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  1. chief1562

    Wanted FedSig Outer upper vista domes clear

    Just in case you find some in not so great shape, check out my ad in services available. Kind of hard find clear domes not trashed.
  2. chief1562

    For Sale Federal Signal LED modules

    The5mm were used has upgrades in the Argent's. If used need to get the black mounts with little pegs to hold the with with and the Ohio Shields on top will make them be seen better in the sun.
  3. chief1562

    Lens, dome etc cleaning and polishing

    chief15u62would suggest has Jr. Kerry said skip 3 and go to Novus 2 and see how it comes out. anymore than that PM me for more. Paul
  4. chief1562

    Arjent SL problems

    here you go.
  5. chief1562

    Wanted Clear mini shell with base

    Would love to find a shell of the mini Excalibur with the flattop.
  6. chief1562

    Wanted Clear mini shell with base

    Not what I'm looking for, but thanks. Making another led convert.
  7. chief1562

    Wanted Clear mini shell with base

    Sorry not on much .
  8. chief1562

    Wanted Clear mini shell with base

    Thanks. But just a little more then I want to spent at this moment.
  9. chief1562

    Wanted Clear mini shell with base

    Looking for a clear mini shell with base. Don't care if it's gutted or has magnets, or power cord. Please include in pics and price with shipping. Thanks.
  10. chief1562

    Todays (AWESOME) HAUL!

    Just need a nice clean up on a few of the domes.
  11. chief1562

    Dome Resortation offered

    35.00 each and you pay shipping to and from
  12. chief1562

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    Hey Kent, Can you repair a Code3 Arrowsik controller? I didn't realize that the circuit boards for the lights were bad before I fried it. Major fubar on my part. Know it's screwed got replacement lights and different controller it all works. But this one is done.
  13. chief1562

    100W speaker

    Hey Dave, Give me a Pm might be able to work with you. Paul
  14. chief1562

    Wanted Code 3 2100/2700/21TL BLACK Domes/Lids

    I live in Ithaca and it's been over a year and it's still going strong.
  15. chief1562

    Wanted Code 3 2100/2700/21TL BLACK Domes/Lids

    And if you scuff up the outside with sand paper, just enough to make it rough and give it a good bathe the same paint will stick to the outside.
  16. chief1562

    Wanted Code 3 2100/2700/21TL BLACK Domes/Lids

    Hey, When I built my 2100 I cleaned the inside real good and got the black spray paint with primer and painted mine black.
  17. chief1562

    Wanted Code 3 2100/2700/21TL BLACK Domes/Lids

    Hey Doyle what color do you have now?
  18. chief1562

    Wanted Older aerodynic

    Pm sent also all red.
  19. chief1562

    Older Chevy Suburban Build

    And there's plenty of MX's out there cheap.
  20. chief1562

    Older Chevy Suburban Build

    Has I said check with local and state laws regarding that third brake light.
  21. chief1562


    How many of those do you have?
  22. chief1562

    Older Chevy Suburban Build

    As far as the 3rd. brake light that's an inspection issue and should never be messed with. Unless MA doesn't inspect it. But I'd go with period correct lighting if that's what you're looking for.
  23. chief1562

    Dome Resortation offered

  24. chief1562

    Found! Red grill light lense

    If you have a clear lense paint it red. Testers makes a red paint that is transparent.
  25. chief1562

    Wanted Installation hardware/wire/accessories

    I know. Just gave him an option.
  26. chief1562

    Wanted Looking for White Whelen Talons

    Best man in the business for led swap out. And very reasonable too.
  27. chief1562

    Wanted Installation hardware/wire/accessories

    most all that can also be bought off EBay in bulk.
  28. chief1562

    Wanted Red Federal Signal Firebeam

    Wow! Willing to part with something in my collection. But I see you were on at @ 9:34pm yesterday but didn't reply to your post or Pm me. You must not want this light very much.

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