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  1. Mattdecker

    End of Watch

    Louisville, Ky On 12/18 Zachary Cottongim with Louisville Metro Police Department was struck by a vehicle while on an investigation of a vehicle on the side of the interstate. He was waiting outside his cruiser for the wrecker. Zach left behind a wife and 2 sons. He was also a personal friend...
  2. Mattdecker

    Wanted Astro saber accessory port cover

    Found off site Hello all, Looking for an NTN7061A. Accessory port cover for a Motorola Astro Saber. Not looking to break the bank on one since I can't find them anywhere else. Thanks.
  3. Mattdecker

    2 more for the collection

    Got these 2 in yesterday. Streethawk and sealed beam XL bars. Actually have 2 XL bars but the second one is for parts. Plan on working on these slowly and fixing them up. May add lower level lights to the Hawk but I'm not sure yet.
  4. Mattdecker

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper EXT's

    For sale. 1 red and 1 white Federal Signal Viper EXT VPX 800. Plenty of wire but no flanges. Asking $120 shipped OR will entertain trades for certain Whelen grill lights (used Ions or used Microns).
  5. Mattdecker

    Another Aero for the collection

    I don't have pics yet but I just picked up a dirty but pretty clean Aerodynic model 25RQL-TCL. Also got another Mini Aero in all red. Best part of all, snagged both from my local career department for $50.
  6. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen Avenger w/ Takedowns

    Hello all, I have for sale a Whelen Avenger with Takedowns. It was red/blue but I had it sent to Wilson to have it changed to red/red. It doesn't have the original bracket or the original cord. Asking $165 shipped.
  7. Mattdecker

    Whelen Model 80 Marketplace find

    So this is my newest purchase. A little rough but should clean up pretty good. Dome is cracked in one spot but will be ok. For $25 and a 4 hour drive, can't beat it.
  8. Mattdecker

    Wanted Whelen HHS2200 control head

    ISO used HHS2200 control head only. Cheaper the better. Looking to stay around $50 or so. Thanks.
  9. Mattdecker

    FedSig mini Aerodynic

    Snagged this off of Facebook for $50. Looks practically brand new other than the short cable and some small scratches on the domes. Currently waiting for it to be shipped to me. Can't wait to put it on display when it gets here.
  10. Mattdecker

    For Sale 2014 Silverado brackets (Code 3)

    I have a set of 2014 Silverado brackets from Code 3 for sale. White in color. Asking $25 shipped.
  11. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen Advantedge lenses

    I have a lot of Advantedge strobe lenses for sale. All but 2 are in 8/10 condition, those 2 are easily a 6 or 7 still. Will clean up after a good wetsand. Lengths are: red short are 8.25", white is 7.5", and red long are 11.75". Asking $65 shipped.
  12. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Got this beauty for free today. Needs some TLC but is in relatively good shape. Gotta find more information on them. The search function didn't want to recognize my keywords for them. For free, I'm not complaining.
  13. Mattdecker

    Whelen DashMaster II worth

    So since I see there have been some server issues so it's not letting me search. What is a DashMaster II worth? This one is double flash and does not have the potentiometer to change flash rate on the power supply. The only thing wrong is it has a crack on one side of the housing. Has the...
  14. Mattdecker

    For Sale Tomar L stick red

    Hello all, I have a 4 head Tomar L stick for sale. All red. Asking $60 shipped.
  15. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen Responder led red

    Have for sale a red led Whelen Responder mini bar. Dont need anymore since im going back to a full lightbar. Has 2 new magnets and 2 old. Very long wires. Asling $120 shipped.
  16. Mattdecker

    For Sale Star Mini Phantoms

    Hello all, Ive got 2 Star Mini Phantoms for sale. Both are 5mm leds with none burnt out. One is red/red split and the other is solid red. Ill update with cord measurments later but one has at least 2 ft and the other has at least a foot. Plenty to tie into and add more. Im asking $30 a...
  17. Mattdecker

    Wanted 2014 Silverado Inner Edge brackets

    Looking for brackets for a 2014 Silverado for an Inner Edge.
  18. Mattdecker

    Positive Purchase from roaddawg7

    Bought an Inner Edge from him. Sale went perfect as did communications. Can’t wait for it to arrive.
  19. Mattdecker

    Whelen 64 series

    Anyone have any info on these? I haven’t been able to find anything.
  20. Mattdecker

    Best way to mount to headliner

    Hello all, I have 2 dual Whelen Talons I’m planning on mounting on my headliner. Trouble is, I’m having issues figuring out how to mount them. I currently have these brackets pictured. But the problem with them is, it doesn’t matter how I bend them or mount them on my headliner, the light is...
  21. Mattdecker

    For Sale Southern VP 1168 pancake

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Southern VP 1168 pancake - SVP pancake Read more about this listing...
  22. Mattdecker

    For Sale Motorola Astro Spectra Vhf P25 [No Longer Available]

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Motorola Astro Spectra Vhf P25 - Motorola radio Read more about this listing...
  23. Mattdecker

    My POV and department truck

    Here you go everyone. Wanted to get y’alls opinions. Which do you think is better? May try to see if I can set up sync mode on my departments truck. Left is my POV with Whelen Liberty in sync mode, right is my departments medical/brush truck with the default Liberty pattern. Which do y’all...
  24. Mattdecker

    For Sale Motorola Minitor 3 VHF [No Longer Available]

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Motorola Minitor 3 VHF - Minitor 3 Read more about this listing...
  25. Mattdecker

    For Sale Federal Signal PA640

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Federal Signal PA640 - Federal Signal PA640 Read more about this listing...
  26. Mattdecker

    Louisville Metro PD Det. Deidre Mengedoht EOW 12/24/18

    LMPD Det. Deirdre Mengedoht was struck and killed in her cruiser Christmas Eve morning while conducting a traffic stop. Driver was arrested for DUI and a murder charge. Thoughts go out to LMPD and the detectives family...
  27. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen 700’s red x2

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Whelen 700’s red x2 - Whelen 700 series Read more about this listing...
  28. Mattdecker

    For Sale 911EP TD28

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: 911EP TD28 - Traffic advisor Read more about this listing...
  29. Mattdecker

    For Sale Code 3 RLS

    Mattdecker submitted a new listing: Code 3 RLS - Code 3 RLS siren Read more about this listing...
  30. Mattdecker

    Support Resolved- Can’t post for sale

    Tried using the new method to post a for sale ad. But when I click “Post Ad”, the only For Sale thread it gives me the option to post in is Other/Off Site. Been a while since I’ve tried to post an ad on here. Did I miss anything?

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