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    2020+ PIU Dimmer Wire

    I read through the upfitter's manual and it doesn't really give any details. For the 2020+ PIU there's a "Dimmer" wire in the center console. Is that just 12V+ when the headlights are on? Or is it variable based on the dimming level? I was debating using that as a trigger for dimming the...
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    SOLD Feniex Typhoon with Full Function and Swivel Bracket

    I have a used but good condition Feniex Typhoon siren with the Full Function control head and the swivel bracket. $150 shipped CONUS
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    SOLD Feniex Quad Mini Lightbar

    I have a like-new Feniex Quad Mini Lightbar. It was on my vehicle for 6 months or so until I switched to all interior. It's the hardwire version, cable is still full length. Looking for $250 shipped to the CONUS
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    For Sale Feniex Quad Mirror Lights - 2020+ Ford PIU - $275

    I have a set of Feniex Quad Mirror Lights for a 2020+ Ford PIU. They are out of the bags but they have not been installed. The 3M VHB tape is still in the bag. These are not the serial ones, they are the normal quads. Looking for $225 OBO shipped to the CONUS. Feel free to ask any questions!
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    2021 PIU Spoiler removal

    I'm trying to remove the spoiler from my 2021 PIU and I'm worried I'm going to break it. I pulled out three nuts (left and right bottom, and in the middle), along with two screws holding the "wings" on. I feel like there should be two more nuts but I can't find them, but when I try to bump it...
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    Feniex spoiler - making arrow patterns

    So I just picked up the new Quad Spoiler for the 2021 PIU, and I'm disappointed that it's just 6 separate lightheads, and not one that I can use the converter. I was hoping to be able to use it with arrow patterns. That being said, is there an external flasher that has at least 6 output, with...
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    2021 PIU Mirror and Spoiler routing

    I picked up a 2021 PIU and wanted to make sure I wire it correctly. What's the best method for getting the wires in for mirror mounts and spoiler mount lights (Fenix Quad)? I haven't pulled the doors apart, so my hope is that it's just simple to go through the boot. Any tips/tricks someone...
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    HHS-3207 won't connect to Command or HHS Programmer

    I just got a brand-new Whelen HHS-3207 yesterday. I wired everything up this morning, but for the life of me I cannot get it to program. It doesn't even recognize that it's connected via USB. I tried three different cables and two different PCs with the same problem. The unit powers on and...
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    Wiring two speakers for HHS-3207

    I'm installing a HHS-3207 in a 2021 PIU and I'm going to add two speakers, as it supports this. I'm wondering, do I need to run each speaker all the way back to the controller, or can I daisy-chain the two? I couldn't really find any definitive answers.
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    For Sale ALL SOLD R/W Lights. Code 3, Strobes-n-more, Feniex

    I have the following lights for sale. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Lights were installed in January, removed today. Everything was purchased new, with the exception of the Avenger, which was bought on here. Prices are OBO. If someone wants to do $600 for everything shipped...
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    Positive Bought positive from Phoenix_Rising

    Bought an Avenger and it was exactly as described and shipped very quickly.
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    Feniex Apollo 2X Dash, Fusion Surface plus LP Bracket Blue

    I have a used Feniex Apollo 2X Dash light blue/blue, and two Fusion Surface Mounts on a LP bracket. Dash light is hard wire with a full length cable. Surface mounts have about 4" of wire, and were tinted to make them blend in with the bracket/vehicle. Does not affect light output. Looking...
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    Hey Axixtech Guys - Dual Color Minibar?

    Does anyone know if Axixtech makes, or is planning on making a dual color minibar? A guy here at work is looking for one, so he can run Blue for Fire, and Red for EMA. Thanks!
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    Made the local paper...and I'm not pissed anymore. :)

    So we had a call earlier today, patient crashed into a building, in arrest. I get back to the station, and my old Lt emails me, and tells me to go check out the local paper's web site, so I do...and find this: ... ollow.html What kind of paper posts a...
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    Axixtech Stealth Visor with ULF44

    I'm it possible to put a ULF44 in a Stealth Visor? I've never opened mine up to look inside to see what kind of room there is, or what the wiring looks like.
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    My 2002 Ford Explorer - Updated 11/7

    Old setup Archived Thread - ... elightbars UPDATED 11/7/2010 Finally got my interior setup the way I like it. Pics to come soon, but the video is up. All lights except visor are synched with two Whelen ULF44 flashers. I plan on replacing the Star...
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    STAR ULB24 Split Phantom Undercover

    I saw the new Phantom Split Undercover lightbar at the Harrisburg Expo today. I must say I was very impressed! It is bright, and super thin!! The only question I forgot to ask there a hardwire version? Or are the switches on the unit the only way? I'd rather have the takedowns and...

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