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  1. Lt.214

    Signal Stat 340(AKA FS Fire Ball)

    Hello all, I just received this Signal Stat model 340 A1, or a rebadged Federal Signal Fire Ball. This version is an older model that still retained the locked base for the bulb. This light came to me with an original dark ruby red lens without the F7 molded into the top. It has been used but...
  2. Lt.214

    Whelen 1200D strobe in Purple

    So I've had this 1200D series cast base with factory mag mount for some time and it came with a blue lens. I was able to source a purple 800D lens recently and I think it's a nice addition for this old strobe. Chris
  3. Lt.214

    Signal Stat Model 339

    So I have a new addition coming to me. This is a Signal Stat Model 339(rebranded FS Fireball II strobe). It was listed as a display model, never being used in the field and fully functional. I haven't ran across one like this before but then again I'm not digging through the web and old shops...
  4. Lt.214

    Blue Federal Signal Flash Ball

    Hello all! This light came up in another post so in an effort not to hijack that thread here is it's own thread. I picked this light up a little while back off the bay. It is in very good condition and everything functions properly. It came with a very good condition dome with only a few...
  5. Lt.214

    Dietz 7-05

    Hello all, this is a recent grab off *bay. Amber 7-05 mag mount. It is fully functional. It is in used but not abused condition, I would say a solid 7. I have been wanting one of these little beacons for a bit and was able to catch this one. The impulse flash reminds me of a jr. beacon ray...
  6. Lt.214

    Unknown Bulbs and fixtures

    Hello all, I was doing some cleaning out and ran across these fixtures and bulbs. I removed these some time ago from an old twinsonic that was rotating extremely slow. Somewhere in its life someone added them as they obviously don't belong in a twinsonic. They look like they may have come out...
  7. Lt.214

    FOUND - Unity RV-25

    Looking for a RV-25 in very good to NOS condition, fully functional. Thought I had a NOS one for a project but the one I have is a Dietz. Thanks. Chris
  8. Lt.214

    Federal Signal Aerodynic 24SEH

    Hello all. I have a new arrival to my collection and wanted to share. This is my second factory short Aero. I really like these bars and they don't come available too often. This is a 24SEH. It is fully functional. It just needs some cleaning inside and out. Shows normal wear, expected from...
  9. Lt.214

    WHELEN Responder in Amber NOS

    Hello all! This time I have again went out of my normal collection ventures and picked up this NOS WHELEN Responder in Amber. It is complete with original box, paperwork and flashback shield. Nice little lights. Thanks for looking!! Chris
  10. Lt.214

    Added a MARS item to the collection

    Hello all. I have added my first MARS item to the collection, and I will let pictures do the talking: I received this from fellow Ohio ELB member crescentstar69, Thanks Mark. I usually do not stray too far from my preferred Federal Signal items, but this was a rare opportunity to pick...
  11. Lt.214

    Code 3 SD (Updated w/new pics 7/17/14)!

    Hello everyone! I am happy to bring good news to all fellow collectors of a rescued SD bar. This bar was originally purchased and placed on a 1983 Brush Fire mini pumper. This unit is still in front line service, at least for the time being.  Recently the right side drive motor failed(the solid...
  12. Lt.214

    NOS FIREBALL II- AMBER- Additional pics added 6/13/14

    Hello everyone. I have added a new piece to the collection, which is a NOS in box AMBER FIREBALL I I . I am pleased to add this piece as I have some very nice FB I I's but none that are NOS with box. These lights/beacons were some of the last, well built rotating portable lights that FS made...
  13. Lt.214

    Recent grabs

    Hello All, First is a vintage NAS action lite model HI M with a dark blue glass dome. DOM 0f 1/1971. It isn't in the best condition but the power cord is complete and uncut. It is fully functional. With a light source on the back external portion of the dome to display the deep blue lens...
  14. Lt.214

    New arrival. Signal Stat 378 with gutter mount in BLUE

    Hello All, Here is my recent grab, a Signal Stat 378 in BLUE. The interesting thing with this light is it has a gutter mount and solid base. The gutter mount has a different company name(valor enterprise from Covington Ohio). It is in very good used condition which leads me to believe it was...
  15. Lt.214

    Aerodynic 24xs(ats)

    Hello all, This is one of the crown jewels in my collection now made even better with NOS RED/CLEAR Candy cane lens(Thanks to Pinball Charlie). I really like the candy cane look vs. solid RED, but please tell me your thoughts. [Broken External...
  16. Lt.214

    DIETZ DZ 7-07 in AMBER

    Hello all, My recent pick from the bay. It is in very good used condition with a full uncut cord. Minor scuffs on the dome and some white paint flecks that are easily removed. I have not polished the dome or cleaned it as yet. Also came with metal dash plate. Fully functional and with a fast...
  17. Lt.214

    TB 7-07 in RED Former Indiana State Police light

    All, My recent snag from the bay. This is a used TB 7-07 in RED. This light is the older style, narrow back teardrop that is modeled after FS Fireballs. It accepts F7 domes. The internals: And the INDIANA STATE POLICE inventory tag: I usually don't stray too far from...
  18. Lt.214

    VISALL 488 3 BEAM Beacon

    Hello all, I recently bought this beacon from another member. It is a well used beacon and the dome was not usable. But after cleaning it and adding a NOS AMBER dome, it looks like this now: And a short video: KD LAMP / VISALL beacons were used almost exclusively in my area when I...
  19. Lt.214

    Red aerotwin 24xs

    Hello All, I have recently aquired an AEROTWIN 24XS in RED. I bought this bar for a few reasons. I did not have an AEROTWIN in the collection. What better version to add than a factory short version. I will be restoring the bar as it needs a good overall cleaning, degreasing and wet sand...
  20. Lt.214

    New addition Smith + Wesson VOLUNTEER I

    Hello to all. I recently added another Smith and Wesson llight to my collection. I already have a L-11 Halogen in red. Simple and fairly common but by far was the best in the "pancake" series in my opinion . What I have added is the far more rare VOLUNTEER I, seen here in blue(bought...
  21. Lt.214

    My Cali Spec Highlighter

    Hello All, I received all of my needed parts to complete my Cali Spec Highlighter. I worked with Sarah at Priority One Emergency to get the needed supplies. Very easy to work with. I think this turned out great. I am going to order and additional set of red and blue rotator filters to allow me...
  22. Lt.214

    My FIRE BALL Family. Links to better Pics Added.

    Hello All, I have a new addition to my collection of Fire Balls. An original FB-1. Heres the kicker, it came with 2 RARE domes. 1 CLEAR and 1 GREEN!!! This addition rounds out my Fire Ball collection and I now own a Fire Ball in EVERY offered color, including 1 SPLIT RED/BLUE. Enjoy...
  23. Lt.214

    Amber DA twin sealed beam beacon, ADDED PICS of the Internals

    Hello All, A recent aquisition from the bay. A Used but not abused DA 2 sealed beam beacon. This one has mag mount and cigar cord on it. This is my first piece from North of the Border, so I don't know much about it. It has a high flash rate, somewhere around 150 FPM. I don't know if this is...
  24. Lt.214

    Tripp lite qf-1

    Hello all, Recent addition. This is my Tripp Lite QF-1 in Amber. This is a never used light. I did not get the original packaging, but it is still in new condition. Neat lights, just needs an external flasher. Chris
  25. Lt.214

    My Federal Signal Flash Ball FB-F

    Hello fellow collectors! I am pleased to say(and show) that I am now a proud owner of a Federal Signal FLASH BALL. I wish I could say that is all original and NOS, but that is not the case. What I can say is that it has an original dark red Federal Dome( no F 7 molded into the top). I had...
  26. Lt.214

    Mini Vector, California Compliant

    MODS, If this is in the wrong section, please move it as I wasn't sure where to put this. Now that my disclaimer is posted, Hello All! Today I have completed my Mini Vector, California Compliant. I started with a Mag Mount Mini Vector that had 3 fast rotators. I aquired the stationary...
  27. Lt.214

    Blue Code 3 Mini SD

    Hello All, I have added another Code 3 Mini SD in Blue to the collection. This one is the sealed beam version(my other one is the halogen rotator version, NOS and badged FORCE 4). This Mini SD is in good condition with minor scratches on the lens, no cracks or crazing. It is in perfect...
  28. Lt.214

    Aerodynic 24MEAH Added to the collection

    Hello fellow collectors. I have added my first full size Aero to the collection, bought from another memeber here. ( Click on the pic to see more of pic of the bar). A really nice bar and in nice condition. Gear driven with a date of 5/81 on the motor. Chris
  29. Lt.214

    Vintage Yankee Model 351 Beacon(2 sealed beam). Now with a Blue dome also.

    Hello fellow collectors. Today I have a new(to me) vintage Yankee Model 351 beacon with red dome. This is the 2 sealed beam model.This was advertised as used but i cannot tell if it was. The dome,base and dome gasket are flawless as well as it's function. The condition of the magnets and power...
  30. Lt.214

    Vector SVS added to the collection

    I received this FEDSIG Halogen Vector SVS from a co worker who no longer needed it and wanted it out of his basement. Now it will reside in mine! It was in good condition and all the domes merely needed a good polish. While cleaning this light up, I decided that I would display this bar in...

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