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  1. Storm4200

    Wanted Clear edge end cap

    ISO Whelen edge 9000 clear endcap.
  2. Storm4200

    Wanted Whelen 400 series PEDESTAL MOUNTS

    Looking for a pair of new, black pedestal mounts for the 400 series lighthead.
  3. Storm4200

    Wanted Blue edge 9m/freedom corners

    Looking for a pair of blue endcaps for an edge strobe bar. Ideally without the alley cutouts. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance .
  4. Storm4200

    FOUND - Clear lens for Messenger bar. Edge/9M

    Looking for a clear lense for the Whelen Smart Arrow Messenger bar. It needs to be NON OPTIC lense. Same size as edge 9m or freedom. I need 2 15.5" or (1) 31" segment
  5. Storm4200

    Wanted Transporter box for Messenger bar

    Looking for the Transporter box and cable for a whelen Messenger bar.
  6. Storm4200

    Wanted WTT a red LIN6 for a blue LIN6

    Title says it all. Looking for a blue LIN6. Have a perfect red one to trade. Yes im aware Wilson does conversions. Just looking for a trade at this time. Thanks
  7. Storm4200

    Feniex Apollo 49" vs Federal Signal Valor

    Tested in direct sunlight, from a few distances. Tried to set the bars to similar patterns. You be the judge.
  8. Storm4200

    05 Toyota 4Runner with SLR

    Ok guys, this is the current project. Its a 2005 Toyota 4 Runner. Vehicle will be used for fire/police and ems response in PA. Primary color is blue, no sirens. This  Build wont begin until begining of the new year, but this is what we have so far: -Federal Signal SmartSiren Platinum  -Federal...
  9. Storm4200

    Wanted Feneix Pegasus Modules (red)

    ISO (3) red, dummy, feniex Pegasus modules. Have 3 blue to trade if that helps. 
  10. Storm4200

    Wanted Trade B/A M7 for R/B

    I have Whelen M7 in B/A that i would like to trade for a R/B one.  
  11. Storm4200

    Wanted 2 Amber Whelen LIN12 Short Corners

    Title sums it up. 
  12. Storm4200

    Wanted Whelen 400 series 6 over 6 freedom modules. RED

    Need (4) freedom modules. All red. 6over6. Older optics are okay. 
  13. Storm4200

    Wanted Whelen 600 series Red Blue

    Looking for whelen superled linear 600 series lights.  2 red 2 blue 
  14. Storm4200

    Wanted Whelen 900 Series lenses clear

    Looking for a set of clear optic lenses for Whelen 5mm 900 series lights. 
  15. Storm4200

    Wanted 2 Code3 Ocilaser clear lenses

    Title says it all. 
  16. Storm4200

    4200 MINI connections are made to a brain, or a harness?

    With the 4200 Mini, will connections be made to a brain, and then that will connect to the mini, or will there just be a harness that comes directly off the mini? 
  17. Storm4200

    Wanted Liberty WeCan IO board and controller

    Title says it all. Looking for whatever i need to convert a SX liberty bar to a WeCan 
  18. Storm4200

    1995 Ford Rescue ALL FENIEX

    Starting with a new-to-them 1995 Ford/Marion rescue, a department approached me looking to replace all of their old halogen lights,  with LED. It started white, now it's red.  This is the equipment list they went with: Feniex 49" Cobra Lightbar RBRRTD/TDRRBR (4) 9x7  WideLux R/B sides  (2)...
  19. Storm4200

    Cobra Lightbar and WideLux release

    Im trying to spec a rescue truck with all feniex lighting. Looking to do a 49" Cobra bar, and all widelux perimeter lights. When can i expect these two items to begin shipping?
  20. Storm4200

    Wanted ISO eQ2B

  21. Storm4200

    Wanted Blue M4s, Amber M4s

    ISO a pair of BLUE Whelen M4s And a pair of AMBER Whelen M4s. Have a pair of B/A split M7s for trade
  22. Storm4200

    Dodge Dakota with custom FedSig Raydian

    Dodge Dakota with CUSTOM FedSig Raydian. Bar has center blue pod replaced with a pair of Whelen LR11 TDs. The rear has Amber modules hooked to a shoMe flasher for independent operation. Truck has Feniex T6s grill and on rear LP Bracket https://youtu.be/JVQtv_miWIo Future: 4 cannons 4 more...
  23. Storm4200

    Tomar 200s Dual AMBER Dash/Deck light

    Tomar 200s Dual AMBER Dash/Deck light in great condition! includes L brackets. $129 SHIPPED PayPal only! Pic to follow...
  24. Storm4200

    For Sale Feniex StormPro 100w Siren Amp and PA

    BNIB Feniex StormPro 100w Siren Amp and PA  $90 SHIPPED!!! PayPal ONLY Pic to follow.... 
  25. Storm4200

    For Sale Loaded Mini Liberty

    $350 SHIPPED .....18" Custom Loaded Mini Liberty, Bar has upgraded Extended Corners, Rear Center Module, and front SXTDLED Super High Intensity Takedown Light. TD can be wired as a work light, or to flash. The Lenses could use a good wet-sanding/polish. Cord is short. Bar has 4 STUDS on bottom...
  26. Storm4200

    Feniex Cobra800 BLUE (Interior Only) $299

    Brand new Feniex Cobra800 in all BLUE. This bar was never mounted and only opened to demo.Bar works flawlessly and is VERY bright!! This model Cobra is FOR INTERIOR USE ONLY.  Bar does not come w/ L brackets.  the first $299 gets it SHIPPED!!!  Pic to follow 
  27. Storm4200

    FedSig VISION Brain

    looking for a brain for a Federal Signal VISION system.  figures, i had one i didnt need a few months ago, so i sold it. 
  28. Storm4200

    NJSP Liberty I/O board

    looking for a New Jersey State Police SPECIFIC Liberty I/O board
  29. Storm4200

    Raydian TD wire harness

    looking for a FedSig Raydian hotfoot takedown wiring harness

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