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  1. RyanZ71

    SLC PD screwed the pooch with hybrids that the officers hate

    Can't say I blame the officers.
  2. RyanZ71

    RyGuy's 2008 Silverado 2500 Duramax Emergency equipment build out project

    Just got me a 2008 SIlverado crew cab duramax standard bed. Black. I'm going to be equipping it but have been out of practice for quite awhile. I installed Whelen Edge bars back in the early to mid-90s and helped with a few B-Link systems, some corner strobes and grill strobes and such. I...
  3. RyanZ71

    Tesla Police testing vehicle ran out of juice..

    Bummer :( they are cool looking cars, but I wouldn't want one. Too cramped.
  4. RyanZ71

    Ford Police Exploder.. Exploded..

    Well not really but..
  5. RyanZ71

    Be safe out there
  6. RyanZ71

    Good riddance to the Ford Taurus/PI?

    personally I wouldn't be sad at all to see the Taurus/PI Sedan gone. Fords are so... Boring.
  7. RyanZ71

    Be safe out there (trooper hit in snowstorm)

    Please be careful.
  8. RyanZ71

    Chevy Tahoe RAMS a.. well a Ram. (Pursuit)

    Done, Chevy style. Go to 1:15ish on the video if you don't want to watch all of it.
  9. RyanZ71

    Old Colorado State Patrol vehicles live on..
  10. RyanZ71

    El Paso County Colorado Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick EoW 2/5/17

    This is our THIRD Colorado Law Enforcement Officer killed in the line of duty in 40 days.
  11. RyanZ71

    Adams County Colorado Deputy Heath Gumm EoW 1/24/18
  12. RyanZ71

    Douglas County Colorado Sheriff Deputy Zackari Parrish EoW 12/31/17

    1 Deputy killed, 3 Deputies and 1 PD officer injured. Ambush style shooting. Hits a bit close to home as this occurred in my county and just a few miles from here. No one hurt that I know personally. DCSO is a good department as well as the Castle Rock PD, who had an officer assisting who...
  13. RyanZ71

    Some stupid Solar Eclipse thing

    So with this lame eclipse thing that is going to happen soon, they are apparently calling out ham radio operators and clubs up here in the northern states to help emergency management by "patrolling" (I use that term loosely) many of the highways where they expect extremely heavy traffic such as...
  14. RyanZ71

    NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia EoW 7/5/17

    God speed, Miosotis.
  15. RyanZ71

    Deputy William Durr Lincoln County SD EoW 5/27/17
  16. RyanZ71

    Street Racing problems

    What's the solution? Taking photos of the vehicles racing and arresting/impounding later? Trying to chase down these people? Top end of the Charger V8 is 152, Caprice V8 is 154, Taurus ecoboost 145ish, Explorer is 140ish. Fast enough to catch them? Most of them perhaps but highway traffic...
  17. RyanZ71


    I need to vent. I continue to see more and more setups where we have red and blue lights that alternate between the colors on each side, so traditionally where red would be on the drivers side and blue on the passengers side, we are seeing these sides displaying both colors instead of the...
  18. RyanZ71

    CSP Trooper Cody Donahue EoW 11/25/16

    We lost one amazing female trooper from this same post just a little over a year ago as well, not too far away, either. This shit needs to stop.
  19. RyanZ71

    UHP Trooper Eric Ellsworth EoW 11/19/16
  20. RyanZ71

    quiet sirens

    The Sheriff's Department here (Douglas County, Colorado) has always had fairly modern equipment installed on its vehicles. With 1 exception. The sirens. These things are quiet. I mean super quiet. I can't believe how they cheap out on one of the most important pieces of equipment for an...
  21. RyanZ71

    Picked me up a little project vehicle

    Picked me up a 05 Crown Vic LX (non-P71) a few weeks ago, 125,000 miles, in good mechanical condition, interior is fairly clean, just dusty from having been driven on dirt roads as the previous owner, a college/university professor lived out in the middle of no-where. The body has considerable...
  22. RyanZ71

    Cool article on a news station
  23. RyanZ71

    Wanted Whelen WS-295MP switchbox/siren combo

    Still looking for one of these old beauties. Not the regular 295, but the 295-MP.
  24. RyanZ71

    Unitrol 480K

    Any of you folks have one of these Unitrol/FS 480k units and the 80K amp around in working condition that you'd be willing to sell me?
  25. RyanZ71

    Equipment Console 2007-2013 Chevy/GMC Trucks

    Looking for suggestions on what to use for equipment console in the front. Truck is a 2012 Silverado 2500HD with the front bench/armrest seat, so it does not have the full center console. What have you found works best? I suppose the Suburban/Tahoe would be similar. It will need to hold 2...
  26. RyanZ71

    What type of wiring?

    Hi folks- It's been awhile since I was last here. Hope ya'll are doing well. I recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab Truck. I'm going to eventually be installing emergency lighting both front and rear, but have not yet decided what type of lights exactly I'll use, and...
  27. RyanZ71

    Indian Peaks FF down (Colorado)

    The victim was saved and they were on their way back down the mountain/trail when he collapsed.  Sounds like a massive heart attack.  Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.  He dies a hero.
  28. RyanZ71

    Move Over Laws

    Glad we have em. 7NEWS - Authorities urge Colorado drivers to slow down, move over after 29 state troopers hit in last year - Local Story
  29. RyanZ71

    Related to Sgt. Wride in the Ultimate Sacrifice section. Family wants to help others

    Very noble of them. God bless. Cory Wride's family starts petition for officer protection | Also. I wanted to add my compliments to the people of Utah. The show of support by the people in Utah for Sgt. Wride and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice gives me hope that there...
  30. RyanZ71

    Firefighters & Medics refuse to treat heart attack victim?

    Did not see this posted anywhere else on here.. DC mayor outraged by death near fire station |

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