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  1. StEaLtH2

    Vintage Catalogs: JC Whitney

    And I still want all of the things!!!
  2. StEaLtH2

    Who have you met in person from here???

    27 degrees this am up here. A trip to warm weinerville is tempting… To stay on topic I’ve had the pleasure of knowing safetylighting and Tom @ AWL in the past
  3. StEaLtH2

    My Project: Construction of a Ford Crown Victoria in the style of the FDNY / Fleet Service Division

    Good day sir…. I’d like to wish you luck with your project. Will be watching for updates to come. I’d like to offer a link to an actual fleet service Vicky. It actually wouldn’t be that hard to copy this vehicle from FSD. Also, while it’s likely not a risk for you to “copy” official vehicle...
  4. StEaLtH2

    For Sale Feniex Apollo Mini-X (Red/White)

    I miss the Apollo heads personally….. Especially the second Gen of them… Awesome light heads,
  5. StEaLtH2

    Stealth's Red Light Shop

    Inner Edge sold and shipped to Canada..
  6. StEaLtH2

    Edge TA half-bar question

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic or two still.. It’s October, give us some Eye Candy..!
  7. StEaLtH2

    I missed my anniversary

    A decade of good times and knowledge. In a blink of an eye…..
  8. StEaLtH2

    Stealth's Red Light Shop

    I have too much stuff……
  9. StEaLtH2

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    And so the Book of Tahoe continues… Recent update includes finally sucking it up and pulling the nose. Classier grille and fog light kit…speaker to the existing cross brace, my learning curve on Core is rounding the first bend. Some pics to make it worth the read….
  10. StEaLtH2

    Whelen responder flasher question

    Sarge, depending how tight the budget is, decides how much control and options can be figured into the install. Control of front and rear warn can be done simply by wiring up switch functions and syncing said heads to each other as possible. Now to add white w control of steady or flash, a ULF44...
  11. StEaLtH2

    Wanted ISO Old 4x6 Glass Halogen Blue Headlight

    while that may be true, I don’t believe it to be intentionally deceptive. The lens is what is colored, not the bulb itself. With the B designation in the part number you should be getting a blue headlight.
  12. StEaLtH2

    Small Edge Freedom Issue

    Here’s some spare change from my thought bank. You should be able to get one of Whelens small 2 outlet strobe supplies inside the bar, that would keep it weatherproof, or you could replace the strobe with a single 400 module, Those would be the two easiest ways to add to the bar imho… Will this...
  13. StEaLtH2

    The Art Spot

    Jetsonic RISP
  14. StEaLtH2

    Lots o'pallets o'lightbars on CL. Not my post

    I would love that old Whelen 8000 hanging in the garage….
  15. StEaLtH2

    Chevy Tahoe (15) interior light circuit

    Checked that with voltmeter and bingo! Gonna have me some puds thanx to the weenah..!…. Again, thank you mucho gracias Nico!
  16. StEaLtH2

    Chevy Tahoe (15) interior light circuit

    Many thanks Carlos….. I’ll give a look
  17. StEaLtH2

    Whelen HHS3200 changing legends on push buttons

    Thank you for the reply NoLimit. I actually used two single edge razors to pop them out. Time consuming and tedious but i succeeded with no damage. Manipulated the clips
  18. StEaLtH2

    Whelen HHS3200 changing legends on push buttons

    Hello all. I have a new to me Whelen HHS3200. I want to personalize the handheld and change out the push button legends. What’s the procedure to remove the push button covers once already snapped in? Checking here before I put my mitts on it to hopefully make it a simple damage free task...
  19. StEaLtH2

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Couple quick clips of connection testing with a Craftsman drill battery, Mode 2 and 3 of the rear. Mode 1 will be plate Fusions only. Wires are proper to under the left rear seat.
  20. StEaLtH2

    Chevy Tahoe (15) interior light circuit

    Good day all. Regarding the 2015 Tahoe, are they ground or hot switched? I took a peek and there are 3 wires I believe. Trying to not pull the headliner, owners manual and Google can’t even get me to the specific fuse that would serve the cabin/interior lights. I want to pick up the signal to...
  21. StEaLtH2

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Here’s some grabs from vids of testing connections with a drill battery… Do any of the members know if there is a hot signal in the tunnel for interior/cabin lights? Bueller.?.?…..
  22. StEaLtH2

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    Just reread my OP. I grabbed a nicer grill, and fitted it with a pair of Strip Lites plus in R… Still have to pull nose and get the front end blinged out…..gonna be slaved to a 44 for warn and cruise….along with the mirrors…and cruise on the visor…
  23. StEaLtH2

    2015 Tahoe SSV upfit

    So after a very long period of time, I have begun to work on the Tahoe again. Spent a day on the tailgate, plate bracket Fusion 180’s. A pair of r/w Whelen cabin lights, finished the slimlights in the new grill, and I’m now elbows deep into the “brains”…. With that said asking for the help with...
  24. StEaLtH2

    For Sale Whelen 4500

    By clicking users name, home state reveals Oregon for this member.
  25. StEaLtH2

    Mini Lightbar Brush Guard

    Typically “branch guard” would be the term
  26. StEaLtH2

    Compatibility of Fusion interior bar

    Greetings, we (volunteer department) purchased a Fusion interior bar with takedowns for a 2016 Chevy pickup. Due to unforeseen circumstances we now would like to install into a 19 Durango. Are the housings vehicle specific or is it a universal housing with specific brackets? Thank you for your...
  27. StEaLtH2

    Whelen Liberty Bar Gurus... lend me your ears.. maybe eyes too.

    so I did find these local to me.. I realize they have extra diodes, but you may be able to work a better deal. https://providence.craigslist.org/ele/d/coventry-whelen-lin6-led-lights/7293941602.html
  28. StEaLtH2

    My new Project ( LACoFD Flash Platter )

    If you look closely at the pics you can see the lollipop up high for side earning. I look forward to your progress Sascha..!

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