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    Sappire driving 2 different light bar boards

    I'm looking at doing this as well. I did some quick tests a while back with a wecan control point and got both boards to flash, but I can't recall if they were synced well and didn't run it long enough to notice any issues. If you get your setup working, be sure to update us!
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    Whelen BLINK / B-LINK / Serial thread

    If there's enough interest one of these days I'll pull apart my custom shortened (28"?) Libby that's run by an Arduino. This thread was a tremendous help in getting the Arduino to communicate with the SC Board
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    Liberty SC cruise lights

    I've been wondering this too. Couldn't find a way to get the hex code for it to send to an sc bar to test either
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    Wingman TriCore - different circuit board for Traffic Advisor models?

    I recently installed an old Wingman TriCore unit and got it functional. I'd like to use the Traffic Advisor function of the Z3 control box, but I can't tell from the Wingman manual if the models with Traffic Advisor had a completely different circuit board or if they all came with the same...

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