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  1. firebuff17

    Preemption Strobe on Edge Freedom

    Do you want a functioning pre-emption? Or convert the strobe tube you have to a standard strobe? You would have to open up the bar and investigate the wiring associated with the strobe tube in the bar. It may be just a standard 3 wire strobe cable coming out of it and exiting the bar. There...
  2. firebuff17

    Whelen CSP690 Xenon Bulbs to use?

    Going on memory here and have only used one power supply myself but... CSP690 are regulated and are 15w per head. UPS690 was unregulated and would deliver 22.5w per head. I used a UPS690 back in the day when I used strobes.
  3. firebuff17

    Sparky's 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD Well that didn’t work how I thought it would.
  4. firebuff17

    Whelen FastTrax FTR3 lightbar

    Great job! love the sounds of it firing. I also remember reading that these requiring a special power supply but did not know about the controller. Sounds like you have a lead on that though. Good luck
  5. firebuff17

    Lectric Lites Ranger III Strobe Bar, model LL500

    Do I spy a FasTrax? Did you, or are, going to have a write up on that?
  6. firebuff17

    Dutch Politie/Police Liberty and Freedom

    Love them both!! The freedom is wicked.
  7. firebuff17

    Visor bar has me stumped

    @NPS Ranger I am sure all (well maybe most, especially glass ) automotive fuses are rated xAmp/250Volt.
  8. firebuff17

    Minnesota Transportation Company Adds 'Attention-Getting' Lights To School Buses

    Looks like a good idea. I like the placement and synchronization. I always thought the lighting on school buses was lack luster.
  9. firebuff17

    Well heres the haul i got from tyler fire :)

    You may want to open it up and look at the harnesses. Make sure they are not changed around from factory.
  10. firebuff17

    what do i need to look for whelen liberty

    I believe some of the early versions it wasn’t available and some it was an option. I don’t know the specifics of what to look for in model numbers or guild dates.
  11. firebuff17

    I wake up and see this today

    Your right. Not a good sign.
  12. firebuff17

    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    @cmb56 I do see and understand your points, they are valid. Maybe it’s me being partially color blind (certain shades of blue to boot) that dark blue looks blue and is a sharp color. Some of the blue that is used in the US look teal/light blue to me. Again, you are 100% correct in the darker...
  13. firebuff17

    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    I wish the US would switch to that deep blue.
  14. firebuff17

    New From CT

    Welcome! Fellow member here from CT (not far at all from you actually... Meriden) Also mainly a Whelen fan, although I don’t have much as of yet... working on it.
  15. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    Well, did some more browsing of that link. Found the early edge literature! Not sure how else to easily attach them.
  16. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    Ahhh... I didn’t pick up on that But either way.. thank you
  17. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    Thanks shues! I forgot how many pictures I have seen of yours on this site! You have some beauties!!! I flipped through a few of your albums and did not see the sales (or any) literature for the early edge bars. Saw some advatedge stuff, some 80H paperwork, then saw some duplex, and the all...
  18. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    Just going by memory.. I think the difference is the age and the power supply model (which correlates to the overall age) I also tried to look back at the whelen vintage catalogs that @JohnMarcson had supplied ( but have been lost due to forum upgrades) to confirm my previous thought on model...
  19. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    Update to my previous post: I believe it is going to be an edge 9004sl or 9004ak
  20. firebuff17

    NYSP 88 SSP Whelen Bar 44"

    That’s definitely an Edge lightbar, with a low pro speaker on the top. Not sure the model number though. It’s pre-serial controlled.
  21. firebuff17

    3/29 Live PD

    Watch all the time. Some of the lighting is crazy.... Slidell, La.... El Paso, Tx.... Pasco County, Fl.... Gwinnett County, Ga.
  22. firebuff17

    Noob wiring help needed please.

    Unless your fuse box you install is waterproof. Otherwise put a waterproof circuit breaker under the hood close to the battery, Then install your fuse box in the cab.
  23. firebuff17

    Wanted whelen rear HALO system

    Just thumbing through the bay and found this! Just need the heads.
  24. firebuff17

    The Best Response Video Thread

    Looks like Windsor station 1 needs to work on their front apron and lessen that approach angle.
  25. firebuff17

    Wanted Whelen pattern change button-dashmiser

    Not a special switch that I am aware of. Any big box store or electrical supply store will have similar switches that I am sure will be the same size. You could use that nut on your switch.
  26. firebuff17

    Whelen X-Ecutor wiring Question

    Perfect. I saw on the manual that wire listed as “wiring option 2” but I didn’t see what that wire activated OR if I could use that along with the control head. This is perfect. Thanks MtnMan!
  27. firebuff17

    Whelen X-Ecutor wiring Question

    I am in a spare rig at work and it has the Whelen X-Ecutor siren WITH control head. The EQ2B is OOS and we have been using the X-Ecutor as our primary noise maker. Problem with this is that the control head is mounted forward on the dash and requires the drivers to reach far forward to operate...
  28. firebuff17

    How many light bars do you have in your collection?

    This is epic!!! Nicely done!
  29. firebuff17

    911EP LS12 (newest version) color swap

    ☹️ Sad to hear. The older versions were so easy.

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