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  1. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen Par 36 Spot heads

    pillar mounts that screw into the a frame, can find em cheap on fleabay
  2. Phoenix_Rising

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    man ima tell you if strobe heads are fetchin that ima be a gazillionaire soon like wtf is he smokin ? i messaged em and asked if he typo’d an extra zero
  3. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale custom mx7000 components: whelen, code 3 , feniex

    Considering parting out the components of my custom MX all items are used, heads may have spliced wires or cut cords Whelen SXTDLED Pair - 110 Whelen LR11 alley/td - 55 per pair, 2 pair available Code 3 led takedowns - 85 Code 3 LED-X double stack set; Top row blue, bottom row amber, 6 heads...
  4. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Custom Code 3 MX7000

    update: bar is still for sale however the fusions on the feet will no longer be included $420 for the bar as it sits i will also be listing a seperate ad for all the individual parts
  5. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen Par 36 Spot heads

    Used but barely, so very good condition whelen par 36 led spot heads. in metal grote enclosures. would like to sell as pair list on these new is $155/per Ill do $160 shipped for the pair OBRO
  6. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen 500 5mm heads in blue with blue lens

    5 used but good condition Whelen 5mm 500 series heads im blue with blue lens. All diodes work, has liberty amp connectors. Dumb heads, these require a flasher to flash. Prefer not to split up, would like $50 shipped for the lot OBRO please post here and message me as im not on this account often
  7. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen SA314 Speaker

    Used but great condition Whelen speaker, model SA314 short wire but plenty to make new connection $55 shipped (bear in mind shipping on this alone will rack me $18) Please post here and message me if you want to buy as Im not on this account often
  8. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen Dual Avenger Blue/Blue

    Up for grabs is a Whelen dual Avenger in blue/blue. No brackets or flash shield. Short wire as shown this was originally r/b but converted to all blue by our very own wilson. both heads were done to ensure matching shades of blue, so the whole thing has brand new LEDs $70 shipped Please...
  9. Phoenix_Rising

    Feniex apollos or fusions

    ISO ideally 3 pair (6 heads) of Feniex apollos in red/white Prefer the f12, but f6 will do with flanges also interested in one pair red/amber Being thats a long shot will also entertain 6 Red/White (dual color) feniex fusions 180 optics 2 red/amber, 180 or 40 optic post here and let me...
  10. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Items; apollos fusions talons oh my

    cmon someone has to want this stuff
  11. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Feniex Apollos

    anyone? these can do blue/white with white flood over ride
  12. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Items; apollos fusions talons oh my

    sold items noted still have single talons, whelen 400s in pedastel mounts, and whelen sync 500 series heads with clear lense no reasonable offer refused
  13. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue Whelen Single Talons

    I have 2 used Whelen Single Talons in blue Mounts are as shown, I do not have flash shields for these. Multiple patterns via button on the rear. $35 shipped ea, prefer to sell as pair for $70 shipped payment by paypal items are still installed, these are the best pics i have, will remove on...
  14. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Feniex Apollos

    Selling off my lights: the following are used Feniex Apollos (F6) but in good functioning order 2 pair in dual blue/white (one light shown, I have 4) 1 pair in Red/amber (light scratches on clesr coat from use, still in good condition) - SOLD These are dual color, dual mode: flash all one...
  15. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Items; apollos fusions talons oh my

    all prices are OBRO, need to move this stuff! anyone??
  16. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Whelen and Feniex Items; apollos fusions talons oh my

    Updated items still available Adding the following Used but good condition Dual R/B Feniex Fusion Surface Mounts, 180 degree optics, with flange (no gaskets) - SOLD Feniex R/B Apollo Full Interior Visor Bar; used but good condition. Dual color dual mode, can run all red, all blue, or combo...

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