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    Looking for a Setina Dealer

    I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I'm looking for a Setina PB400 for my vehicle. Message me with details. Pricing, Lead time, links, etc Thank you!
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    Anyone have vehicle outlines, drawings, etc?

    PERFECT. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
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    Sound-Off Headlight Flasher

    An updated link , the above has expired. Flasher/Veh. Charts | Sound Off Signal
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    Anyone have vehicle outlines, drawings, etc?

    Already tried the solutions that you guys mentioned. The problem is that none of them are large pictures. The thumbnail you picked up off your phone is what I already had, but it's not big enough. I'll keep looking, but thanks anyways.
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    Anyone have vehicle outlines, drawings, etc?

    Looking for something like the picture below in the Taurus, Caprice, Impala, Tahoe, and the Explorer. - Vector Drawing - Ford Explorer They want a ridiculous price per drawing , and I'm hoping someone has something like this, or can point me to the direction on how to make...
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    Ignition Chime Disable for the Interceptor/Utility

    The vehicle does have the Shift lock. This ignition Chime wire does not effect the lock in any way. However, The wire that you can see that I split with the speaker wire is the wire that I use for the brake kill; When you split this wire not only do you disable the brake lights, but it...
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    Ignition Chime Disable for the Interceptor/Utility

    Yes, It is the same on the Sedan
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    Flashpoint Lighting -- 2014 Dodge Durango

    I'm assuming he's referring to his company when he says the Flashpoint Custom setup. Ie. He made them himself.
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    Rubber Grommet Plugs

    We currently stock plastic caps for holes that we plug when we are tearing down a vehicle, but I'm not a fan of using them on the exterior and then having to silicone them from the bottom, especially when the vehicle doesn't provide access for us to do so. We used to use the rubber plugs for...
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    2013 Taurus: Added GRILL lights 01/26/14

    Looks really good. The little details really add a lot, and I've always been a fan of the pinnacles. They've updated a lot and it shows. We've flashed the civilian models tail lights/fog accents and have had them on the road for about 3 years without complaints. (The department ordered...
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    An Upfitter Warning : Civilian Ford Explorer... and my $410 oopsie.

    I agree, we've all been there. I had a mishap with a charger and their interface module behind the factory console cover. Little did I know, I snapped the connector plug off of the Key Fob Antennae. Luckily I figured it out as soon as it happened and fixed it before it left shop. Funny...
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    Wig-Wag Dimmer for PI Sedan and Utility

    Yes sir, I'm aware of all of that information. But none of that answers my questions.
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    Wig-Wag Dimmer for PI Sedan and Utility

    So this does or does not control the high beam? Does it just dim the factory headlight bulbs to simulate an alternate flashing? Do you have a video?
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    What Diagram-Making programs do you use?

    I'm going to try both but from the looks of it I think the Expresspcb will fit my needs quite well. Thank you guys or the suggestions.
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    What Diagram-Making programs do you use?

    Awesome Diagram. I'm definitely going to use that method on the upcoming Chargers that I'm getting in a few weeks. Thanks! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    Federal Signal SS2000 Horn Ring Question

    Twodogs you are correct. I called FedSig and they told me that polarity doesn't make a difference, as long as the Horn Ring wire is open at rest. All it needs is to sense change. Thank you for your help.
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    Federal Signal SS2000 Horn Ring Question

    I'm reading the manual and it is unclear, Does the horn ring accept positive horn signals for the horn ring feature? or only negative signals? My vehicle outputs a positive signal when the horn is depressed. Thank you
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    What Diagram-Making programs do you use?

    I'm looking for a new software to make my diagrams, and I'm wondering what you use. Can be CAD/NON-CAD or even paint. Some examples would be awesome too. Thanks in advance
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    SS2000 help

    This. Do you need help with the install? The new plugs are the same.
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    How many of you wash the customers vehicle before delivery?

    Just out of curiousity; Having a vehicle sit in the shop for a few days can gather a good amount of dust. Does your company go out to the local car wash before delivery of the vehicle?
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    2013 Tahoe Trio

    I was just going to say the same exact thing about the vertex/tlf What we've done in the past when the customer insisted on both, is instead of flashing the reverse, we would flash the brake lights in a similar pattern as the OEM Charger Flashback. Best of both worlds
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    To whack a whacker. (Wanna Be/Imposter ride for sale)

    I don't know what security guards are like where you're from, but they're a different breed up here. There are a lot of them that are trying to be something that they aren't, BUT make no mistake, the armed guys that I've worked with are individually contracted, and don't F*** around. They have...
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    To whack a whacker. (Wanna Be/Imposter ride for sale)

    That's pretty bad. As soon as I saw the STL that was it. lol. My question is, didn't I see a light control module underneath the radio? or was that just a siren control? I don't think this kid knows how to interface it with his shitty lights.
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    2013 civilian Explorer firewall

    I've just never in my life of doing this professionally put that many wires through a firewall, OR ever needed to. Even on bigger builds , and not squads. Run One trigger for each light position, one speaker, one per sync, and one for your relay system. Mount your flashers inside the engine...
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    2013 civilian Explorer firewall

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around what you're saying but that seems like a lot of unnecessary wiring. Are you not putting the flasher inside of the vehicle? I'm not going to go one by one and tell you what you should do, but this seems a little much. But hey, your car!
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    Keep it undercover with tint

    Here's my go with the Rustoleum Spray Tint on some Whelen IONS. The tint doesn't noticeably effect the light output, but does effect the ability to spot these bad boys! Turned out GREAT. Found the perfect opportunity on one of the ghost cars that I'm doing now. I also tinted the...
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    Uhhh, 5th generation???

    Fyi the link for LED 101 after you click the first link you posted is dead. It goes to Elightbars Archives, and that's where it stops. :)
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    2013 civilian Explorer firewall

    I agree. Why make a full grill cover and have no room for more than 2 ions? On topic, I've seen a few times on here that there is another place on the drivers side to the immediate right of the Ebrake cable to drill. Have done this before and it's nice and easy to get to, no wrenching your...
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    2013 Ford Utility, PDRC, Havis, Setina, Pro-Gard

    Installer from Minneapolis here. I've been following your stuff for a while, and I love the work you guys do. What type of fuse panels do you use?
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    Ignition Chime Disable for the Interceptor/Utility

    The purple wire I tapped into is the brake light circuit. This wire was given to my by Ford. They made it clear that the circuit was not intended to be interrupted due to local law, but they said that if we needed to, then this is the only place that they recommend doing it. This wire is...

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