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    Positive buy from towtruck

    Bought a code 3 lightbar, transaction went very smooth, bar well packaged.
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    Positive positive with jdh

    Good communication w/ seller, items arrived well packaged.
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    Wanted 'Jet' inserts

    Looking for red dome insert filters for a Federal Signal 'JetSolaris'. Need 8 of standard size filters, 4 of the 'short' center dome filters, and 2 of the end inserts - solid, w/ no alley light cutout. BW
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    Positive Positive buy from tsquale

    Good communication, and worked with me on payment issues. Would buy from him again. :) BW
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    Positive Positive purchase from FEVER

    A hiccup or 2, problems with incorrect labeling from manufacturer, and an auto accident which delayed the delivery a bit. Good communication with seller, would do business with him again. BW
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    Wanted Whelen LINZ6

    Looking for a 2wire amber LINZ6 LED lighthead. BW
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    Positive Purchase from TactMedic - Feniex Fusion Surface modules.

    A few bumps in the road, my fault, got the email wrong. Ray worked with me. Waiting for delivery so units can be mounted on a new Comm. Van as grill lights. BW
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    Jet Solaris lighthead cut-off

    I have a Solaris lightbar that is being mounted on a 'high cube' ambulance, and I need to disable the rear LED heads. I pulled up the install paperwork online, but was unable to turn the heads off. Manual states that the green wire is used for front or rear light cutoff, but when the bar is...
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    Support Resolved- PayPal issues

    Unable to connect to PayPal through website.
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    Wanted Headlight flasher

    Looking for a 'plug n play' Whelen or Federal headlight flasher for a 2012 Chevy Tahoe SSV.
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    Wanted Whelen LINZ6 angle bracket

    Looking for 2 45 degree angle brackets to mount LINZ6's to side of a push bumper for intersection warning. Thanks BW
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    3M adhesive tape

    I am planning on re-mounting a Whelen Outer Edge on a 2012 Chevy Tahoe as some of the mounting fairings are starting to loosen up. Any ideas on the best place to locate the 3M adhesive used in the original install? Thanks BW
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    Negative No contact with specopsmedic719

    Purchased leds from specopsmedic719 on August18th. Never got a reply. Contacted this website, moderator unable to contact member as well. Have filed complaint with PayPal. BW
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    Whelen CenCom question

    Are all the TA plugs on Whelen CenComs the same size 12 pin setup? I want to run 8 Linz6 LED heads on a CenCom Saphire as a 'arrowstick/traffic director'. Having problems finding a plug/harness to fit. I would like to run a slightly larger gauge wire on pin #9-16/14ga vs. the 18ga normally used...
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    I paid for a pair of Whelen 700 LEDs through PayPal. No response in several days. BW
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    Whelen Howler

    I have a Whelen Howler siren unit removed from a 2012 Chevy Tahoe. Vehicle was used as a DA investigator unit, so I expect low run time. Siren box, harness, 2 speakers w/brackets to fit vehicle listed. I can probably add some speaker cable if needed. Asking $375 which includes shipping. PayPal...
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    Whelen Inner Edge-R/B

    I have a Whelen Inner Edge lightbar removed from a 2012 Chevy Tahoe. Vehicle used by a DA investigator, so I expect the run time to be fairly low. Unit has takedown lights as well. Asking $375 which includes shipping.
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    Federal/Whelen question

    Can Federal Signal LEDs be sync'd with Whelen LEDs?
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    Spotlight switch replacement

    I have rebuilt many Unity 'spots' over the years, and one of the major issues I have is with the switch design. I am considering replacing the paddle switch on my POV pillar spot with a push button unit(latch on/latch off type), if I can fit it inside the handle cap. Does Unity have a...
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    Wanted Austin Electronics/Whelen Eng. Co. amber dome

    I have a red motorcycle strobe that I would like to convert to amber. The model # is Austin Electronics 2020-MC-POLE. The second line is: P00675. The red dome is marked "WHELEN ENG. CO., and on the opposite side: "PART NO. D-80452". The dome is 4 1/4 " tall and the diameter is 5 1/8". Any help...

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