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  1. lotsofbars

    **UPDATED INFO.** So? is anyone else going to John Dorgan's funeral?

    I and @Usmc69187 may be interested. Forever in reverence to your dad, Joe!
  2. lotsofbars

    First one in the Wild

    I've seen these used as ad lights for businesses more than I've seen them used for building warning. Very cool to see regardless, though. They're very effective lights.
  3. lotsofbars

    Federal Signal Firehawk with dome cutouts

    Could you post pictures of how you mounted your J30 supply? I'm going to do a similar thing in one of my NFPA Firehawks, but I'd like to see optimal mounting beforehand.
  4. lotsofbars

    AdvantEdge find

    I have something like 6 AdvantEdges, including two 6-foot FireMaster bars, and I love all of them. They're easily some of my favorite bars that Whelen has ever made.
  5. lotsofbars

    Signal Stat Nypd beacon 374 help

    I'd buy that regardless of whether or not it's NYPD, because those domes are impossible to find. NYPD Signal Stat beacons had some sort of electronic solenoid between the beacon and the wiring to cut down on radio interference from the lights. Regular Signal Stat beacons are directly wired. I...
  6. lotsofbars

    NYPD Aerotwin first look

    Very nice looking bar. If you're going to be getting rid of those domes, I have an NYPD bar that needs some!
  7. lotsofbars

    Wanted Streethawk Directional Strobe Tubes Part # Z8107A127B

    I'm looking for 2 Federal Signal "Directional" Strobe tubes with the bayonet-style base, part # Z8107A127B to be used with the J30 power supply in the secondary lights of Streethawk lightbars. Picture attached is from Pete L.
  8. lotsofbars

    Malfunctioning Code 3/Force 4 Stingray

    I fixed it already! Turns out the entire reflector was loose from the gear! I spent some time smooshing it back together, and now it works good as new!
  9. lotsofbars

    Malfunctioning Code 3/Force 4 Stingray

    So one of my Force 4 Stingrays in my LP bar is malfunctioning, and I’m stumped. Of the three functions, the rotating function works fine, but the slow rear sweep and fast front sweep are all over the place. The weirdest part is that, if I tilt the bar forwards or backwards, the functions begin...
  10. lotsofbars

    Code 3 Stinger Problem

    Do you have pictures of the one that isn't working? Also, if you're unable to locate a replacement motor after you've exhausted all your options, @Skulldigger does an excellent job restoring them.
  11. lotsofbars

    Code 3 Stinger...

    As far as I know, Stingers only were offered in Code 3 XL and SD lightbars, as well as in flush mount housings. I recently paid $100 apiece for a pair of them, but I'd say anywhere from $50-100 is their worth alone. If you had a flush mount housing, I'd guess somewhere along the lines of $300...
  12. lotsofbars

    DIETZ SIREN Control Box

    I know @Usmc69187 needs one as well.
  13. lotsofbars

    DIETZ SIREN Control Box

    Great find! I'd love to own one of those, but I'd also need the impossible-to-find light, too!
  14. lotsofbars

    Mars 888 First Edition with Weird Tag

    Hey all! I got this Mars 888 with the first edition bulb/reflector assembly, and it has a very strange tag. It's not stylized like the other Mars tags I've seen, and it's adhesive, not riveted. Was this ever an actual option, or was this tag made aftermarket as a replacement?
  15. lotsofbars

    AeroDynic Model 24XS

    Looks great! Very uncommon and a perfect addition to any collection.
  16. lotsofbars

    Another Firehawk project

    That looks excellent! I've never seen the half dome as a rear filter before, I'll have to find one. Are there special brackets for it?
  17. lotsofbars

    New Technology Inc. Lightforce mini-lightbar

    I wish all these New Technologies lights were easier to find, they're all super cool.
  18. lotsofbars

    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    I know of a few, but none currently for sale. @Usmc69187 has one, and so does @emtanderson51 I believe. They're good resources for finding stuff.
  19. lotsofbars

    Mars Signal Light Co. Type G siren by B&M

    That's a rich, raspy tone. I love it.
  20. lotsofbars

    Dietz 7-05

    I agree with @Stampeed Valkyrie. We'll need to see the conditions, as well as the functionality of both beacons. The value for them fluctuates very much, but his assessment of $50-125 is about right.
  21. lotsofbars

    Dietz 7-11 looking for replacement motor

    I highly recommend @Skulldigger as among the best in the business.
  22. lotsofbars

    Aerodynic 24 C question

    Wow, a first generation 24C with the right grille and the right bulb holders. Truly hens' teeth. As Valkyrie said, the shop number could be from one of many municipalities. If this one is from NV, then it's likely that it did spend its whole life there until it was decomissioned.
  23. lotsofbars

    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    The first picture shows the tilt the best. The NYPD beacons were all tilted at less-extreme angles than normal production models as per department spec.
  24. lotsofbars

    Federal Signal Model 18

    Amazing restoration. These have always been one of my favorite vintage warning lights.
  25. lotsofbars

    NYPD Federal Sign and Signal P-660

    Yes, that's definitely another common cause of broken RMPs and skulls even to this day.
  26. lotsofbars

    NYPD Federal Sign and Signal P-660

    Here’s something really special, guys. This is a verified NYPD Federal Sign and Signal P-660, complete with no pulsator flap and dents from many nightstick beatings back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now, for those who aren’t in the know about this specific siren, it may appear that this is just an old...
  27. lotsofbars

    All light streethawk going price

    Yeah, they aren't worth anything really. Just offer $50 and let him haggle you up to $75 if you have to. They're great bars but, as was stated before, a dime a dozen. Unless the bases are white or red, they aren't really worth that much, even with oscillating lights (which could probably be sold...
  28. lotsofbars

    Information on Sireno/Sireno Condor

    I know a guy off this site with a cache of NIB Condor domes. I can put you in contact with him, but know that he overvalues his stuff pretty often, so it probably won't be cheap.
  29. lotsofbars

    Federal Electric 78B in original crate

    That appears to be in excellent condition. I'd love to see it powered up.
  30. lotsofbars

    Whelen Pierce alert info needed

    They fall into a weird category of products that are too old to be used in service, and too new to be appealing to many collectors. Also, you kinda need a full lightbar to add it to in order to use/display it.

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