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  1. prty

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper S2 Spectralux Dual Head

    prty updated Federal Signal Viper S2 Spectralux Dual Head with a new update entry: Got paypal working. For sale again. Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. prty

    Federal Signal Serial Wire

    I ran into the same problem, but my cable colors are different. Any Ideas?
  3. prty

    Serial Port Cable for SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile

    Hello. Bought a SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile second hand. Someone cut off the connector before resale. Is it an ethernet cable or some other cable? How do I connect it to Smart Siren Platinum? What kind of plug do i need?
  4. prty

    Travel Scrabble

    Will the thrashing produce SMOKE?
  5. prty

    Travel Scrabble

    I forgot the rules because i was too busy looking at my set of fine SPODE
  6. prty

    Travel Scrabble

    No i have an ESCALADE
  7. prty

    Hybrid FPIU

    Well i know that ford is gonna stop prducing the taurus completely by 2019/20 so I'm only guessing the fpis is going with it too.
  8. prty

    Hybrid FPIU

    I hope they dont do any weird futuristic face lifts, it looks good as it is.
  9. prty

    Hybrid FPIU

    Thoughts??? http://www.policemag.com/channel/vehicles/news/2018/06/12/ford-unveils-police-interceptor-utility-pursuit-rated-hybrid.aspx
  10. prty

    For Sale fed sig corner hideaways $40

    sale on fed sig corner hideaways http://www.strobesnmore.com/Federal-Signal-Hide-a-way.html
  11. prty

    Work Bench

  12. prty

    Work Bench

    Hello, I wanted to start a discussion on work areas. How do y'all got your stuff set up? How do you test equipment etc. I'm setting mine up and wanted to get some ideas. I just picked up this power supply to do workbench tests on sirens and lights...
  13. prty

    2010 Ford Expedition

    Why not just use a circuit breaker?
  14. prty

    That moment you realize you have been on ELB too long

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  15. prty


  16. prty

    Hello from Alabama

    I think that's the record on this forum for longest time to reply o_O
  17. prty

    That moment you realize you have been on ELB too long

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  18. prty


    A pedo... Well that was unexpected.
  19. prty

    Stealth Graphics

    So Ghosts know who to call when the Ghostbusters are assaulting them. Honestly, they probably took regular patrol decals and just ghosted them.
  20. prty

    2010 Ford Expedition

    What's that yeller doohicky under the fuse box and whats it do? Nice set up.
  21. prty

    Federal Signal XStream dashlight series

    anyone seen any videos on this yet?
  22. prty

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper S2 Spectralux Dual Head

    Willing to trade for a Whelen Inner Edge Passenger side only (R/W)
  23. prty

    Reducing Speaker Volume for Siren Testing

    I feel like this would work
  24. prty

    Wanted Federal Signal lights and siren parts.

    Still looking for a flash guard and mounting bracket
  25. prty

    How to: Federal Signal Viper S2 329000 NON-SYNC to SYNC-ABLE

    DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional in any field of electronics. Everything done is at YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held liable if you break your light head. Follow all instructions carefully. If you have any questions PLEASE ASK BEFORE YOU DO. Hello, I'll be giving a short tutorial on...
  26. prty

    Your favourite 'weird' vehicles, some real, some "photoshops"

    Would prefer this. Sucks to be gunner because you're sitting above the engine :mad:
  27. prty

    Your favourite 'weird' vehicles, some real, some "photoshops"

    Looks like it rolls easy. Also, too much tech, anyone who was in the military knows this would break after its first use. Would be cool to see in movies i guess.
  28. prty

    Travel Scrabble

    why don't people CARE more for this thread?
  29. prty

    I Made A Thing: A 110v power supply for my Edge 9M for use at my wedding reception.

    Thread should be titled "When buffs get married". Great idea though, and congrats!

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