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  1. SomeBloke

    An interesting series

    So this is a fairly new series airing over here in the UK. Follows Cheshire Police's vehicle workshop/garage. Gives a pretty good insight into what goes on around the vehicular side of Police as well as dealing with budgeting and equipment
  2. SomeBloke

    Food of the Gods

    I think I'll just leave this here... (Back bacon is best)
  3. SomeBloke

    Meanwhile, in the 90s

    Yes that's right, it's VERY Old Top Gear, doing a quick segment on Police vehicles.
  4. SomeBloke

    Anyone up for some international proceedings?

    So, I'm part of the UK version of Cop Humour and Emergency Service humour, they just had this posted up. Anyone up for getting in touch with the chap and helping potential meetings?
  5. SomeBloke

    Wide load (ex-wife jokes not included)

    I don't what they're transporting by my god is that thing huge. Also, lots of lovely lights to look at.
  6. SomeBloke

    Who'd have thunk it?

    Back when our Government wasn't spending it's money on 4th houses for it's leaders and surveys on how to most expensively fix a road that isn't broken, they did useful things like this!
  7. SomeBloke

    So this happened...

    Best of both worlds! Interesting lightbar pattern....looks a bit odd
  8. SomeBloke

    PC Keith Palmer - Metropolitan Police

    Doubtless as many of you have now heard of the incident that happened in London, it is with deep sadness that the Police Officer who attempted to stop the attacker, and was subsequently stabbed, has died of his wounds. The ever thin blue line, once again gets thinner. :( Sourced from the Met...
  9. SomeBloke

    An interesting read. (Includes photos)

    So, trawling through the internet of a day I came across this little site that gives a brief, yet fairly in depth history of Motorway Policing and it's vehicles in the UK. (Read, highway patrol) It has some pretty awesome looking vehicles and blinkies in them, and is genuinely quite...
  10. SomeBloke

    For Sale Bloke's Siren Bundle

    Right, finally got round to getting this up. Owing to Immigration based "fun" I have to get rid of my collection and require funds. Please know that should you buy this bundle you will in fact be helping me out massively, as I return home to the UK. ALL PRODUCTS SOLD AS IS. Sirens: Federal...
  11. SomeBloke

    The Cop Documentary/Show thread

    Since a number of you guys have shown a lot of interest in some of the Road Wars, series I posted a week ago. Here are some other great UK police shows available on YouTube
  12. SomeBloke

    1 Cop, 2 men, knife/axe

    Came across this earlier, thought it was a very interesting video. Officer handled that perfectly I think.
  13. SomeBloke

    The Ultimate Unmarked/"Really...?!?" Vehicle Thread.

    So I thought it high time to introduce the ultimate ELB video based thread, where people post videos of Unmarked Fire/EMS/Police vehicles that they like, don't like, question the general idea behind them and generally have a laugh about the whole thing. Discuss below anything you like, don't...
  14. SomeBloke

    So what has ELB's resident immigrant been doing?

    No, not Garza. I have been having a nightmare of a bad time recently, and things got only ever increasingly bad and frustrating yesterday when the US Immigration Services deposited a letter into my postbox detailing their intent to deny my petition to become a 10 year green card holder, and...
  15. SomeBloke

    Wanted Wiring harnesses for sirens

    Right, this one will stump you lot. I am currently looking for several wiring harnesses for my siren collection, that is being returned to me after my relocation to AL from WA. I require wiring harnesses for the follow siren models: Whelen 295HFSA1 FS PA-100 FS PA-170 Code 3 model 3632H...
  16. SomeBloke

    "Sold" Positive - Billforbush

    Billforbush took up my offer of a bundle of Whelen Edge parts and a Speaker. Prompt communication, fast pick up (thanks to Mike) and even a little something unexpected on the side for me. Would highly recommend Billforbush to anyone!
  17. SomeBloke

    Bloke's "unforseen circumstances" bundle - PICKUP ONLY

  18. SomeBloke

    A BOLO from AL

    Wasn't really sure where to put this, but I got linked to this earlier, and it hit a bit close to home. Quote from webpage *****Missing from Parrish, Alabama***** Kelli Carr, 17 years old, approx 125lbs, 5'3, green eyes, blonde hair with highlights...
  19. SomeBloke

    The Collection so far.

    So, as some of you know, I've started to expand my siren collection quite rapidly as of late. Here's what I have so far. Pictured: Whelen 295HFSA1 Federal Signal Siracom II Federal Signal PA-100 Federal Signal PA-170 Code 3 V-Con II Code 3 Model 3632H Stirling Automotive Tri-Sound Not...
  20. SomeBloke

    A new form of REACT?

    Found this photo the other day, this is the hood/bonnet of the Brush truck come Humvee at the Volly FD in my old AL town. No, I don't know what it means either.  But I do know that the Humvee was leased to the PD, and they allowed the FD to use it.
  21. SomeBloke

    Birmingham Police, AL - Officer Keary Hollis

    This was a bit too close to home for me (lived 25 miles outside B'ham). :(
  22. SomeBloke

    Stirling Automotive Tri-Sound

    So, I bought this off a collector/seller on Facebook for the bargain price of 25 GBP. According to him, this was in an old Rover Traffic Car, in service with the Metropolitan Police sometime in the 80s/90s. It was then removed and placed into a Royal Air Force fire vehicle (one of those weird...
  23. SomeBloke

    The Ultimate Vintage Fire/EMS Vehicle Thread

    Because you can never get enough vintage things. I'm pretty sure we didn't start a thread on this so here goes. To start. The Brits;
  24. SomeBloke

    H.M Coastguard (UK)

    Several vehicles from H.M coastguard in Britain. Always loved the colour scheme of H.M Coastguard, Interesting flash pattern setups too. Peugeot 308 Generic photos;
  25. SomeBloke

    Sumiton Police, AL, Old Stuff

    I was happily given permission, by my Asst Chief, to visit the City's vehicle scrapyard/storage area today. In the hope of getting parts for my Edge 9M frame. This is the somewhat sorry sight that greeted me..... I did manage to salvage an Edge 9000 from one of the vehicles, which...
  26. SomeBloke

    Any idea what these are/were

    So, I finally managed to get into my City's scrapyard/vehicle storage area. Found both of these in/on an old FD Tanker. Both are General Electric, according to the logos. Obviously a lightbar Have no real clue what this is, my gut tells me radio, but it was wired up to the lightbar...
  27. SomeBloke

    MX7000 Clean up.

    So, having bought a well used MX7000 from MEVS06 I decided to go and try and clean up the lenses. Below are pics of how it's currently turned out. Using only PlastX, a sponge and some re-usable dish cloths. Before: After: My next task is to get into the lower base of the...
  28. SomeBloke

    The Ultimate Vintage Police Car Thread

    Ok, since we all love a good vintage police vehicle, time to have the ultimate collection. Can include DARE vehicles etc By Vintage I'm talking pre-90s Please try and state what it is, and what agency. 1939 Chevy (Unknown model) - New Mexico State Police 1988 Chevy C10 Blazer - Arizona...
  29. SomeBloke

    The Towing/Wrecker Trucks Thread

    Time to show some photo love to the Wrecker/Towing business. Post the best, biggest, worst and downright stupid tow trucks or wrecker vehicles you can find. To start;
  30. SomeBloke

    Ultimate Pursuit Video Thread

    Very surprised this hasn't been a thread already. Come on folks, post videos of your favourite, interesting or down right crazy police pursuits! To start; Well that didn't last long...

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