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  1. ford-dealer

    The Family Joules

    Fresh out of "The Lab" this morning... just because I could... I built this out of spare parts, it is a 60" Edge Frame outfitted with 20 Strobes! Yes.. 20! :cool: There are 3 UB412 and 2 9M4S power supplies, 4 corner strobes and 16 400 Series strobes. The lenses are all New, and I updated...
  2. ford-dealer

    For Sale SLASHED! NYPD AeroTwin 24RMVF

    Up for grabs today is a NYPD 24RMVF AeroTwin Runs FLAWLESSLY and super quiet. The front flashers are set to steady for some reason... so you would want to wire them the flasher that flashes the rear lamps. NO Speaker section in included. What you see in the pictures is what you get. Lenses...
  3. ford-dealer

    San Antonio PD Special

    San Antonio TX Police made Whelen produce some odd things to "Meet Spec". This is the first generation of one of the special bars. This early "Tray LED Light Array" proved to be troublesome for Whelen. This tray snap fits into the standard Plastic Standoffs used in 9M/9U/Freedoms. Note that...
  4. ford-dealer

    Help Value a NOS McDermott High Riser

    What is the value of one of these? It is NOS
  5. ford-dealer

    Whelen 9408 40" DARE bar

    Here is a little jewel from my collection that I thought I would share for your enjoyment. It is a Factory Built Edge 9408 40" lightbar. It has 8 strobes and a lighted sign. This came off a "DARE" Corvette in North Carolina. My guess is that it was a donation from Whelen as it has the amber...
  6. ford-dealer

    NOS Whelen HID Advantege .... FINALLY!

    I have been on this one for a LONG time... and I am happy to say that I brought her home today!!!!!!!! May I present for your viewing pleasure.... A New Old Stock, Whelen Advantege .... HID version!  This bar was sitting in her original box!  She has 4 HID rotators, Takedowns and rear amber...
  7. ford-dealer

    Shhh.... be Vewy Qwiet!~ Hunting here.....

    This is the Humane way to catch a Marcson Alive.....  :innocent:
  8. ford-dealer

    Straight from "The Lab"... my Custom Whelen 9U

    So, once again, I found myself bored, and figured I would fiddle with some spare parts I had, to see just how cool I could make this bar. I started with a Factory built Edge Ultra, which was used by San Antonio PD. It came with: 2 Front corner Strobes 2 Front Inboard Strobes 2 Front 6x6 400...
  9. ford-dealer

    MORE ADDED! Random Acts of Violence against my inventory! Brown Bag! Time!

    It's THAT time again!  This random Act of Violence against my inventory is your chance to fill your stockings with some Blinky Christmas Cheer!  (Rum and Egg Nog optional!  :huh: PAYPAL is the WAY! First Come, First Served!  NO HOLDS!  Clean me out boys and girls...
  10. ford-dealer

    For Sale NYPD Aero-Twin RMVF

    I am starting to clear out some of my "Surplus" inventory.  I will be adding more to this list as time allows.  I have priced these items to sell quickly!  No Holds!  PAYPAL is the WAY TO PAY! First Come, First Served! If I get multiple payments for the same...
  11. ford-dealer

    NOS Whelen Piercer 1 Found Today!

    Here is a little Jewel that I stumbled across today.  This is a NOS Whelen Piercer.  I removed the bulb so you could see the internal (Self Contained) power supply.  I had only seen this in the catalog photo that John Marcson has posted.  Much to my surprise... I now HAVE one!  :)   It tested...
  12. ford-dealer

    Latest grab Whelen 9308NLED Lightbar

    I have had my eye on this one for a few years.  It was on a local Rescue unit.  I was driving by the FD the other day, when I saw the chassis with the box dismounted out front with a FOR SALE sign on it.  I notice the Box had been remounted on a new chassis, but also noted that the new truck had...
  13. ford-dealer

    A Really neat Edge 9M - Factory 14 Strobe

    In my never ending quest for the unusual... I ran into this brand new Gem of a 55" 9M. (2008 Build) It is the only one I have ever seen like it.  It is a factory built 14 Strobe 9M.  It utilizes 2 9M4S power supplies to run the 8 blues, and a 9M6TA power supply to operate the 6 strobe traffic...
  14. ford-dealer

    Whelen - The "Seabiscuit" of the EV Equipment... IMHO

    I thought I would take a few moments to discuss the "Unlikely Hero" that became of a small company in Connecticut. Most of you younger guys, don't really appreciate the significance of what Whelen Engineering has actually accomplished, and just how unlikely it was to have happened. "That...
  15. ford-dealer

    Fresh off the drawing board! My Liberty SC Study. Now the build begins!

    I am jumping off into the Liberty "Build Off" LOL Here is my plan.
  16. ford-dealer

    Cheap EBAY Score-O-Day! Mass State Police Rare Siren

    I popped a "Buy It Now" auction yesterday morning, it had just listed and to add to my delight... it also included FREE SHIPPING! LOL!!!! Whelen WS224B siren Amplifier. The "B" indicates that tone 3 is piercer rather than Hi/Lo. This one will serve as a "Backup" to my one and only other 224B...
  17. ford-dealer

    Just because I could....

    I had to do it. I just HAD to! :cool: Here is my latest addition to "The Sub". A pair of Whelen Par46 2 degree spotlights installed into Dietz Buckets. They are hooked to a Whelen ULF44 LED Flasher. Mode 1 = Wig Wag Mode 2 = Steady (Triggered by Hi-Beams)
  18. ford-dealer

    XecutorII Serial # 00008

    I guess I am writing this because I FINALLY decided after years of internal struggle... I finally installed a Whelen XecutorII (Serial #00008) into my Suburban today. :bonk: I guess what I am asking is this... to what end do we collect such treasures, if they are never to see the "Light Of...
  19. ford-dealer

    A Rota-What?

    In an effort to keep "Dan" dmathieu happy with more collectible talk... and NO... it isn't a Rot-A-Beam! :p This is a very hard to find NOS Code3 PSE Rot-A-Laser in a super rare CPI Cast Aluminum Bumper Mount. According to folks at Code3 PSE, the rotator in these weren't shared with any...
  20. ford-dealer

    Roto-Ray LED Upgrade Question

    I have seen the Roto-Rays upgraded to LED versions. Does anyone know who makes the PAR 46 LEDs for them? One seller claimes they are Whelen, but I cannot find any info on the LEDs on their website
  21. ford-dealer

    Very ODD TX DPS bar score....

    I picked up a TX DPS bar 6/2005 MFG date. It never dawned on me when I bought the bar, that it only had 2 cords (As opposed to the normal 3) .... and MUCH to my delight, when I opened the bar, I found it HAD a standard Freedom board which supported a 2 wire TA. The only thing I can figure is...
  22. ford-dealer

    Radar Doppler coming through radio

    OK... I am stumped! I have installed a Decatur Genesis I radar into a unit. Whenever the radar is on, either in Xmit mode or Idle, the doppler sound is coming through the radio VHF 155 band. I have even gone so far as to unplug the antenna from the radar unit, with no effect. I thought the...
  23. ford-dealer

    ALT WAIL - NOT Y249!!!! LOL.... love or hate?

    I have become a HUGE fan of the Cali Title XIII compliant ALT-WAIL Siren tone.... I love the LONG pitch cycle.... I have programmed it into all of the cars in our agency. We are running 295SLA6 units. Are there those that hate it?
  24. ford-dealer

    Xecutor hits a "C"

    Ummmm.... so yeah.... I was demonstrating a Whelen Xecutor to a friend, and while I was almost at the peak of the wind up.... the wine glass on the bench exploded into a KAJILLION bits! The glass was empty and about 12 feet from the speaker..... I suppose somewhere in the wind up, the tone...
  25. ford-dealer

    Cencom.... it HAS to be said! Start RANT now!

    Seriously? I am very disappointed with the Cencoms as a whole. Every time I do an install / programming of one, it simply befuddles me as to just how limited and goofy they really are. Gripe # 1 Output # 1.... Really? Since MOST applications for slide switch positioin # 1 are usually...
  26. ford-dealer

    FOUND! MobileVision Digital Camera Wiring Info Please

    ****FOUND ALREADY**** I am installing a recycled MobileVision L3 Digital camera system into a 2013 Interceptor. What I am lacking is the wiring instructions for the "Inputs" connector. I tried looking for an install guide on the L3 website, however, one has to request an account, which I...
  27. ford-dealer

    2013 Interceptor Siren Speaker Pass Thru + Brake Sense Question

    I am doing an install on a 2013 Ford Interceptor. I have everything figured out except 2 things.... 1. Where is the Siren Speaker Pass through wires/connectors located? 2. Where is the Brake Sense wire? I have located the "Suspect" harness that was burried up in the dash on the...
  28. ford-dealer

    Random shots of parts of the collection Part #1

    No particular order... LOL just scratching the surface...... NOS Respond-A-Strobe NOS Dashmaster NOS Sireno Dual Action Lightbar (Mass State Police) NOS WS225 (Note the Piercer Tone) NOS Responder NOS Responder w/Mirror NOS DashLazer w/Split Dome NOS...
  29. ford-dealer

    Luke...I am your father.. Whelen 5200-PA-GL, 5300T or Darth Vader KYSP Light

    I am going to start posting pics of my collection. To start things off, here is my NOS Whelen 5200-PA-GL. Note that the Takedown Lights have Non-Optic lenses. They are also mounted on springs allowing for adjustment for aiming. Also, the sticker on the back of the reflector says: "KY...
  30. ford-dealer

    Custom 2013 Dodge Charger Traffic Advisor

    I was contracted by a local PD to outfit a 2013 Dodge Charger for their LT. He always drives a slicktop with Ghost Graphics. He asked if I could put a traffic advisor into the tail panel. Well, most of you would think I would have just drilled a few holes and installed some Vertex LEDs.... I...

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