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    List of brands

    Do we have a list of brands an their sub-brands/off-brands? Like Code 3 is owned by Ecco, I think, or it might be the other way around. I know some of these companies have other names that they sell products under.
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    Got a few new things/lightbar head change question

    Well, boss said to clear out the closet and do what I want with the lights and light bars in the storage room. Double checked and he said I could take them home if I really wanted'em. So, we have a mini lightbar, and looks like a Solarblast 18" to me. Of course, you can't see it worth a damn...
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    Got me a 'Hawk

    Well, finally found one. It's not the All-light model I prefer, but I'm still more than happy to have a 'Hawk again. Plenty dirty, and some damage here and there, but seems complete and should clean up nicely. Please forgive the "table" - the wife took over my project desk with her...
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    Ya know, it's easy to find some poor quality lights around the 'net. Look a little harder and you can find some knock-offs, usually made of Chinesium that may, or may not, cause the delivery truck to burst into flames just from being in the vicinity of the lightbar. We all know Wolo. Inifinity...
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    Need a switch suggestion

    Hopefully I got the right part of the forum this time. Anywho, I need a switch for a prototype we're setting up. More as a test to see how well it works. I'm thinking of something like this switch here. Would that suffice for running, say, 4 surface mount lights? It doesn't need to be fancy...
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    Repairing a dashlight

    Hey! So hopefully this is the right spot for this. One of the guards at my site wasn't paying attention when moving the dashlight from the old pickup to the new (to us) pickup, and the plug was dangling out the door and unfortunately the cigarette plug became mangled. Now, this is already bad...
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    Newbie checking

    Hello! Been a lurker off and on, but figured I'd sign up and join in! Especially since electrics aren't my strong suit. Looking to fix one of my (relatively) older units, and maybe acquire a few bars again (after an unfortunate rough period where I had to sell off my collection). Nice to meet...

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