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    Grimes Beacon Help Needed

    I recently acquired a Grimes model 40-0101-14-12 rotating light. It has a nice glass dome and retention ring (not shown) but is missing it’s bulb. It says to use a 1940 lamp. I can probably find one but was curious if another more common bulb found in light bars would work. As I dug further...
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    Positive Positive Repair Work From Skulldigger

    He repaired a motor from a Code 3 Stinger light that had quit working. HIs price was fair and turnaround was very fast. Great communication throughout the process. I highly recommend him for your small motor repair work.
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    Positive Purchased Positive From gtpts27

    I purchased a pair of Whelen B6RH tailboard lights from him. He was willing to allow me to mail him payment with a USPS money order. He was very patient waiting on the US Postal Service. The lights were shipped fast and packaged very well. Communication was great throughout the transaction...
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    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    I followed your instructions and put power to both terminals. I even reversed them and could not get the motor to turn. I’m guessing that means I need a new motor. Does anyone know where I would begin to look for one of these motors? I remember someone saying member @Skulldigger may be able...
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    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    So I pulled the motor out of the housing. The shat will spin but it’s pretty stiff. It doesn’t spin freely. As I look at the motor, I’m not sure how to put power directly to motor to test it. I assume the positive would go to where the wire connects with the motor. I’m not sure where to put...
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    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    Here are pictures of the problem one. It appears to be wired the same as the one that works properly. Maybe I’m missing something.
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    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    I separated the top mounted (up / down) motor from the assembly and put direct power to it and grounded the metal housing and still got nothing.
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    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    I have a pair of Code 3 Stingers. One works as it should but the other only oscillates from side to side. The motor which controls the up and down portion of the light doesn’t appear to be working. As I compare the two lights to each other, everything appears to be wired correctly. I am...
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    Wanted Jetstrobe / Jetstream Stop-Turn-Tail light Housing

    I found the part I needed so I no longer need one of these.
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    Wanted Jetstrobe / Jetstream Stop-Turn-Tail light Housing

    I am restoring a Federal Signal Jetstrobe wrecker light bar. I am in need of one stop - turn - tail light housing. It cannot be a takedown or alley light. It needs to have 2 wires going into it and the contact plate inside the socket needs 2 contact points. The cut outs in the socket must be...
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    Positive Purchased Positive from SBFD-E-9

    I purchased a North American Signal beacon from him. The price was fair, shipping was fast, it was well packaged and he allowed me to pay with a money order. Good communication throughout. Smooth transaction.
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    Wanted Diets 7-11 Dome

    I am looking for a dome that will fit on a Dietz 7-11 beacon. The Dietz 212 dome that came with it is cracked. I found a dome for Federal Signal 184 (F-3) will also fit the Dietz 7-11 beacon. There may be other domes that will fit this beacon. It doesn’t have to be a Dietz dome, but it...
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    Ecco Evolution Rotator Problem

    I recently acquired a 54 inch Ecco Evolution lightbar. It has 4 rotators with diamond mirrors in between them to multiply the flashes. When I fired it up only 2 of the 4 rotators wold spin. All 4 of the lights cane on. I removed the motors on the rotators that wouldn’t spin and put power to...
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    Strobe Problem

    Thanks everyone for their expertise. After some testing, it looks like the problem was with the bulb. I tried the bad bulb in both beacons and it acted up in both lights. I tried the good bulb in both beacons and it flashed as it should on both lights. Based on that, it appears the problem...
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    Strobe Problem

    I recently acquired a pair of North American Signal Co. model DFS900-A strobe beacons. They are self contained and designed to double flash. One does as it it should but the other seems to have a problem. When I give it power it takes about 30 seconds before it starts flashing. It will only...
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    Positive Purchased Positive from fyrboy

    I purchased a Twinsonic speaker cover from him. It was priced very reasonably and shipped fast. He allowed me to pay with a US Postal Service money order. Great communication. Smooth transaction.
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    Federal Signal Arjent S2 Lightbar Question

    Does the Federal Signal Arjent S2 lightbar require a specific type of controller to make it function properly? I am looking at one with take downs and alley lights in addition to the colored LED’s but the seller has no controller for it and I wasn’t sure if it could function with any type of...
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    Info on this?

    You could always make the seller an offer for what you think it’s worth. They may not realize what they have isn’t original and therefore not worth what they are asking.
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    Positive Purchased Positive from code352

    I purchased some Code 3 LP and MX7000 filters and parts from him. They were priced fair and shipped fast. Great communication. Smooth transaction.
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    Whelen Super Strobe Base Question

    I wondered if that might have been the case. Thanks for the confirmation.
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    Whelen Super Strobe Base Question

    I recently acquired 2 Whelen Super Strobe model SS-361 Strobe beacons. As I looked inside the cast metal bases I saw what appears to be something molded into the base that looks like it holds some cylindrical shaped objects. Does anyone know what purpose this serves?
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    Positive Purchased Positive from dmathieu

    I purchased a NOS Whelen Super Strobe from Dan. It was priced fair and shipped fast. Great communication smooth transaction. I look forward to dealing with him again.
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    Wanted Blue Whelen Optic Dome for Super Strobe Beacon

    Looking for a blue optic dome for a Whelen Super Strobe model SS-361 light. Part number on the top reads P/N D-80347.
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    Jet Series Dome restoration and Paint question

    I repainted the top portions of a set of clear Jetsonic domes recently. I wet sanded the old black paint, to get the rough parts smooth. Much of the original paint remained. I masked off the clear portions I didn’t want painted and used a satin black rattle can paint. I was happy with the...
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    Ohio ''Hostage lights"

    What is the purpose of the hostage light. I’ve never heard of that before or seen one on a lightbar.
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    Positive Purchased Positive from Toyotafan

    I purchased a Jetsonic nameplate from him. It was priced fair, shipped fast and packaged well. He was kind enough to let me pay him through the mail. Very smooth transaction.
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    Wanted Star Headlight & Lantern Company Aerostar Blue Rotator Filters

    I am looking for 2 blue filters that attach to the rotators of a Star Headlight & Lantern Company Aerostar lightbar.
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    Wanted One Jetsonic Name Plate

    I got a Federal Signal Jetsonic model J lightbar that has only one name plate. I’m only in need of one for the other end of the bar if anyone has a spare one.
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    Positive Purchased Positive From tsquale

    I purchased a a Star Sabre lightbar from Tony. He was willing to negotiate his price And was willing to work with me on paying via USPS money order. Great communication. The bar was packaged well, shipped fast and arrived in good shape as described on the website. I look forward to working...
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    For Sale Federal Signal Voltage Regulated Rotator

    Check with member ERIC6913. He has a working one on a beacon and could tell you more about it than I can.

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