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  1. Dave F

    For Sale Whelen Edge Freedom LED Blue and Red 400 Series / Corner modules

    yes theyre going through, it takes a bit for replies to upload. please allow some time between posting to avoid multiple replies
  2. Dave F

    Support How to change titles

    as mentioned, under my other account, there IS no other drop down box at the top, only the small drop down bottom right as shown, which brings me to the screen i posted above. which dont have an option to edit the title jman: im doin this on mobile, and havent tried via PC , so maybe thats the...
  3. Dave F

    Support How to change titles

    thats what i thought too, however it seems they dont have that option anymore. i checked on my personal account; see below
  4. Dave F

    Support How to change titles

    Ill get with you via PM, but you should be able to, using the drop down box at the top of the listing
  5. Dave F

    Need help to ship a ebay item to Germany

    we dont locking as its a mute point at present
  6. Dave F

    Need help to ship a ebay item to Germany

    item isnt listed anymore , i checked via link and search
  7. Dave F

    OFFICIAL New ECTO-1 Reboot Discussion Thread

    just got home from seein it man that hit me alot harder than i thought: very beautifully done. well worth the wait, not just the wait since it was supposed to be released 2 years ago, but the wait since GB2 and thats all i have to say about the, lest i spoil it for anyone else
  8. Dave F

    2019 F250 Interior Visor lightbar mounting

    UBL universal mounts work wonders *not a site endorsement only the opinion of the person posting*
  9. Dave F

    2007 LFL Patriot Strobe to LED conversion

    you’ll need the heads, wiring to the heads, and a flasher to flash the heads
  10. Dave F

    Happy Turkey Day

    turnin and burnin on the boo boo bus, happy thanksgiving all
  11. Dave F

    "Work Lights"?

    To piggy back of what Abe said, Ive always seen it in correlation to “rear work lights” as in the case of a tow truck; the work lights of a lightbar would be steady burn white in the rear of the bar soas to illuminate the “work” area of the tow truck, so the operator can see what theyre doing...
  12. Dave F

    Lightbar Tint

    Id said they arent hindered in the slightest, meaning theyre just as effective behind tint as they were not. This wasnt to mean their output isnt affected at all.
  13. Dave F

    Lightbar Tint

    just be aware your preemption strobes effectiveness is going to be greatly diminished (if not totally so) being mounted that low. theyre mounted in lightbars and the top portion of cabs so they can be “seen” over vehicles by the corresponding reader mounted to your traffic control devices being...
  14. Dave F

    Whelen 12 over 12 400 duo

    really neat, awesome find, never knew they made these either
  15. Dave F

    For Sale Carlos Spicy Weiner's Equipment Sell-Off

    now THATS a spicy deal *not a site endorsement only the opinion of the moderator posting*
  16. Dave F

    Lightbar Tint

    I wish i could specifically cite where I saw this. However given the intensity and power of the diodes in use these days, their output is not hindered in the slightest by tint again this was scientifically backed with studies however this was a while back (and LEDs have gotten even brighter...
  17. Dave F

    For Sale Whelen Slimlighter, BB

    theres a few of them in the first post
  18. Dave F

    For Sale Carlos Spicy Weiner's Equipment Sell-Off

    assume those are split heads not dual?
  19. Dave F

    For Sale Whelen Mini Justice

    no worries, it happens
  20. Dave F

    For Sale Whelen Mini Justice

    ad states all red
  21. Dave F

    Wanted Wanted Code 3 mx7000

    message sent
  22. Dave F

    I missed my anniversary

    but did you ever remember who andre the giant is?
  23. Dave F

    9/11/01 - Official Remembrance Thread

    this thread was created on the 10th anniversary, seems fitting to post in it on the 20th I will always remember God Bless America
  24. Dave F

    Behind the scenes

    The following name change is pending Original name: Jazzdad Pending: Not_Another_Weiner
  25. Dave F

    Positive Sold to kingchr

    please add what was sold to the post please
  26. Dave F

    For Sale Whelen Dash-Master II (B/B)

    please PM the member for further inquiries; member has not been on since July 27th
  27. Dave F

    Auction haul

    hey if you wanna offload that firebeam i know someone that might want it me im someone
  28. Dave F

    Wanted LED Hide aways

    well this went off the spicy deep end i changed the title you can all calm your vienna sausages

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