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    can anyone positively identify this?

    This is a lightbar setup used in my hometown the New Britain CT Police back in the seventies it looks like it is a Whelen Crossbar though I can't conform, two blue Whelen strobe beacons and it looks like a red Federal 184 in the center. Can anyone conform what this is...
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    Federal CT-1 lightbar

    Not much is out on it as much as it's cousin the CTS 1. It appears to have been on the available prior to the CTS 1 but never caught on. Is there any more information anyone has on it, like when did it hit the market, who used them, was it any good, and when was it discontinued?
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    California Beacon question

    I think there was, though I could be wrong a California compliant variant of a Federal model 17 that had a clear dome and had the front sealed beam in steady burn red mode and the rear in the blinking amber mode. I'm I just crazy or did this model exist? I thought I saw an image of one online a...
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    Whelen Delta

    It's quite simple. Why did it not catch on? I know the Edge and Liberties are both staught bars but the Delta was good looking and was fairly effective. I have a soft side for rotors and for me the Delta ranked highly compared to Vistas and Mx7000 models from it's main competitors. Was it to...
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    My background

    Good day reader, My name is Dylan. I'm a twenty something from CT who has had an interest in auto racing, aircraft, history, emergency vehicles and lighting. I stumbled upon this website a few years back while I was inquiring the subject matter covered here in my free time. I come from a middle...
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    whelen crossbar cal spec?

    Has there ever been an official California spec Whelen Crossbar setup? If not has there been any Whelen Crossbar setups that have meet California specifications for emergency lighting specifically for police use from the 60s through 80s timeframe?

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