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    Future of firefighting?

    Im down for the rocket launcher fire truck that would be bad ass. If one person gets turned into juice by getting hit by the rocket traveling at 3000 miles per hour its for the greater good his or her life must end for the life of the other thousand in the building.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    if he is a actual wrecker he can have Red Blue its new Texas move over law. If he is not police he can have amber blue or blue white no big deal. In Texas. But if he is not a wrecker or police fire or ems he cant have red mixed with blue white or red alone.
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    Star vs. SOS

    don't go whelen
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    Choose Your Ride

    I have seen them do traffic stops down here the local PD has a Hummer H2
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    Your favourite 'weird' vehicles, some real, some "photoshops"

    Looks cool and all but totally would not work lol. It would tip over and kill some liberal arts professor or something while trying to go to the call and people would freak out. Plus once it arrived on scene....if it ever did arrive the air turbulence in between those buildings would make that...
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    Anyone else having horrible luck with LifetimeLED?

    And HID lights are horrible they fail a lot I conduct a crap load of traffic stops "Defective equipment" on those dropped chevy pick up trucks with rims that are atrociously popular down here in South Texas and about %90 of them have HID lights and one burnt out so they get a ticket.
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    Anyone else having horrible luck with LifetimeLED?

    TITAN led headlights have not given me any problems in the past 2 years installed in my truck. they cost me about $150 for the pair installed at my local off road truck shop. They are so damn bright and good that I bought a pair for my crown vic patrol car. So far no failures and brighter than...
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    A lil' ol lil' SlickStik

    I have one if you would like it diego
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    A lil' ol lil' SlickStik

    I do
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    Trailblazer off-road lightbar

    Our County Barn where we fix our patrol cars has a brand new one in the cardboard box in storage. The cardboard box is falling apart due to the old age thing looks awesome. Sadly I guess it never got installed on anything and was left to rot in storage.
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    Liberty Parts: LR11 Takedowns with center LIN6 option and 2 LR11 Alleys

    so its 85 for each pair. or 85 for everything
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    Question for should i buy this?

    That is true we do get paid extra if we can go to off road locations we also cover a island and you get paid extra if you have a 4x4
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    Question for should i buy this?

    I work a lot of off duty "police" traffic control and police security details for the oil pipeline. We need police decals and red blue lights for these details which pay waaaay more than my real county deputy job. I have been using my 2013 F150 4x4 with a liberty and magnetic decals this job is...
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    Check this out !

    Those rigs are about 2-4 thousand dollar models.
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    SOLD Blue con3 heads whelen justice

    I will take 3 of them
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    For Sale Whelen LFL Red/Blue Strobe/Led

    Love these bars my patrol car back in 2011 had one of these and loved it.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Love this thread LOL
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    Good to see Mexico does not have a shortage of lights and sirens.

    Here in my area literally on the Mexican border we have a problem with Mexicans... and Canadians.. they both don't respect lights and sirens. The Mexicans just frankly don't give a crap and most will lie to your face forge fake insurance or Drivers license or just outright try to pay you off to...
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    Good to see Mexico does not have a shortage of lights and sirens.

    Lots of weird set ups but interesting to see.
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    New York State Police 2014 Dodge Charger

    I agree on the LAWs if you cant see them more than 40 feet away don't spend the money on them they are just cool toys that look nice when you stand next to them but have no real warning power on the street.
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    the Mother of all Throw Lights

    I used to carry a full size Sho me 5mm LED 48 inch lightbar all Red in the back seat of my truck and would literally pull over and toss it on my roof as a throw light when I would get a call. It had 6 95 pound magnets on it.
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    Sho Me Lightforce dual color

    I love sho me love them more than any other company because of the cool and weird lights they have. If this would be red blue I might have jumped on it.
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    Whelen dual LR-11's super LED takedowns

    ok cool I will let my buddy know
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    Whelen dual LR-11's super LED takedowns

    Do these need a wire harness for a non wecan bar?
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    Policia Federal Mexicana (Mexican Federal Police) Department Police car Restoration

    I love Mexican police vehicles they are way more interesting than US police vehicles that all have the generic whelen catalog package. I like the weird stuff they install and just use the basic necessities not a crazy circus lightshow. I have driven Mexican Municipal Police trucks back in my...
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    OLED Technology: Will It Ever Reach Emergency Use?

    i don't think they can make those leds very bright just by the nature of the board or reflector.
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    SoundOff Signal mPOWER vs Whelen Legacy

    That M Power looks kinda chinesy in design. I know its not and its bright as hell but don't like the looks.
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    Crown Rick Auto

    His newest video... is just magic he shoots at a unit with shot gun rounds he found in the trunk.
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    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    What did you do with the lightbar on the white vic.. I love Code 3 Exaliburs I been looking for one.
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