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  1. dirtracer7207

    federal signal vector bar help I would not kill you guys then next time I have a problem no one would help... so on the board there are the dip switches that change what the smart pods do. on B side the last two switches are for the td/ work light switch and the last one well is says 1/2, no clue what that means...
  2. dirtracer7207

    federal signal vector bar help

    well I figured it out. easy fix
  3. dirtracer7207

    federal signal vector bar help

    so I have a federal signal vector bar that's having some issues. its a vector that has the two smart pods as takedowns and alleys. so when I turn it on rear flash the two smart pods oscallate to the rear. when I turn the bar off one of the smart pods on the driver side stays on, the light stays...
  4. dirtracer7207

    44" Vectors Complete and Parts Avail

    do you have any smart pods?? or boards??
  5. dirtracer7207

    44" Vectors Complete and Parts Avail

    are the center domes the half rotating or osclating I believe its called. or do they flash all the way around???
  6. dirtracer7207

    For Sale Whelen Dual Talon RB

    is this still for sale??
  7. dirtracer7207

    SOLD Federal Signal SignalMaster

    well if you cant sell this thing hole and might want to part it out. I would buy two of the leds
  8. dirtracer7207

    Wanted federal signalmaster smled

    alright thanks let me know... I looked around online and was not able to find them..
  9. dirtracer7207

    Wanted federal signalmaster smled

    looking for two clear. or one red and one blue
  10. dirtracer7207

    Wanted federal signalmaster smled

    this is what I am looking for.. I have this light however it has the holgen lights in it. I am looking for the led replacement
  11. dirtracer7207

    Wanted federal signalmaster smled

    hey guys I am wondering where I can find the upgrade leds for the signal master lights. does anyone know where they are sold at??
  12. dirtracer7207

    For Sale Federal Signal Cuda TriOptic LEDs in BLUE and RED

    do they come with the mounting brackets??
  13. dirtracer7207

    motorola XTL 2500 hands free mic help

    i do not know if its low or high. i would think its high... and where can i find the accessory connector. i opened the center console and there nothing plugged into the accessory.
  14. dirtracer7207

    motorola XTL 2500 hands free mic help

    alright so I am in the need of some help with a Motorola xtl 2500 using remote mount head. I would like to install a hands free mic. searching around on the web I found these two products from Motorola that would do the trick. however on both pictures of the products it just shows two exposed...
  15. dirtracer7207

    For Sale Federal Signal Arjent LED Lightbar with controller

    no the S2 has a data cable from the bar to a controller box, and the S2 runs the rock boards and all leds are linked together. this is a SL bar the older one.
  16. dirtracer7207

    For Sale SNM E6 Dual Color LEDS! PRICES LOWERED!

    would you take $50.00 for them???
  17. dirtracer7207


    I sent you a PM
  18. dirtracer7207

    Wanted 2006 dodge durango push bumper

    hey I am looking for a push bumper for a 2006 dodge durango
  19. dirtracer7207

    securing long rifle in trunk

    hahaha nice ideal thanks
  20. dirtracer7207

    securing long rifle in trunk

    yea that's what I have been thinking about doing... all great ideals thanks guys
  21. dirtracer7207

    securing long rifle in trunk

    you know I love all of those in the links and they are all really good locks. however really pricey.. I was hoping there was some ideals out there with something DIY and cheaper. I don't mind spending a couple of hundred dollars on something that I can move from vehicle to vehicle. was just...
  22. dirtracer7207

    securing long rifle in trunk

    hey guys my name it john I work for a sheriff department in Nevada. right now I have issued a crown vic temp vehicle until my expedition get out of the shop. so my question for you guys is I have a ar-15 rifle both of my vehicle do not have gun racks for the long rifle shotgun only so right now...
  23. dirtracer7207

    SS2000SM Color Mod

    Hey guys so I am not actually selling this control head in the picture, however I was able to figure out how to change the color in the leds, was not an easy process and would not recommended for someone who does not have much experience with soldering to try this.                 So I am...
  24. dirtracer7207

    icop help with supervisor logon

    what two far left buttons are you talking about??
  25. dirtracer7207

    led flasher???

    hey guys i am working on a project that i could use some help with... is there a led flasher out there, that can flash four leds, that has at least two modes, i am trying to have the leds steady burn on one mode and then flash on the second mode, any other ideas let me know thanks.

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