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  1. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Slimlighter brackets

    I am searching for two Whelen Slimlighter suction cup/L brackets. Thanks!
  2. SBFD-E-9

    For Sale Feniex T3s-4 pair-blue

    $40 shipped per pair. Willing to trade for a dual blue or blue/white dash light. Dan
  3. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Blue/white SOS Nforce dash light or dual color Viper

    Looking for a used dual color, blue and white, Sound Off Nforce dash light. Would also be interested in a dual head, dual color FS Viper. Dan
  4. SBFD-E-9

    For Sale TOMAR 200S high power- blue/white

    I have a used TOMAR 200S in blue/white. Full cord and plug. $130 shipped
  5. SBFD-E-9

    For Sale Feniex T3s-4 pair-blue

    I have 8 blue Feniex T3s for sale. Got them in a purchase and I don’t have a use for them. Reported to be new out of package. Some have a little shelf wear but otherwise look good. $50 per pair. trade for dual color (blue/white) dash light, interior bar (blue) that fits a 2013 RAM.
  6. SBFD-E-9

    For Sale Whelen Rotabeam 600 pair-blue

    Used for a few months only. Great shape and fully functioning. $500 for the pair. Partial trade for dual color (blue/white) dash light, interior bar (blue) that fits a 2013 RAM.
  7. SBFD-E-9

    Fusion mini bar dome removal

    Any tips for removing a dome on a Fusion mini bar? I have all the screws out but still can’t get it to budge. update: Spoke to Feniex and the bar is just going to them for warranty work. So I don’t need to try to fix it myself. Thanks, Dan
  8. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Looking for: blue LED mini bar and blue/white dash light

    Looking for a blue magnet mount LED mini bar and dual head, dual color (blue/white) dash light. Would also consider interior bar in blue with brackets to fit 2013 RAM. I have lights to trade 2 Whelen dual Talons-sync versions, blue TOMAR 200S dash light high power-blue/white Whelen 600...
  9. SBFD-E-9

    Hamfest grabs

    I went to my local hamfest today and picked up both Code 3 Oscilasers and the SVP teardrop for $20. Not too shabby!
  10. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted ISO Black leather helmet

    Looking for a black leather helmet in good condition, prefer Phenix. Dan
  11. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted 911EP lenses

    Hello, I just bought a 911EP WL28 really cheap but the lenses are yellowed and crazed. I’m searching for 10 replacements. Let me know if you have any. I’ll buy1 or 10 whatever you have. Thanks, Dan
  12. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Blue Whelen M6s

    I’m searching for a pair of blue Whelen M6s. PM a price. Dan
  13. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Excursion/F250 console

    Thank you! I’m hoping someone has one as well. If not I’ll do something on the floor I suppose. Dan
  14. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Excursion/F250 console

    Does anyone have a used console from an Excursion/F series truck? Looking for the one that replaces part of the lower dash. Thanks, Dan
  15. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted 2011-2015 Explorer console

    I ended up buying a new one. Thanks for the reply!
  16. SBFD-E-9

    GE Communications 4EA12B10 Siren

    Great sounding siren, Tony! I’d say leave the paint as it is. Dan
  17. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Whelen pattern change button-dashmiser

    I ended up taking the end cap off and found the manufacturer marked on the switch. I was able to order one online for $5.
  18. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Whelen pattern change button-dashmiser

    I just got a NOS Whelen Dashmiser with scanlock pattern selection today. During shipment the plastic “nut” that holds the pattern selection button to the endcap cracked. I would buy the whole button if anyone has one, or just the piece I need. Thanks!
  19. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Blue or blue/white split interior bar

    Hoping to trade a few items for a split blue or blue/white interior bar. Preferably for a 2014 Explorer. I have a lightly used and 100% complete Whelen Avenger II trio in RBW, and a pair of blue IONVs in blue with mirrorbeam caps for 11+ Explorers. Dan
  20. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Amber microthin lenses and a bracket

    I’m searching for two amber lenses for a newer style Nova Microthin strobe and one mounting bracket for the same. Thanks! Dan
  21. SBFD-E-9

    Avenger/Avenger II brackets same?

    They are different.
  22. SBFD-E-9

    How different are these Inner Edge bars?

    I have someone wanting to trade an Inner Edge for my Avenger II, but it’s for a 2011+ Caprice and I need to fit it in a 2014 Explorer. Does anyone know if the frames are that much different? Can I just get the right brackets and be good to go? Dan
  23. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted Halogen mini Jet, mini vector or SVP Impulse wanted

    I am searching for a Federal Signal mini jet, mini vector or SVP impulse mini bar. Must be magnet mount and blue. Dan
  24. SBFD-E-9

    Auction haul

    Nice! I’ve wanted a mini vector forever.
  25. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted B/B dual avenger sync version

    I would also consider two single avengers that are sync models.
  26. SBFD-E-9

    Wanted B/B dual avenger sync version

    Hi, I’m looking for a sync version dual avenger in blue. Must be complete with suction cup bracket and flash shield. Dan

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