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  1. Frooom

    Wanted TIR deck lighting

    Hey all, Looking for some basic rear lighting. Something like cobra 200's, or whelen grill or deck lights. Could be whatever brand, just prefer TIR optics (though I wouldn't say no to a pair of single or dual talons or just one dual talon or something. Nothing expensive, we're talking <100...
  2. Frooom

    Wanted Feniex cannons - red and white

    Looking for a set of red cannons, and a set of white cannons, or alternatively, a set of red/white. Must have override capability, as I plan to use them in OEM bulb locations.
  3. Frooom

    Positive Positive from nhfirefighter

    Pair of dual color micropulse from him. Good price, arrived well packed, quickly, and had brackets. Bright as &#@&$#, super happy.
  4. Frooom

    For Sale LED projectors for retrofitting

    Hey, in case anyone on here wants to retrofit some spotlights, or headlights, or whatever, I am selling a pair of Morimito M-LED projectors. These are high/low beam LED projectors. Extremely bright, but too long to properly fit inside an Xterra headlight assembly without cutting the back and...
  5. Frooom

    Hideaway advice

    Hey all, Looking to do some LED strobes for the first time ever on our 4runner. I want to replace the brake and reverse lights in each tail light. I know some models have this functionality - could anyone suggest a brand? I looked @ AWL, but I don't think his have these functions. Also, is it...
  6. Frooom

    For Sale Holmatro tools (older)

    Frooom submitted a new listing: Holmatro tools (older) - Holmatro cutter, ram, and pump motor Read more about this listing...
  7. Frooom

    Nova TIR microthin wiring halp

    Hey all, Bought a pair of Nova TIR microthins on here, dual color, 1/2 red, 1/2 white. 3 wires, red, black, blue. Red and black are obvious, and I've been able to pattern change with blue. Do these things sync at all? I tried to get them both on the same pattern, but they always seem out of...
  8. Frooom

    Wanted microthin bale bracket

    Hey all, Just bought a pair of microthins to run as rear lighting, but only got 1 bale bracket. Anyone have 1 lying around? Looked on fleabay, couldn't find any. Thx!
  9. Frooom

    For Sale Feniex fusion ILB and 400 bar package, r/w and r

    Frooom submitted a new listing: Feniex fusion ILB and 400 bar package, r/w and r - fusion ILB in R/W and 400 r/r/r/r Read more about this listing...
  10. Frooom

    Wanted 100w speaker

    Looking for a 100w speaker in decent condition, prefer not having short wires (need something to work with!). Not particular on brand, just need something relatively shallow. Bracket would be a plus. An AS124 would be awesome, but again, not particular. For any offers, please offer as shipped...
  11. Frooom

    Wanted Apollo F6 red/white

    Hey all, I have a pair of apollos on my xterra, not sure if they are f6 or f12 but they are bright as *#@#. love them, want another pair for my 4runner. Hard to find these days, so I assume my want ad will be up for a while. Looking for red/white. Thx!
  12. Frooom

    AWL grill lights

    Anyone here use the superslim 4 or curve, and if so, how do you like them? Looking for a pair of grill lights that're easyish to mount and clean looking. Don't need super deep flanges. The slim4 look nice, but never used them.
  13. Frooom

    Handheld siren/controller

    Looking for a Star LCS869, or alternative handheld siren/light controller. Could be with or without a 100w speaker. Shipping to 03290.
  14. Frooom

    Wanted Whelen edge (or power supply)

    Hello all, One of my officers has a 48" Edge with a faulty power supply. It's currently got alleys, 4x corner strobes, take down, and at least 4 flashers or strobes (not sure which). He has other edges he could scavenge parts from but no good power supply, and his power supplies vary a bit for...
  15. Frooom

    Wanted cobra 400, 2x T6

    Looking for a cobra 400 in all red, and a pair of red t6. Would prefer with brackets but can manage without. Not looking for newer fusion bars due to cost. Thanks!
  16. Frooom

    For Sale 2x AWL curve red

    Frooom submitted a new listing: 2x AWL curve red - AWL curve red Read more about this listing...
  17. Frooom

    Wanted Tail light flasher

    Looking for a tail light flasher. Would love a ETFBSSN-P (Soundoff Signal). Cash or will trade a soundoff signal ethdf1 p heavy duty headlight flasher.
  18. Frooom

    Whelen items (red)

    Frooom submitted a new listing: Whelen items (red) - Dominator and responder Read more about this listing...
  19. Frooom

    Wanted Star ULB9E

    Looking for 3 star ULB9E, red/red or red/white. Hardwire version preferred.
  20. Frooom

    For Sale R/W TIR slimlighter

    Frooom submitted a new listing: R/W TIR slimlighter - slimlighter Read more about this listing...
  21. Frooom

    For Sale TIR slimlighter

    Frooom submitted a new listing: TIR slimlighter - whelen slimlighter TIR6 Read more about this listing...
  22. Frooom

    Star mini phantoms

    Looking for Star mini phantoms. Couple different forms would be ok - ULB9S, 9E, or the newest LDC. Would prefer a synced kit of 9S, but I just need 2 of them. Not looking for the older 5mm model. Also, must have the ratcheting window mounts. Red or a combo of red/white only. Have a feeling this...
  23. Frooom

    AWL linear ILB

    Selling a brand new AWL linear interior lightbar. Just got it, does not fit/work in either of my vehicles. Extremely disappointing. Asking what I paid for it, less shipping (I'll eat the loss). 200 shipped. All red with white takedowns. One or two parts shown scuffs where I was working to mount...
  24. Frooom

    Interior bar or beacon

    Looking for either an interior bar in all red or red/white (must have universal brackets), or an LED beacon (also red or red/white). Would prefer perm mount, as I intend to use a pipe clamp to affix it to a roof rack. Interior bar must be linear or TIR (or both), no 5mm please. No looking for...
  25. Frooom

    Tail light flasher

    Looking for a tail light flasher for my xterra. I have the galls headlight flasher, works fine for me so far, so looking for a galls tail light flasher or any other flasher compatible with my vehicle. Prefer one that doesn't have wires cut extremely short.
  26. Frooom

    Whelen lights - No Longer Available

    Whelen lights Hey everyone, up for grabs is a 4 module TIR3 dominator. Updated pictures coming soon. Diodes are BLUE/BLUE/BLUE/BLUE. Great shape except for a missing gasket where the wires enter the bar, and cut cord (still more than enough to work with). List Date: 3/28/2017 For...
  27. Frooom

    TIR3 2 wire

    Hey all! I recently got my hands on a pair of whelen dominators (D4). They are R/R/B/B and R/A/A/B. I am creating one all red, and moving modules accordingly. I plan to sell the other dominator/modules. To whit: I am seeking 1 red or white TIR3 with the white plug meant for a dominator. I'd...
  28. Frooom

    TIR3 bracket

    Looking for a Whelen RBKT1 THIS: Thx!
  29. Frooom

    Cobra 200s - No Longer Available

    Cobra 200s 3 Cobra 200's for sale (one is mounted in my back window and a picture is difficult at this time) 1 2015 bought new here, never used. White/White with full length cord, no cig. plug 1 2014 bought used here, lightly used. Red/White, with approx 10" of cord 1 unknown date (has...
  30. Frooom

    Slimlighter R/R

    Looking for a used slimlighter (TIR, not 5mm) in red/red. I could possibly use red/white, but red/red preferred. Not looking to spend 200 for one, I'm looking around 100, so definitely used. I do have 3 Cobra 200's that I am getting rid of, so I could also work out a trade (they are r/r, r/w...

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