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    Positive buy from towtruck

    Bought a code 3 lightbar, transaction went very smooth, bar well packaged.
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    Positive positive with jdh

    Good communication w/ seller, items arrived well packaged.
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    Wanted 'Jet' inserts

    Thanks empire5150, but I have already found a full set from another elightbars member. Administrators, please lock/close this thread. BW
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    Wanted 'Jet' inserts

    Reply sent
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    Wanted 'Jet' inserts

    Looking for red dome insert filters for a Federal Signal 'JetSolaris'. Need 8 of standard size filters, 4 of the 'short' center dome filters, and 2 of the end inserts - solid, w/ no alley light cutout. BW
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    Positive Positive buy from tsquale

    Good communication, and worked with me on payment issues. Would buy from him again. :) BW
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    For Sale Astron Power Supplies

    Sorry, didn't look at all the pictures. :oops:
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    For Sale Astron Power Supplies

    Model # and/or output current rating?
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    Positive Positive purchase from FEVER

    A hiccup or 2, problems with incorrect labeling from manufacturer, and an auto accident which delayed the delivery a bit. Good communication with seller, would do business with him again. BW
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    Fusion stick heads

    PM sent
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    The Whelen LINZ6 in amber you have listed, is it a 2 wire or 4 wire unit? Looking for a "dumb" lighthead. :cool: BW
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    Wanted Whelen LINZ6

    Looking for a 2wire amber LINZ6 LED lighthead. BW
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    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Brian, You converted about 20 Whelen LINZ6's and several Vertex's for me a while back. One of the heads that you were able to exchange under warranty has a moisture problem, so I opened it up and dried it out. Now only half of the leds work. This was a blue LINZ6 that you converted to amber. I...
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    Positive Purchase from TactMedic - Feniex Fusion Surface modules.

    A few bumps in the road, my fault, got the email wrong. Ray worked with me. Waiting for delivery so units can be mounted on a new Comm. Van as grill lights. BW
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    Jet Solaris lighthead cut-off

    Seth, That was my idea as well. I noted that some of the other wires in the bundle do not work as "advertised". It;'s an old wrecker bar w/stop/tail/turn on the rear corners and 2 work lights facing the rear in the center section. I need to open the bar up to clean it and install new domes & a...
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    Jet Solaris lighthead cut-off

    I have a Solaris lightbar that is being mounted on a 'high cube' ambulance, and I need to disable the rear LED heads. I pulled up the install paperwork online, but was unable to turn the heads off. Manual states that the green wire is used for front or rear light cutoff, but when the bar is...
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    For Sale Feniex Fusion Surface DeStocking

    Your corrected email works, however I can only make $45 payment
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    Support Resolved- PayPal issues

    TactMedic post - trying to purchase Feneix Fusion Surface mounts and brackets. Apparently his email was not correct, but he has changed it. Now I have to send the correct amount, as PayPal only let me send $45, not the $160 total. I will try again later from home. Thanks
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    Support Resolved- PayPal issues

    Unable to connect to PayPal through website.
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    For Sale Feniex Fusion Surface DeStocking

    Please give me a total cost shipped - you didn't list the price on the L brackets.

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