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  1. J

    stand alone intersection sweeps

    If you’ve got the coin, there’s always PowerArc.
  2. J

    What was your first?

    First vehicle I drove code in was a mil surp Dodge pickup that had been converted into a brush truck. Fed Sig light bar on top. Aerodynic exterior but Twinsonic guts. First LE sedan was a Dodge with Smith & Wesson on top.
  3. J

    Push Bumpers

    We ran Go Rhino and Setina over the years. Everything we’ve been buying the last three years has been Westin. After a couple of PITs, you figure out who builds the best.
  4. J

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    If you don't synch it, it can be a mess but, if you do, it's impressive. Our lightbar equipped Chargers are running an MPower lightbar and have a legacy traffic advisor on the rear deck. I'm steady burning the corner modules of the Mpower and then the entire lightbar and traffic advisor flash...
  5. J

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    I'm with the Natchez Trace Parkway. There has been red/blue in Mississippi but its local. Batesville PD ran it for a while. The Sheriff's Offices in the Delta do as well. Loudens County did as well.
  6. J

    Galls Catalog (1989)

    Thanks for that. Talk about a blast from the past....
  7. J

    Trying to find a traffic director study

    The Florida Highway Patrol study discussed more effective traffic advisor design.
  8. J

    Red/blue left or right?

    We run red/blue but in our area all blue is more common. I run the lightbar with red on the driver's side for the big punch and the supplemental light on the driver's side is blue. We run a lot of two lane roads and this allows you to get some blue into the center line area. For a vehicle...
  9. J

    Flashes per Minute Regulations

    California has its Title 13 patterns if I recall. Also SAE favors slower, solid flashes. You can actually choose to limit yourself to these patterns when you program Blueprint.
  10. J

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it SoundOff Signal?

    We used to buy a mix of Fed Sig and Whelen, mixing and matching based on price. For instance, we'd run Whelen lightbars but run a Touchmaster Delta for siren/light control. Sound Off Signal came in and became aggressive with their pricing. We quickly realized that it was almost impossible to...
  11. J

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Feniex Industries?

    The shop that is doing our installs these days used to sell Feniex. I introduced them to Sound Off and once they saw the relative price to quality, the dropped the Feniex stuff. They were constantly doing repairs on the Feniex stuff. SOS, not so much.
  12. J

    What CAD do you use?

  13. J

    Best Inexpensive Lightheads

    I dug into the manual and this model has a steady burn mode:
  14. J

    Best Inexpensive Lightheads

    A range prop. A wireless remote controlled light that has three LEDs on it. The lights can be activated in any desired combination as a shoot/no-shoot indicator. It’s actually a set so I need six heads. And thanks for the tip. Those $25/head lights look perfect assuming they’ll steady burn
  15. J

    Best Inexpensive Lightheads

    I have a non-warning, non-emergency project that needs some reasonably high output lights. I’m currently using SOS Led3 minis but want something brighter. I was leaning towards the Feniex Fusion as they run about $50/head. The lights may get some occasional rain but exposure but they’ll be...
  16. J

    Local LE POTUS escort running with green lights

    If you synched those lights, you could generates some very effective warning messages. It's not necessarily the number of lights but how you flash them.
  17. J

    Smith & Wesson “STARBLASTER” lightbar

    That is a unique find. I wonder how many of those few hundred still exist.
  18. J

    AeroDynic ADL48

    This thread makes me feel old. The second LE vehicle I used had an Aero. Sadly, the first had a Smith and Wesson.
  19. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Yeah. If you keep the programming super simple, you limit what you can accomplish. SOS obviously didn't choose this option. The whole process is very much like writing a complex computer program where one change can ripple through the system. I still find it easier to make the pursuit switch...
  20. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I've given up on training cops to do most anything with emergency warning equipment. Even something as simple as turning the takedown lights on seems beyond some officers. My goal has been to automate everything possible. I love blueprint because I can think of the most likely tweaks and make...
  21. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Does anyone care about this? I've work LE with a lightbar since 1992. I learned on the first night shift, not to look at the lightbar when I was getting out of the car.
  22. J

    Dodge Charger Factory HLF/TLF Activation

    The trigger wires are listed in the up fitters guide. Just need to get them 12 volt pos.
  23. J

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    Saw one of my specced builds on a traffic stop last week. 4" version of the SOS MPower lightbar with red on the driver's side and blue on the passenger's side. It was around 3:00 p.m. on a bright, cloudless Mississippi afternoon. Despite the improvements in blue overall, the red was still...
  24. J

    What are these lights/interesting use...

    The rear facing lights below the spoiler are Ions that are set for steady burn. The rear corner lights are surface mount intersectors. They are there for side warning. Subsequent builds used under mirror intersectors on the spoiler to get a cleaner install. Original write up...
  25. J

    Fed Sig MML1-FD

    IIRC, NC Highway Patrol ran them on the rear decks of their Ford Mustangs.
  26. J

    Give me your opinions on my flash patterns!

    This is an old post but I still stand by it. We’re running the same concepts, have just upgraded to MPower light bars and Blueprint for light control. Lately, we’ve been putting the individual traffic advisor...
  27. J

    What are these lights/interesting use...

    I could live with them if they were supplemental and had a traffic arrow function. There's enough space between them and the spoiler lights to have some effect. And if you hate holes on the back of a vehicle, you'll hate this setup: It may be ugly but it's visible.
  28. J

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    VSP also ran 2 red 2 blue lollipops in the grill of their unmarked cars with a single blue pancake light on the rear deck. My how times have changed....
  29. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    Several thoughts. First, you need to find out if your system is setup with the Link system or they’re pulling signals from direct wired connections to the vehicle. Direct connections _may_ be causing your headlight issue. Second, by default the pursuit switch is additive. Moving to 2 means...
  30. J

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I don't know about the nForce bars but, if you're running an mPower lightbar, you have options. By default, the slower patterns are setup to alternate and flash half the bar at a time. If you dig into the flash pattern setting, you can shift the phase of half of the bar. This forces...

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