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  1. daniel_medic

    Fire Department alerting system

    Hi members So I work on a military base in Afghanistan as the comm center manager for ARFF and structural/domestic fire department. I have been tasked with upgrading our comm center and I am at the stage of finding a new alerting system/crash alarm/public address system. We would require the...
  2. daniel_medic

    Volksawagen Golf 6 R upfit assistance required

    Hey guys Need some help. I have not done an upfit on a volkswagen golf R type as yet. The client is requesting a dual tone siren system so would need to fit 2 x 100 watt drivers in the grill. Client is supplying Galls box style speakers. Im worried about the airflow to the radiator and...
  3. daniel_medic

    Wanted Whelen Inner Edge XLP parts

    Looking for Whelen Inner Edge XLP parts Headliner bracket Lenses Linear and TIR LED Modules red/white
  4. daniel_medic

    Question regarding SoundOff nForce tri color exterior mount lightheads

    Hi Guys I need some help with the nForce tri color units. I was under the impression you could select which colors would flash for certain modes. I want to set it so that in primary mode it flashes red/white with white as take downs. and in another mode would like it to flash red/blue/white...
  5. daniel_medic

    Wanted Wanted - Whelen Dual and single Talon flash shields and mounting brackers

    Looking for any whelen dual and single talon flash shields and mounting brackets.
  6. daniel_medic

    Wanted Dual Tone Siren

    Hi Guys Im looking for a dual tone siren amp which has multiple lighting controls. I dont want to break the bank on it.
  7. daniel_medic

    Wanted Push bumper or blueprints to have one made

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a push bumper, My car is not any of the common ones that have push bumpers, it would probably be a one of a kind, I'm looking for something for a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. I cant find a general push bumper mod id like if possible if anyone has blueprints to make one, I have...
  8. daniel_medic

    Greetings from Afghanistan

    Hey hey. nice to finally have some support with my addiction. So im Daniel 27 years old currently deployed in Afghanistan as a Fire/EMS dispatcher. From South Africa, Johannesburg. EMT-I Lights and Sirens enthusiast. been upfitting vehicles for a few years. currently I have a Mazdaspeed 3...

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