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    Programming dual color Defender bar

    Hey guys, I've got a 2018 Explorer PIU with, among other equipment, a dual color Defender bar. It has R/W and B/W to the front and sides, and R/A and B/A to the rear. It has dedicated takedowns and alleys that are not dual color. The car has a Z3 siren/control panel. As I understand it, I...
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    Wanted WTB: CVPI upfit components (Push bumper, cage, console)

    Like the title says, upfitting a couple Crown Victorias for full-time sworn Law Enforcement. All equipment must be good/excellent condition. PayPal ready, will be paying via goods/services. I need at least 2 of everything. Setina or GoRhino push bumpers Half cages (No full cages) Consoles...
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    Wanted WTB: SoundOff nERGY controller, speaker, nFORCE light heads

    I'm looking for good/excellent condition SoundOff Signal components for an upcoming build. PayPal ready, will be paying via goods/services. This is for a full-time sworn Law Enforcement car. I need at least 2 of everything. nERGY 400 series siren controller SOS 100 or 200 series speaker...
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    For Sale SoundOff nForce interior or exterior 8 module dual color red/blue/white

    Hey guys! Price through SoS is $1400, MSRP is $700, I'm asking $500 shipped. PayPal or cash only. I've bought/sold plenty of lights through here before. Used SoS nForce interior or exterior "traffic controller" light bar. Called a traffic controller because of the style, though this one was...
  5. J

    2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee PD Upfit

    Got asked to do an in-house up-fit on a recently purchased 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, so this will chronicle the build, and provide a place to ask some questions, since I'll have a bunch. I'm pretty good with automotive/light wiring, but this will be my first build/up-fit, so I'm a bit...
  6. J

    Advice on minimal upfit for admin vehicle.

    I'll be up-fitting a used car to be used as an admin/travel vehicle for our Officers. It'll be an 07-14 Tahoe civilian model. I was planning on putting a dual SoundOff nFORCE dash light in the windshield, and a pair of mPOWER 3" in each fog light housing (So two nFORCE modules, 4 mPOWER...
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    Wanted WTB red Feniex Apollo or Whelen 5V1

    Just looking for a red single color Feniex Apollo F6 or Whelen 5V1. Might consider an nForce surface mount also. Prefer NOS or NIB, but very slight use is ok too. Let me know what you've got, and your shipping to 80918 (Colorado Springs) also!
  8. J

    Wanted WTB: CopLite blue/amber decklid lights from LAPD slicktop

    I'm looking for the rear LAPD slicktop setup, they were CopLite brakets, I believe IPF 804 lights. I'll buy the front too, but really only need the rear. We all know which ones I'm talking about, but here's a video just in case:
  9. J

    Takedown wiring for MX7000

    Hey guys, So I'm totally confused. I have a standard MX7000. Got the orange/black wire for the takedowns. Takedowns work properly. However, that orange/black wire has continuity with ground. I was under the impression that should be a +12v for takedowns? It goes to a fuse block in my...
  10. J

    Wanted WTB: MX7000 take downs

    Looking to buy 2 halogen take down lights for an MX7000. White, with the mirrors and at least an inch of wire. Let me know what you've got! Thanks!
  11. J

    For Sale FS: Code 3 21TR 47" Red/Blue LED bar with TA

    John Smith submitted a new listing: FS: Code 3 21TR 47" Red/Blue LED bar with TA - Code 3 21TR 47" Red/Blue LED bar with TA, TD, Alley Read more about this listing...
  12. J

    Help adjusting Edge Freedom TA pattern

    Hey all, I've got a Whelen Edge Freedom LED bar controlled with CenCom Gold. I can't figure out how to adjust the flash/sequence patterns for the traffic adviser. It is not done via the Scan Lock wire. Any help? Thanks!
  13. J

    New build finalizing flash patterns, critiques and suggestions!?

    Recently took delivery of a 2018 PIU, general LE use. All lights are SOS controlled via bluePRINT. Looking for suggestions for better flash patterns and sync options. So far here is what I've come up with, which I'm happy with and seems to be working rather well. Just about all lights are...
  14. J

    Tips for photographing/video LED lights?

    I'm trying to get a decent video of my new car's setup and flash patterns so I can show it off, and get some critiques and suggestions on how to better improve. However using my phone, Galaxy S7, I cannot seem to capture the LED's well. On my steady burn patterns the camera catches them, but...
  15. J

    For Sale Whelen PAR-46 LED 2 degree spotlight

    John Smith submitted a new listing: Whelen PAR-46 LED 2 degree spotlight - Whelen PAR-46 LED 2 degree spotlight Read more about this listing...
  16. J

    Code 3 21TR pattern select?

    Hey all, I have a Code 3 21TR, literally the cheapest model available, none of this dual color, traffic advisor, flashing takedown bullshit here! The bar does sync however, and it changes flash pattern/synced modules based on the slide switch position. So position 1 has a specific flash/sync...
  17. J

    Documents for older Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom

    Hey guys, I have an 08 Crown Vic which was originally equipped with a Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom bar when it was upfitted. So it's an older bar, halogen takedowns and alleys but otherwise LED. I'd like to reprogram flash patterns and syncs, can anyone forward me to the wiring diagrams on the...
  18. J

    Can BluPrint control head do this?

    I've got several PIU's headed to my upfitter here in a few weeks. The upfitter is respected, they do quality work. However most the cars come out setup the same, and I want ours to be slightly different. One of the downsides of the BluPrint lightbar controller is you are restricted to 8...
  19. J

    Which specific lights for Setina push bumper?

    Hey guys, I have a new Setina PB450 push bumper on the way for one of our cars. It is provisioned for Soundoff nForce lights, but I need to buy those separately. I see they are offered as surface mount, or as a deck/grill mount. Which one of these, or is there a different one, do I need to...
  20. J

    How to change flash patterns with SOS bluePRINT

    In doing some reading, I cannot find any resources for how I, the end user, can adjust anything myself on a car built with a SOS bluePRINT system. I'd like to change some things myself, and continue every few months or so when I get bored. I assume it's a computer program like Whelens but I...
  21. J

    Wanted SOS ETL5000 R/B colored corner modules with R/B lenses

    I am looking for the corner modules for an ETL5000 but they must have R/B colored lenses, no clear lenses. Let me know if anyone has any!
  22. J

    Wanted Setina pushbar and/or brackets for 06-13 Impala

    I got into an accident in my Impala that damaged the pushbar and brackets, and I need to replace them. Does anyone have a used, good condition, Setina pushbar and/or the brackets for a 06-13 Impala? Also need a front bumper cover for the same car, prefer black but any color will do if it's...
  23. J

    Wire size for nForce deck/grill lights?

    I've got a couple of the nforce deck/grill lights on the way, but want to get wire in advance. What size wire do they use? Thanks!
  24. J

    Need owner's manual for this Whelen LED bar

    Hey guy, I'm trying to find the owner's manual with the wiring information for this Whelen bar. I'm not even sure what model it is, maybe an older Liberty? Thank you all!
  25. J

    Give me your opinions on my flash patterns!

    2010 Impala for general LEO Patrol duties. SOS ETL 5000 up top, push bar incorporated lights (Unsure what brand), generic HAW in the headlights, HAW in taillights/reverse lights, and a HLF. So far I only played with the lightbar flashing. It's got a pretty wide range of flash/sync...
  26. J

    Best police lightbar

    What a loaded topic I know! Cost isn't a huge issue, and most seem comparable anyways. The upfitter that most every agency in the state contracts with must have a deal with SOS, because almost every car they build is exclusively using SoundOff nForce for lighting, either interior or exterior...
  27. J

    Any input on lighting packages on my new Interceptor Utilities?

    I've got 3 Ford Interceptor Utilities on the way, and we're trying to outfit them as best as possible, with some considerations of course. Surprisingly, budget isn't really one of them, we can spend what we need to on safety equipment. The cars will be slick tops, SOS is the lighting supplier...
  28. J

    Design our new Patrol cars!

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you are passionate about graphics packages, so here's your chance to design a car! The town I work for has 3 new police/marshal cars on the way, and we need to get graphics for them. I'm not very creative, and we'd like some more ideas. I can't offer much, but we'll...
  29. J

    Help programming Sound off bar with Whelen controller

    Hey guys, probably a quick question here. I've got a SoundOff ETL 5000 lightbar hooked up to a Whelen CenCom Sapphire controller. Everything works great on it, but I was just issued the car and would like to program the lights a bit differently for the slide positions. I've read and watched...
  30. J

    Help improving a CVPI

    Hi all, hoping to get some advice from you all as you guys are far more talented than any government agency I've been around! I've got a fully marked CVPI with a push bumper used in an urban law enforcement capacity.  Lighting consists of the following: Standard HLF, strobing hide-aways (White...

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