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    Odyssey Emergency Vehicles / Odyssey Automotive Specialty

    I believe Major still upfits the NYPD RMPs
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Either or. While unmarked cars were the primary application, it wasn't unheard of for underhood mounting in marked cruisers.
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    Pictures Only Your State's Vintage First Responder Vehicles

    Love the early 60s Pontiacs, keep em coming
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    2021 F250

    Unusually sensible upfit given today's tendency towards excessive. My hat's off to you.
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    AeroDynic 24XQ

    I should have specified for the Aerotwin. Thanks, good to know it's possible for a future project.
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    AeroDynic 24XQ

    Has anyone ever tried trimming off one end panel each from 2 full height cascade mirrors and mounting them back to back for the full flash front and rear?
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    NYPD ESU: Help identifying work light

    I assumed they were current gen Hellas
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    LAPD 1997 Crown Victoria Console

    Looks to me like a Gamber-Johnson console box
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    With NYC/NYPD price always conquers all else, especially coming out of the 1975 fiscal crisis. I used to have a saying when it came to NYC/NYPD purchasing- "the best low bid will buy".
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    PA-15a Director Siren assitance needed

    That's remarkable. What did they update to from those?
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    Opinions on a Good solid dash light

    You want punch? Code 3 Dashlaser M red/clear.
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    PA-15a Director Siren assitance needed

    As late as 1990?? What agency?
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    I know an all red Twin was field tested before the 1973 model year switch/upgrade from the single Signal-Stat 374 to the Signal-Stat twin beacon/can light bar. It's entirely possible the 12F was field tested before selecting the Dual Comm for 1978.
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    Nice. As you noted above these would have been on the R-Body HWY RMPs, possibly also the same model year vans, SUVs, REPs and Roadside Repair trucks, I just don't remember for sure.
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    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    The NYPD did not use this version Twinsonic. Instead it was the all-Par36 bar with colored inboard alt flashing bulbs- red front, amber rear. They were installed on 2 or 3 model years of sedan RMPs and possibly a model year or 2 longer on other vehicles such as passenger vans, 4X4 SUVs, ESU REPs...
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    Are compact siren speakers with short sound paths efficient?

    Personal taste, rectangle/square is fine, I prefer round, the bells are easy to find used and new. I will never use a modern compact speaker again if I can help it, they are so inferior to the bell and cone design.
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    Are compact siren speakers with short sound paths efficient?

    Lot of room behind that grill but I don't remember what it takes to get behind it- remove the grill from the header panel? If you're prepared to mount a speaker on the push bumper go with a round bell and cone.
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    Are compact siren speakers with short sound paths efficient?

    It will never be as loud as a bell and cone speaker. What car is this?
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    Are compact siren speakers with short sound paths efficient?

    The traditional bell and cone speakers are louder by physical design, especially at highway speeds. I had a Whelen sound engineer explain why to me several years ago and refitted my vehicle with a sugar scoop style speaker and the difference was night and day. An additional drawback to these new...
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    For Sale NYPD Aerodynic Model 24RMVF-2Z

    Mechanically the Aerotwin. The rotators need syncing. Sharp bar regardless, good luck to sell.
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    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    Is this his full time occupation or a side business?
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    LEO Question

    Too many they're a blur. I can tell you, as I'm sure many here can attest to, prisoners (criminals) often have poor hygiene practices and you dread handcuffing, searching, transporting in police cars and paddy wagons, fingerprinting and safeguarding in close proximity in ambulances, emergency...
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    Those guy wires can be tricky
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    Federal Signal PA300 Mods

    Isn't the wail cycle a little longer on wind up with a shorter wind down than the standard PA300?
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    Thanks for posting the image, I don't ever remember seeing it referenced by a catalog number and long wondered if it was a custom slap-together for us, now I know otherwise. Neat! I'd have put the can/barrel lights outboard of the beacons but that's just me.
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    IIRC this setup was only for the final model year of the white/green/black livery- 1972. I've never seen/heard an explanation for the switch from the Beacon Ray, only a guess it was simply the lower bid for an equivalent light.
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    When were wig-wag flashers first used for headlights and taillights?

    Yeah I guess the highbeam overide trigger could signal the brakes. Or a relay to kill the flasher because otherwise the reverse lights would stay on too?
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    Galls Traffic Backer - Not for Ford Use?

    No, this makes sense. Your posted citation didn't mention the officer was in fact operating the gear shift lever. Thanks.
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    Galls Traffic Backer - Not for Ford Use?

    You're saying, or the report says he was intentionally shifting out of PARK but mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake while shifting?

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