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  1. ChargerLighting

    For Sale Aerodynic red/blue 24MEAH

    For Sale: Aerodynic 24MEAH. Everything works. 4 rotators, 4 flashers, alleys, TS100 speaker inside. Blue dome is nice, red dome is OK, has a small endcap crack but mostly under the nameplate. Tube feet & mounts included. The bar could stand more cleaning inside, but overall a good looking bar...
  2. ChargerLighting

    FHP Jetsonic help

    I've been trying to put a Florida Highway Patrol Jetsonic together. After digging I found out they used chain drive bars mostly. I also read there was a conversion kit (made by Federal) that was used in some if these bars. Supposedly this kit used independent rotators. However I can't find any...
  3. ChargerLighting

    Wanted MX7000 LEDX double stack brackets

    Looking for Mx7000 lower level ledx double stack brackets. Need 4-6. Please PM me if you have any. Thanks!
  4. ChargerLighting

    Wanted Code3 SD or Force 4 Mini

    I've got a few SD mini bars, amber lenses, independent rotators w/diamond mirrors.
  5. ChargerLighting

    Rare Twinsonic sighting

    The other day I was riding in a semi, in the sleeper for road tests. So we turn off to the right, & I see another semi (continuing straight) with a drop deck trailer. I looked up & BEHIND the air deflector on the roof I see a 12X Twinsonic. OK, not rare, I know. BUT, it had an amber dome on the...
  6. ChargerLighting

    *SOLD* Federal Signal Aerodynic Model 25

    Selling a Federal Signal Model 25 lightbar. It's a 52" with 6 rotators inside (all independent), alley lights & 2 front takedowns. Rotators are all standard speed...outers use 795 bulbs, the others are H1 bulbs. Has about a foot of cable. Front is: C/R/R/R/C C/R/R/R/C, Rear is All RED...
  7. ChargerLighting

    For Sale Red Code 3 LED-X modules

    I have lots of blue I can switch over to.
  8. ChargerLighting

    For Sale Red Code 3 LED-X modules

    I have some RED Code 3 LED-X modules for sale. These will fit Excalibur, 360 & 2100 / LED-X lower sections. All are tested & working. These are all flashing modules. Single modules, with or without Optics: $15.00 EA. + $5.00 shipping, no matter how many you buy. Corner brackets w/2 modules...
  9. ChargerLighting

    For Sale Federal Signal BP200

    Tested & working & in decent condition with "Electric F" grille. Comes with the mounting bracket shown. $400 shipped to the lower 48.
  10. ChargerLighting

    Chicago Items

    I bought a few pallets of lights from Chicago a couple weeks back. I figured I would share them. It is nice finding a green light mixed in here & there also :) The amber minibars on crossbars on the rear were a nightmare to keep strapped down... CFD (?) Jetstream....with some green Amber...
  11. ChargerLighting

    For Sale Whelen Edge 12 Strobe Duplex Lightbars 9622

    I've got a few 9622 Edge Duplex lightbars for sale. They're all 48". Also have one with a halogen traffic advisor (not shown). These are 12 strobe lightbars with duplex alley lights (strobe over alley) & duplex takedown (strobe over takedowns). Pics are of a random one from the lot that has...
  12. ChargerLighting

    Spotlight assembly?

    Thanks for the info, I will take another look at them.
  13. ChargerLighting

    Spotlight assembly?

    I just got a box of Unity spotlights in. I believe they're all for 98+ CVPIs. I haven't messed with one in forever... Anyways, I tried to re-assemble a few. They are all broken down in 3 parts: 1. Main light head attached to shaft 2. Chrome shaft 'cover' with pillar mounting flange 3. Handle Not...
  14. ChargerLighting

    Aerodynic wrecker bar

    Here it is...domes came out OK. However there are scuffs, other small damage that will probably never come out. I managed to free up the stuck rotator too. Still need to somehow bend the DOT strip bracket back into place. REALLY don't want to remove it from the frame & risk breaking the...
  15. ChargerLighting

    Great Toy Store Find !

    NSEO ? National Safety Equipment Outlet ? I still have a few of their catalogs
  16. ChargerLighting

    Aerodynic wrecker bar

    I've seen different SAE dates on all my aerodynic bars I think. Unless they had different years for each model? For example the Code 3 lp6000s I've seen have always had a 83 SAE on the Endcap.
  17. ChargerLighting

    Aerodynic wrecker bar

    According to the sticker, it has a 1991 SAE date. I checked it out & almost everything works. The DOT strip is out (no surprise) & 1 rotator won't turn.
  18. ChargerLighting

    Aerodynic wrecker bar

    I picked this up on a trade today. Haven't done anything to it yet other than bring it inside. Appears to be a 25RWLI. It has 2 independent rotators, S/T/T lights, work lights, front flashers & the usual smashed up DOT light strip. & the domes look like stained glass. 1 endcap is hanging off...
  19. ChargerLighting

    Found! Whelen Freedom

    I've got a red/blue one. PM or Text me
  20. ChargerLighting

    Wanted Plastic gear for Federal Signal 17 Beacon Ray

    Looking for the plastic gear pictured below for a Federal Signal Model 17 Beacon Ray light. Used / working is fine, may consider new/NOS if available. PM if you can help. Thanks!
  21. ChargerLighting

    Another Save. Repairing a Beacon Ray Motor

    So what prize do I win for sending you the biggest piece of junk you ever had to fix?? LOL
  22. ChargerLighting

    Code 3 MX7000, 70"!!! Woo hoo!

    Looks good! I've had a couple with all red upper lenses, definitely looks better with clear domes.
  23. ChargerLighting

    Code 3 360 Intersection Light options

    They had a few was a large sweep like an MX7000 on a bracket. They also had dual "X-Fire" Strobes, dual sweeps (Excalibur style) & dual LEDs stacked I think (Those I have never seen). I had to do some rigging a long time ago & used a couple long plastic spacers & long screws to...
  24. ChargerLighting

    Found, Whelen Ultra end caps clear or amber

    I have one set of clear...possibly 2 sets, have to look. PM me please.
  25. ChargerLighting

    2 Section Code 3 XL Re-do

    It needs something else...I might see what I have for parts for it.
  26. ChargerLighting

    2 Section Code 3 XL Re-do

    Together & working. The domes have some crap on them that won't even wet sand out.
  27. ChargerLighting

    2 Section Code 3 XL Re-do

    I believe this bar came in a couple of years ago from a lot I bought in Ohio. I remember it having a Stinger too that I sold. It's been sitting around for quite a while & I finally decided to move it the other day. Then I got to looking at it more & thought it might be a good project. As you...
  28. ChargerLighting

    Whelen Val-U-bar w/Clear Domes

    Looking good. That bar definitely was filthy inside.

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