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  1. Nathan R

    Announcement Whats Allowed - Non-warning Public Safety Equipment

    Please use this section for selling items used directly in conjunction with performing a public safety function. Generally, if it could be issued/owned by a department or service, it's ok to sell. Commonly questioned items that are permitted Voice recorders Cameras Video equipment Specific...
  2. Nathan R

    Happy Birthday Tony P!!!

    Happy Birthday Tony!! May you have a blinky day!
  3. Nathan R

    Removing/Uninstalling Equipment and Related Problems

    Having run into some issues previously with purchasing used/uninstalled equipment, users can post tips for PROPER removal of equipment. You can specify what type of equipment (lighting/sirens, radios, etc...), and ways to avoid damage to the vehicle(s), and equipment. This may also assist people...
  4. Nathan R

    Classifieds Section - Proper Placement & Topic Prefixes

    With the recent upgrades the forum has gone through, we have added a variety of Topic Prefixes which the vast majority of members (new and old) do not seem to be aware of. If you can take the time to familiarize yourself with them, there will be benefits for all members. There is no longer a...
  5. Nathan R

    Baltimore (MD) Riots, Apr 2015

    Safe work brothers & sisters in red and blue. Multiple LEO, as well as some FF's injured in battling these morons and their arson fires. Rioters have been cutting FD supply lines, throwing debris, bricks and more at FF's battling blazes, and obviously the LEO's protecting everyone out there...
  6. Nathan R

    Announcement Wanted Section Rules

    These Rules have been copied/modified from existing of the forums. The policy now simply reads: Please group your items logically in as few posts as possible. For example; All lenses in in one post, beacons in another, and lightbars in a third thread. So that means users can have multiple...
  7. Nathan R


    Looking to see who on here, regularly wastes their lives elsewhere (such as The Chive, or Reddit).
  8. Nathan R

    Hartford (CT) FD LODD 10/7/14 No name released as of yet. 1 FF Fatality, 3 FF Injuries

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