rvm dual strobe self contained any color
  9. mugsy87

    Wanted Cie blue federal firebeam dome

    Looking for a European cie blue federal firebeam dome
  10. mugsy87

    Wanted Smith & Wesson Lightbar parts

    Looking for 2 end caps for Smith & Wesson Lightbar and one blue lense for passenger side with takedown 4x6 and Amber rear flasher let me know what you have thanks
  11. mugsy87

    Wanted Code 3 dtechs

    Looking for 5 glass. Dtechs
  12. mugsy87

    For Sale For sale Federal signal WL siren/light

    I have a federal signal WL siren/light in great condition works great runs really smooth asking 500 plus shipping
  13. mugsy87

    Wanted Cie blue federal vector/vision domes

    I'm looking for some cie blue federal signal vector/ vision domes let me know what you have thanks
  14. mugsy87

    Wanted Aerodynic bulk head grill covers

    Looking for front and back grill covers for a nypd bar I'm restoring let me know what you have thanks
  15. mugsy87

    Whelen tal65

    I have a whelen tal65 I cannot get it to light up and there is no ground wire anywhere can anybody help me figure out how to try to get this thing to light up
  16. mugsy87

    Wanted Whelen RB6 domes

    Looking for red whelen RB6 dome and a blue one
  17. mugsy87

    Wanted Federal signal Delta Ray led visor

    Looking for a federal signal Delta Ray visor light in red blue or Amber blue
  18. mugsy87

    Wanted Code3 lp 6000 domes

    I'm in need of 2 code 3 lp 6000 clear domes let me know what you have thanks
  19. mugsy87

    Need info on a light

    I seen a sheriff car in my area that had a visor light with mods like this one side had red colored lense and the other side was blue colored lense does anyone know what the model is
  20. mugsy87

    Wanted Federal signal deltaray

    I'm looking for a federal signal deltaray red/blue but not trying to break the bank let me know what you have thanks
  21. mugsy87

    Wanted Iso code 3 dtechs and 2 clear domes

    I'm in need of 1 glass dtech and 2 plastic dtechs let me know what you have I also need 2 clear outer domes I have some decent blue domes for trade if anyone is interested let me know what you have thanks
  22. mugsy87


    Traded 2 mts2000 radios with batteries and charger to Maddux 31 for 5 glass dtechs and 2 plastic ones still have not received the dtechs and he won't text me tracking I've asked several times the first couple times he said he would send me tracking 2 days go by no response then 3 time told me...
  23. mugsy87

    Wanted Iso federal signal vision gaskets and name plates

    In need of federal signal vision dome gaskets and name plates let me know what you have thanks
  24. mugsy87

    Wanted Fdny aero domes

    Does anyone on here know of anywhere to get some used fdny aero 5 panel domes I don't want new ones only original ones for a bar I got that didn't have the domes let me know what you have thanks
  25. mugsy87

    Wanted Federal 66l parts

    I'm in need of a chrome retaining bracket the part that holds the light bulb on a federal model 66l let me know what you have thanks
  26. mugsy87

    Wanted nypd Aerodynic domes

    Looking for a decent used set of nypd Aerodynic domes let me know what you got I have cash in hand need them bad thanks
  27. mugsy87

    Wanted Code 3 dash laser split lenses

    Looking for a code 3 dash laser red/blue split dome let me know what you have thanks
  28. mugsy87

    Wanted Code 3 xl blue domes

    Looking for some code 3 xl blue lense let me know what you have thanks
  29. mugsy87

    Wanted Federal fireball magnet

    Looking for a federal signal fireball magnet and cie blue dome let me know what you have thanks
  30. mugsy87

    Wanted Code 3 xl filters

    Looking for blue and amber filters let me know what you have thanks

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