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  1. jmamrak

    Wanted Led beacon Red mag mount

    Looking for something red, led and with a mag mount/cig plug. Thanks
  2. jmamrak

    Brightest and best led beacon

    With the newer beacons out there, which seems to be the brightest? I am considering a Whelen L 32 or a Nroads 12 led single color. Thoughts and experiences?
  3. jmamrak

    New Q vs old Q

    I have 2 Q2b’s. One seems to wind up much faster and peak out a lot quicker then the other. Is this a design difference? Or is my motor worn out? My old Q takes more then 6 seconds to peak out. My newer one is around 3. Thoughts or suggestions?
  4. jmamrak

    Positive Purchase from Fusionwolf

    Bought a set of M7’s from fusionwolf. They came quickly with no damage and work great. Thank you
  5. jmamrak

    Need flasher help!

    I am looking for a flasher for my Supervisor U. The one flasher I found its patterns were too fast and the bar wouldn’t work. This bar has the individual light head patterns. Right now it is set to steady burn and I am using a homemade flasher that has a slow enough flash rate that it works...
  6. jmamrak

    Air horn mounting location

    I have an air system on my f150. I own 1 Wolo chief and 2 Grover stuttertones. With the Chief I didn’t feel I was getting the authentic Grover sound. So I bought a set of grovers. Now that I have a real Grover I can tell a difference between them but not much. I think my issue may be this; when...
  7. jmamrak

    Dominator D8 vs Feniex Fusion 600 brightness

    I am wondering which is brighter and will be a better buy. I am looking at buying a new fusion 600 or a used D8. Anyone have any experience? The prices are very close in cost. Never have I previously owned either bar. Thanks. Needing to know which is brighter as I have window tint. Does the D8...
  8. jmamrak

    Mechanical siren - what the heck is this?

    Never seen one quite like this before. The owner says there are no names or markings. He is asking $150 and has two although they appear different. Anyone recognize this?
  9. jmamrak

    1/4 Air Horn Solenoid Valve problem

    I have a brass 1/4 solenoid valve. It seems over time it has slowed in its closing of the valve. It used to stutter very well but now it’s ramping down and has a different sound. It is more or less fading out instead of turning off quickly. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a way to...
  10. jmamrak

    Beacon Ray model 17 blue

    How much is one of these worth in this condition? It has cracks and may be soon for sale. It is all working. Also video,
  11. jmamrak

    911EP LS12 pattern issue

    For some reason one of my LS12’s is having issues staying on pattern. You can see the opposite LS12 working correctly. Not sure what happened? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks, Jmamrak
  12. jmamrak

    Mars 888

    What is a reasonable value of a mars 888? Also do I need to lube anything? It seems to work perfectly Does anyone know how to date these?
  13. jmamrak

    Q sirens?

    Is anyone interested in getting a Q siren? A department I know is selling several of theirs for ballpark $250-$300. I would like to see them into a home and out of storage. I am planning on picking one up and taking pictures of the others. I will ride over to the department this weekend. Just...
  14. jmamrak

    Rubber flashback shields won’t stay up

    My code3 supervisor is a 2 piece unit. The original flashback rubbers were old and I had to duck tape them up. I got tired of looking at the duck tape. I called code 3 and they graciously sent me a free replacement set of the same rubber flashback shields I had. I removed the red 3m adhesive...
  15. jmamrak

    Help with Q1b

    I need help with my Q1b. I believe it is a Q1b as that was what I was told when I bought it. Although I do not have the nameplate. It has a grinding/drag with the rotor to the housing. I have took apart the brass clutch and cleaned everything. I tried sanding to smooth out the housing. It got...
  16. jmamrak

    Wanted Whelen red law bulb

    Need a new red law bulb for my truck. Have one that is acting up and want a replacement to send my current one out to get fixed. Can be used or new. Or have leds out.
  17. jmamrak

    Positive Positive- purchased from tsquale

    The item I purchased was in like new condition. It works flawlessly, was packed properly and shipped quickly. Tsquale was very accommodating with my payment schedule and kept true to our agreement. Highly recommended!
  18. jmamrak

    Electrical Relay Problem! Melted!

    I have an air and train horn system in my truck. The compressor is mounted in the rear topper. The viair unit is controlled via an electronic relay and that is controlled by a pressure switch on the control side. The control side is fused for 5 amps and the load side is fused for 40 amps both...
  19. jmamrak

    For Sale Havis consolidator with mount

    jmamrak submitted a new listing: Havis consolidator with mount - Havis consolidator with mount no plates Read more about this listing...
  20. jmamrak

    Wanted Whelen pins

    I need some Whelen connector pins for a universal hide away system. My control and power plug pins are loose. I need a new plug or new pins. 39-1017502R22 is the part number for the pins.
  21. jmamrak

    Freezing air horn valve

    I have a stutter tone on my POV and it has an 12v 1/4 solenoid valve to honk. It has frozen open on my once and I am scared to use it. What can I do to fix this? I have ordered a 12v silicone heating pad (10w) and have been looking at the inline desiccant traps. Any suggestions?
  22. jmamrak

    NEED HELP! Military poser

    All, I have a close friend who used to be on my department. He has moved about an hour away and is on a department there. He called me one day and said his assistant chief was claiming to be an elite military operator. I have never been in the military but my dad is reitired from the army. I...
  23. jmamrak

    Positive Positive sale to socalff3173

    Anthony was great to deal with. He was gracious enough to give me a couple weeks to buy a replacement siren before selling my old one. He paid quickly and it was a haggle free transaction. Higly reccomended
  24. jmamrak

    Need help with air horns!

    To All, I have come into possession of a set of Grover air horns. Also a 6 gallons tank, viair compressor and a pressure switch. I have hooked up a set of these before so I am familiar with the process. But my question is this. My 2004 F150 has a topper on it. I am planning on mounting the...
  25. jmamrak

    For Sale Regulated 12 volt power supply

    Micranta regulated 12 volt power supply. From radio shack 13.8 @ 2.5 amps. Has a resetable breaker and on off switch. I think maybe $30 is fair. If not make an offer.
  26. jmamrak

    Wanted Fenix storm

    Looking for a used Fenix storm that has warble tone. The siren is about $100 new so willing to pay $60-$75. Don’t need any extras as I will be hardwiring.
  27. jmamrak

    Fenix all white cobra 400/ scene and warning

    jmamrak submitted a new listing: Fenix all white cobra 400/ scene and warning - Fenix cobra 400 all white. Has 3 modes for warning and steady burn Read more about this listing...
  28. jmamrak

    Wanted Single talon flashback shield

    I am looking for a talon single flashback shield.
  29. jmamrak

    EVOC lateral

    Got a question. I did a lateral between departments from one to another within the same county. The new department is saying they will NOT accept my evoc (emergency vehicle operator’s course) trainings and I have to wait until they offer the course before I can use my POV or start on the first...
  30. jmamrak

    Uses of “FIRE LANE”s

    Does anyone’s department use the “Fire Lane? We use it only in front of Walmart if we are making a med run. Or getting food for shift. But I know I would be in deep shit if I parked an apparatus in the “Fire Lane” on any other call (smoke alarm sounding, sprinkler water flow Ect) . 1.5 times the...

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