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  1. RecElect

    Experienced Installers needed - apply today - Northern Colorado

    We are a very busy Up-fitting shop in Northern Colorado. We are looking for Experienced Emergency Vehicle installation techs. We build police, fire, and public works vehicles. We have a full custom fabrication shop, Graphics Shop, Harness Shop, and Installation Facility. Requirements to...
  2. RecElect

    Motorola NNTN8527 power cable diagram needed asap

    I have a customer supplied NNTN8527 apx vehicle charger "convertacom" and they did not supply the power cable to it. I have the stuff to make one, but I need a pinout. Anyone got one you could look at to send me the pinout on? Even a picture of the white power connector from the back side would...
  3. RecElect

    Poudre Fire Authority Command Vehicle, 2016 Ford Expedition

    Been a long time since I posted anything, but we have been booming and it has been hard to do anything more than draw harnesses for the next build. This vehicle however was one of our most intense builds of the year and I thought you all might want to see it. Built as a command vehicle for...
  4. RecElect

    Suggestions for a Mobile service truck

    SO, we are looking to add a mobile service truck to our business. but we are struggling with what would be the best for our business. I need suggestions, real world use, and your opinions. When I started business, I started as a mobile service, but I was working out of my personal 4 door pickup...
  5. RecElect

    2015 Ram SSV

    This is a 2015 Ram SSV we completed for Washington County Colorado SO this week. Simple but effective package. I have to give a shout out to Ram Trucks, because this truck was one of the easiest trucks to work on. We just did a couple of new Silverados and we have done 20 or so 2015 f-150s and...
  6. RecElect

    2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Twins

    We get pretty tired of all the White Vehicles going through the shop that when we get a Red Head we have to post it! The reds and the blacks are just good lookin! ;) These are 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500s. They are Identical Twins built for Command staff in Loveland, CO. These trucks are used...
  7. RecElect


    This is another one of our specialty projects we were able to take part in. It is one we finished back in September, but we are just now getting around to posting it. This 1941 Mack truck came to as with a wiring nightmare. Over the last 70 + years, this vehicle had new lights, different motors...
  8. RecElect

    Laptop Docking, GPS pass, LTE pass questions

    So, We have been tasked with utilizing the RF passthroughs on havis docks to get better coverage of LTE, and GPS. But we are admittedly novice at this, however we have not been getting straight answers from Panasonic, and these departments IT guys dont seem to know the ins and outs of these...
  9. RecElect


    PLATTEVILLE-GILCREST FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT – CUSTOM BRUSH TRUCK One of our coolest projects this year that we just completed is a new Type 6 Brush patrol for Platteville- Gilcrest Fire protection district. The chassis and the body were lifted and Built by General Fire Apparatus but the...
  10. RecElect

    Wired HDH is now RecElect

    As the title states, we have changed our user name, Why you ask? Well, Wired HDH was a brand that we developed under the Recreational Electrical LLC parent company. We learned some valuable lessons in product developement and wholesale distribution and allthough we think we had a good product...
  11. RecElect


  12. RecElect

    Federal is introducing new lightbars for the fire market

    We found out a few days ago from a Federal Signal Fire rep that they are releasing 2 new light bars at FDIC. They are designed to compete with the freedom series... That was all he would give up about it though.... Anyone heard anything else? Speculation Commence! I would bet they are doing...
  13. RecElect

    Caprice PTT steering wheel button hookup help

    2014 Chevy Caprice 9c1 with PTT option. We are working on a bid and in the spec the customer has specd the PTT option on the steering wheel to be hooked up. OK fine, no problem. EXCEPT, I have never seen the option, nor know how it hooks up and cannot find it in the up fitters guide (probably...
  14. RecElect

    Head On collision, 1 suspect in custody tazed, 45 min extrication

    So, last night I heard sirens galore, so I turned on the scanner. Loveland Fire was on their way to a fully involved structure fire on the very west end of their district. After they had been on scene for about 15 minutes, there was tones for MVA Extrication, Standyby in the area, 1 at...
  15. RecElect

    Command Light - Light Towers - Thoughts on the equipment

    SO, I know it is just a light tower but I am looking to get peoples input on the CommandLight - light towers. We are in the same county that these things are built and the local market is inundated with them, so to me, the command light is popular. What I want to know is if that extends...
  16. RecElect

    2014 Chevy Tahoe - Operations Chief

    2014 Chevy Tahoe built for the Operations Chief in Loveland, CO. Slick top fire vehicles... We usually try very hard to talk fire departments out of them, But this vehicle is not for an everyday main response unit. It will really only run on very very hot calls, or be used as a backup if they...
  17. RecElect

    What to do about Hack Job Businesses

    SO, I am at a cross roads with my feelings on what to do here. I have been beat out significantly on a few bids from another local company, yeah, it happens, and I am ok with it. HOWEVER, this company is bidding for professional services with their labor rate at around $20hr, which I cannot...
  18. RecElect

    2013 Chevy 3500 PD Bomb Unit

    Been a while since I have posted but I could not let this one hit the streets without showing it off. First let me say I had to COPY a previous truck, and this is not my style. I am a big light kind of guy. BUT they wanted it to match an 09 that was already in their fleet that somebody else...
  19. RecElect

    Installer- Colorado

    We are seeking a QUALIFIED individual with 12volt experience to work in our installation bay. You will be installing a wide range of electrical accessories in vehicles from remote starts to emergency vehicle lighting. You need to have knowledge of switches, relays, fuses, wire gauges, diodes and...
  20. RecElect

    2013 Ford F-550 Brush Truck

    This is a truck that we just delivered to The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority. We installed the lighting, wired the skid unit, installed the radios, and added a door ajar system. Couple things to note: The rear lighting, All though not our first choice to use the small lights that we did, we...
  21. RecElect

    MACOM Radio Wiring Help needed

    Customer dropped off a MACOM CH721 Radio. It is a remote mount unit. We are not familiar with this brand, in fact we have never installed one before, plenty of Motorolas, but not MACOM. Questions is wiring. I am going to assume Red goes to battery, Black to ground, White to ignition 12 volt...
  22. RecElect

    Does any manufacturer make a partition/window bars/ seats for a CHEVY SILVERADO?

    I am having a hell of a time finding window bars and a plastic seat for the rear of a 4 door Silverado (3500), I think a Tahoe partition would work, but would rather buy a kit designed for the Silverado if possible. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that builds this stuff for the Silverado...
  23. RecElect

    Federal Signal Highlighter LED - who has one? Do you like it?

    We are working on a stock list for our warehouse, BUT I am slightly concerned about the Highlighter LED minibar. I like the look, but every video I see of one just doesn't seem that impressive. Especially for the cost. I know videos do not do lights justice, but I feel like I could video a...
  24. RecElect

    Federal Signal Dealers - users - I need your input

    We are looking at picking up Federal Signal as a vendor, but I would like to hear from current dealers/distributors and users of FedSig products. What I am looking for is problems you have had, Wins you have had, Warranty claims, Quality of product, Brightness, pricing structure, Etc...
  25. RecElect

    2013 Chevy 2500 Battallion Chief truck - updated 5/13/13

    This truck is still in process, but thought I would take a video of it today and put it up. at 3:30 I run the is3000 siren with the howler low tone system. Video does not do these lights justice. They seem bright on the video, but you should see them in person. 2013 Chevy 2500 6.0l Gas...
  26. RecElect

    Problems with HOWLER on NON whelen Siren

    SO, Just got a howler system installed and I am having problems. I will call whelen in the morning, but I wanted to see if anyone else had issues like this. Install is on a 2013 Chevy Silverado. Siren is a Rontan IS3000 Intelligent siren Speakers are Rontan CS11 -100w (11ohm) - running 2...
  27. RecElect

    installation of howler system in 2013 chevy 2500 - pull front bumper or no?

    I have checked whelens website and cannot get an install manual for the howler 18 system which is for a 2013 chevy silverado 2500. Can anyone tell me, will the front bumper need to be removed in order to install the speakers? I would like to put on the front brush guard and get everything else...
  28. RecElect

    NEW Feniex Cobra MINI vs Rontan Sollolight Vs Whelen LP responder

    Just did a quick video last night of 3 minibars we are currently stocking. They are ALL great Minibars and we more did this to show the differences in light output. Also the Feniex Cobra MINI is BRAND NEW and we just got a few of them in. Thought you might like to see it. We are not doing a...
  29. RecElect

    Heat Shrink - Great deals

    From our sister business, concentrating more on heat shrink. Great deals, All colors and awesome prices. Look for the "kit" button, and you will find multipacks. huge stock of all colors and sizes. and huge stock of the dual wall adhesive lined. Heat shrink for less Patrick
  30. RecElect

    Toter Home - Holding tanks, Gauges, macerator, and more!

    No blinky blinkys, but still a cool project and a cool truck. This is a project we just completed. It was a fun one! We had to swap the holding tanks from aluminum to poly (aluminum corrodes quickly in waste water and cannot be used for fresh unless it is coated) added Tank level gauges, Added...

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