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  1. DFD1994

    Your Opinion: Setting up an F-150

    I have a 2016 F-150 SuperCrew that I am looking to setup with a Amber/White setup for roadside assistance and that leads me to ask a few questions from the wealth of knowledge and wide variety of experiences that reside here in the forums. While I want to do the project right there are several...
  2. DFD1994

    Dallas-Fort Worth Upfitter

    Looking to setup some lighting on my 2016 F-150 and wanted to see if anyone had knowledge of reputable upfitters in the DFW area. Wanting to do a fairly straightforward setup with Ambers for roadside assistance and the like.
  3. DFD1994

    Part# For AeroDynic Brackets

    I am trying to locate 2 sets of mounting feet to install the pair of AeroDynic mini's that originally set atop the engine I am currently restoring. I was able to get the lights with the truck but they have been stored apart for many years and the brackets are MIA. I wanted to see if anyone...
  4. DFD1994

    Mounting a Federal Q in a Ford C8000

    I am wondering if anyone happens to have any knowledge or experience on mounting a Federal Q into the grille of a Ford C8000. My engine (a 1985) originally came with a grille mounted CP100 which I have removed in hopes of retrofitting the mounting hole to accept the Q instead. The Q I purchased...
  5. DFD1994

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Had an account here for several years but just had a good reason to become active on the forums. Recently purchased a Ford C8000 Pierce Pumper from a local county airport. The truck was in service until 2001-ish and has under 10k miles when it was purchased. It has a set of Federal AeroDynic...
  6. DFD1994

    Cleaning AeroDynic Lenses

    I recently purchased a fire truck that came with 2 AeroDynic mini bars that were the original roof mount warning system. The lights were removed and stored in less than optimal condition when the truck came out of service around 2000. I have the lights working now and want to clean the lenses...
  7. DFD1994

    Help Wiring my First Federal Q

    I recently purchased a Federal Q to place on the Ford C8000 Pumper that I am in the process of restoring. The unit arrived in apparent good working order with the bearing looking good and free spinning well. I was able to easily wire and trigger the brake solenoid, however I cannot find any...

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