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  1. Wailer

    9/11 Ambulance Unit

    I like the slow rising PA300 wail (2:08 - 2:26). It's either a silver face or early black face unit. A Mack CF series fire engine pulls up after the siren stops.
  2. Wailer

    Question About Building an LASD/LACOFD Platter

    The squad shown in the beginning of the pilot episode of Emergency (Squad 10?) had a platter with a Federal C5G mechanical siren on it. The siren sound that was dubbed in for that truck was a recording of a B&M S8.
  3. Wailer

    tsquale's siren thread - update 12/16/19

    I prefer the lower pitched setting.
  4. Wailer

    Vintage Catalogs: Smith & Wesson

    I also have an early Magnum IV like the second one in that video. I love that slow 'wah wah wah' yelp.
  5. Wailer

    tsquale's siren thread - update 12/16/19

    Best wail: Dietz Best yelp: PA10
  6. Wailer

    Vintage Catalogs: Smith & Wesson

    Those are the late model Magnum sirens. I have the Magnum IV B. It sounds like a cross between an early 1980s Southern VP SA400 and a General Electric Power-Call/Siren.
  7. Wailer

    pa 1000

    A PA1000 is a PA200 mounted in a larger box with a light control panel. Both the PA200 and PA1000 were introduced in 1974, but I believe the PA1000 was discontinued in the early 1980s.
  8. Wailer

    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    I'm not a fan of the shrill sound of Federal mechanical sirens, but I like the sound of the 70 series more than the Q series.
  9. Wailer

    Unmarked Police Cars on TV and their Dashlights

    The sirens sound like Unitrol 80Ks.
  10. Wailer

    Fyr-Fyter Penetrator push button siren

    1960s vintage electronic sirens are good to collect because they have lower pitched wail and yelp tones than the sirens we hear nowadays.
  11. Wailer

    Thanks to a friend...

    I see a PA15A series 1D (1960s version with the slow rising low-pitched wail tone). :)
  12. Wailer

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    That was where I first saw the Aurora Borealis too. Nice restoration.
  13. Wailer

    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Serial Numbers

    I don't know who made that list, but it's incomplete.
  14. Wailer

    Uncommon catch. Rochester, MN FD - Maintenance 1

    It looks more like a rescue squad than a maintenance truck.
  15. Wailer

    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Serial Numbers

    The PA20A series B (c. mid 1980s) and PA150 are missing from the list.
  16. Wailer

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    That's the one.
  17. Wailer

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    Another bar worth looking for is the Mars Aurora System mini bar. I've seen a video of one with a clear dual sealed beam oscillating light in the middle and two red single sealed beam oscillating lights on either side. It looks kind of like a mini Aurora Borealis.
  18. Wailer

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    I guessed that it was an Aurora Borealis when I saw the title of the thread. In my opinion it is the neatest looking light bar ever made and I can see why a lot of collectors want one.
  19. Wailer

    Craigslist Firetrucks

    First time I've seen a truck with CJ184 speakers.
  20. Wailer

    PowerArc PA58 and XT76 NFPA Light Bars

    The middle lights on the PA58LB remind me of the Mars Aurora Borealis light bar.
  21. Wailer

    Help with Q1b

    I've never seen a Q grille that wasn't chrome.
  22. Wailer

    Dietz 235 Siren-Light Combination

    I'll say it again. I love those low-pitched electronic sirens of the 1960s.
  23. Wailer

    The Best Response Video Thread

    The only siren in that video that sounds 'retro' to me is the one on the tanker truck at 0:45 to 1:01. It sounds like an early 1980s Whelen WS295 or Southern VP SA400.
  24. Wailer

    St. Paul, MN FD pick up

    By looking at the year of the Ford vans in the photo I'd say they might be equipped with the early PA15A/PA20A sirens (1B/2B, 1C/2C, 1D/2D). Those sirens have the low pitched slow rising wail and yelp tones, and in my opinion they sound best with the CJ184 speaker.
  25. Wailer

    tsquale collection thread! Video added 2/28/2019

    That amber and green Smith & Wesson light bar looks kind of neat.:)
  26. Wailer

    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    If you do, keep in mind that there were three major variations of the 15 and 20: The PA15 and PA20 have wail, yelp, and alert tones and were manufactured in the early 1960s. It will be hard to find one in perfect working condition. The PA15A has wail and yelp tones only, while the PA20A has...
  27. Wailer

    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    The sirens I like to hear are long gone: Early Federal PA15A/PA20A: B, C, and D series. Early Smith & Wesson Magnum series: III, IV, V, VI. Signal Stat 'Stat VI' (NYPD) All have slow rising low pitched tones.
  28. Wailer

    Michigan Fire Trucks: Red/Blue Lights

    Antique warning equipment.
  29. Wailer

    Vintage Catalogs:Dominion

    I have one of those Siren Master electronic sirens with the pushbuttons. Back in the mid 1980s the retail price was over $1000, but I got a used one for a fraction of the price. I also had one of those halogen rotating reflector beacons, but I got rid of it because the bulb got real hot...
  30. Wailer

    Oldie sort of

    Where I live I can't find any of those bars still in use, so I'd call it an oldie.

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