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    Positive Purchase from CyberTosh

    I recently purchased a set of mounting brackets for a Code 3 Supervisor from CyberTosh. As stated they are not factory, however they were CNC'ed and are a quality product! Since I only have one Supervisor, and these are built like a tank, I wouldn't need a second set. However, IF you need a...
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    Wanted Federal Signal Highlighter Dome (Blue)

    I am looking for a Blue Highlighter Dome (Rotator not LED) for my Highlighter. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, it doesn't have to perfect it just needs to be useable in case I want to utilize it in a pinch for a response. Dennis NVFD 612
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    Positive Positive purchase from SBFD-E-9

    I just completed a purchase with Dan (SBFD-E-9) and it was exactly what I expected from a fellow eLightbars member. The radio and light were securely packaged with tape and bubble wrap. I would recommend making a purchase from him and would be more than willing to buy from him again, if he has...
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    FS Jetstream help...

    Fellow eLightbar members, I am in need of some assistance. I traded some LED's to a member of one of the other VFDs in my county for his FS Jetstream he had on his truck. I got the Lightbar home and opened it up and wow.... It's a mess inside, he was in the process of fixing some of the wiring...
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    Aerodynic Candy Cane

    OK, great eLightbars experts... I did a search and didn't find anything on this. Has anyone ever seen a blue "candy cane" Aero? I have seen the traditional red ones and my first dept had one on our 1978 Ford Tender, and thought it was really cool looking. I would love to find one to put up on...

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