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  1. EHFD_Tower_751

    Light bar cable source

    Check with @Carlos SpicyWeiner he might have something
  2. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Liberty head swap

    I have a strobe dual dashmiser but needs a power supply. Was a self contained one but the supply was transferred over to my purple dual strobe dashmiser
  3. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Liberty head swap

    Seeing if anyone would be wanting to do a swap for my liberty 1 modules. I have 4 lin12s and 2 blue lin6 in blue.......would need 4 lin12s in red and 2 lin6s also in red. Heres picture of one of the modules and 1 of the lin6s. Need these for a liberty bar im putting in service for a local...
  4. EHFD_Tower_751

    Wanted Whelen items I am seeking

    To bad you werent closer to me, i have alot of edge stuff and also an advantEDGE frame
  5. EHFD_Tower_751

    Federal Signal Highlighter model differences???

    454202HL is permanent mount 454101HL is a mystery cause nothing shows up :) All that shows up is 454202HL, 454201HL and then 454200HL
  6. EHFD_Tower_751


    I actually have 2 of those style rotators in excellent condition that im not using, i can send pics after i get out of work
  7. EHFD_Tower_751

    Whelen Duplex manual.

    I think one of my edge bars has that same color combination wire harness, i’ll double check when home
  8. EHFD_Tower_751

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy thanksgiving to all here. Im not doing anything today due to not being asked to dinner by my uncle, but he asked my mom. Sooooooo my turkey day will consist of a turkey sub for dinner :)
  9. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen siren speaker

    $75 shipped for siren speaker.
  10. EHFD_Tower_751

    My Project: Construction of a Ford Crown Victoria in the style of the FDNY / Fleet Service Division

    Anything fdny is copyrighted (or trademarked) and if i remember right you would have to write to them for permission or be in deeeeeeeeeep shi* :)
  11. EHFD_Tower_751

    Positive Positive sale to EHFD_Tower_751

    Was nice doing business with you too, glad that controller worked for ya :)
  12. EHFD_Tower_751

    Wanted Federal Signal SignalMaster controller

    I have one but it doesnt have the 4 buttons
  13. EHFD_Tower_751

    Wanted ISO Amber Halogen Mini Bar

    I have a highlighter but it currently has no dome or magnets
  14. EHFD_Tower_751

    2 more for the collection

    i like both bars :) (bonus points for the hawk, cause i like the hawks)
  15. EHFD_Tower_751


    Thank you :) i had a feeling it was too til i did some scrounging
  16. EHFD_Tower_751


    The only thing that i found that was close is the federal signal micropulse300U
  17. EHFD_Tower_751


    trying to help a friend identify it, but only thing i can find similar is a fedsig micropulse HELP!!!!!!!!!
  18. EHFD_Tower_751

    Got an old AreoDynic for free

    I have a set of ambers in great shape, just has scratches and scuffs for the mx bar
  19. EHFD_Tower_751

    Twinsonic Mode 12EV

    Must be smoking some good stuff to expect $300 for a vista :)
  20. EHFD_Tower_751

    Code 3 Force 4 LP

    One thing i noticed is the xl5000 and 9000 are wired just about the same as the lp6000, if you have either of those bars then just look at how the wires go :)
  21. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Lock please :)
  22. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Still available
  23. EHFD_Tower_751

    Arjent Question

    Requires serial interface module........same as legend led bars.
  24. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Different modules and lenses if i remember correctly
  25. EHFD_Tower_751

    For Sale Whelen liberty parts

    Nobody?? Somebody?? Anybody??

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