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  1. C17LVFD

    Three Color Dummy Heads

    Jarred, just verified that that 911 signal x8t rebranded for strobesnmore will do what you want to do as described above. Also got an Avenger II in RCA... the avenger it seems will either do white steady n override all other wires if set to steady... if White is set to a pattern, it’ll allow...
  2. C17LVFD

    Three Color Dummy Heads

    Jarred, im pretty sure but I’ll have to double check. I’ve got red white n amber... I got four to make a competitor to the avenger ii... got a project box... just haven’t had the time to bring it to fruition. Double stacking them packs some decent punch with a decent footprint. will you be...
  3. C17LVFD

    Three Color Dummy Heads

    Ended up trying these... I can trigger all three modes independently and Can combine wires to get what I wanted.
  4. C17LVFD

    Weldon Diamondback pattern change

    I had heard at one time there was an app for your smart phone.
  5. C17LVFD

    Weatherproof Avenger

    Look at the Whelen Raider... similar to smaller footprint... uses a Lin6 but bright and CHP loved them. you can find them on the used market. Seth
  6. C17LVFD

    Best way to mount to headliner

    There’s a thread here about using heavy duty coat hangars. A lot of people have had good success with them and being able to level them as needed. Might be worth a search. Good luck, Seth
  7. C17LVFD

    Looking for a low amperage grille LED

    Use that amperage from the alerting system to trigger relays to run whatever you want. It’ll work much better in the long run. Seth
  8. C17LVFD

    How to make Generic Whelen Transporter for B-Link & Smart Messenger

    If I’m understanding properly... you used the rs232 to rs485 up until recently... then got a comm failure so swapped to another machine that had a true serial port with the same comm failure? Sounds to me like your converter is dead. For 5 bucks, I think it would be worthwhile to buy another...
  9. C17LVFD

    Whats it worth?

    Last I knew, voly EMS runs green in NY state... Voly Fire runs blue. NY maybe the place to move it quickly. All green is def custom and rare... code 3 is a “major player” in the market (debatable I realize). Buff the lenses to a 9.5/10 and put a 750 OBO price on it and see what happens. Post it...
  10. C17LVFD

    HHS2200 Issue

    Send it back!
  11. C17LVFD

    Classic light bar recommendation

    Might also look at a Code 3 MX7000. Always one of my favorite bars with endless confirmation possibilities. Good luck, Seth
  12. C17LVFD

    Whelen Ultra Edge and MPC01

    Fair enough. I think there are several people here on the board who are much more familiar with the mpc01 programming then I am. Do some searches for “b-link” “blink” “Whelen serial” “mpc01” and “smart messenger.” I’m sure you’ll find someone who can help. Only thing I don’t know is if...
  13. C17LVFD

    Whelen Ultra Edge and MPC01

    Sure thing. Whelen has historically given the software out for free if u call them. I found a way to make a 20 dollar transporter that works for the mpc01 and Whelen messenger... maybe the easiest way to go so u can easily tweak programming. Good luck! Seth
  14. C17LVFD

    Whelen Ultra Edge and MPC01

    Doug, My guess is the mpc01 programming needs to be evaluated. That would be first step... you could also pull the strobe tubes and put them on a known working PS to test they aren’t blown. But it sounds to me like the mpc01 may not be configured correctly. Being that you purchased the mpc01...
  15. C17LVFD

    4500 Rota-Beam

    Looks great! I’m inclined to agree less effective but prettier. I’m finishing a 4500 myself with 12 6over6’s and 2 400 series strobes on a opticom PS. It’s one bright sucker! Nicely done! If you have a line on any more rota beam reds for the 4500 let me know. Thanks! Seth
  16. C17LVFD

    Premium Vision documentation?

    That was the SS2000... I had it at one point running the ss2000 remotely. Worked pretty well on a touchscreen. Seth
  17. C17LVFD

    Noob in Maryland.

    PM me with what you’re looking for. Seth
  18. C17LVFD

    Led TCL

    That’s a pretty cool idea. Very curious to see it in application. Whelen pinwheel was a massive failure... concerned in practice this may fall into the same category. Seth
  19. C17LVFD

    Kevin O'Connell - Owner of B&M Sirens - has passed

    May he Rest In Peace. Seth
  20. C17LVFD

    Noob in Maryland.

    I’m in Baltimore and have a TON of vista parts in the garage. PM me if u need anything. Seth
  21. C17LVFD

    Whelen WECAN programming

    Oldest wecan I have is If that’s older than yours pm me and I’ll send it over.
  22. C17LVFD

    WHELEN BL405A B LINK There’s some good info here... Seth
  23. C17LVFD

    2019 Silverado 2500HD wig wag

    Might look into speed turtle. Pretty sure it’ll flash everything without having to modify wiring. Hope that helps Seth
  24. C17LVFD

    WHELEN BL405A B LINK This is the one I use. 6 bucks.
  25. C17LVFD


    If you request the software from Whelen they’ll send it to you for free. I built a programmer for the mpc01 for about 20 bucks... if you want to go down that route. Search for Blink programmer threads. You’ll find it here. Good luck, Seth
  26. C17LVFD

    Jet Solaris lighthead cut-off

    Likely it’s not wired the way you’re needing to use the bar. My suggestion would be to open it up and remove the wiring to the rear heads from the flasher. Best of luck, Seth
  27. C17LVFD


    You need a blink controller that’s programmed to recognize n control them. They’re not stand alone. MPC01,02 or 03 Seth
  28. C17LVFD

    Whelen light bars

    There is a great used market here for Lightbars. Just the other day I saw a Whelen freedom for 250 bucks. It was red/blue so it would have needed to be converted to amber... but Wilson here on the forum does that. It would be WAY cheaper than a liberty or legacy new. Do some digging into the...
  29. C17LVFD

    2015 F150 SOS HLF

    Could u just do an add a harness to the existing headlight bulb plugs? Plug n play essentially. If you can get to the high beam head... no need to pull the headlight. Idk what’s involved with changing a headlight bulb with the vehicle. But the last few I’ve done, I just extended the harness...

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