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  1. Nathan R

    Whelen Executive VP John F. Olson
  2. Nathan R

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    **obligatory nonsensical post** Carry on with your day....
  3. Nathan R

    Need help with 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    It's not.
  4. Nathan R

    Brand New Axixtech HAL09 LED Hide-a-ways

    Seeing as this thread has not been 'active' in 10 months, you can PM the member. Also he has a link to his store and information as to where FLORIDA Emergency Vehicle Equipment & Repair is located, in his Signature line (and profile).
  5. Nathan R

    Hey Y'all

    What he said. Welcome!
  6. Nathan R

    Speed turtle 2.0
  7. Nathan R

    Plugging HAW holes
  8. Nathan R

    Neutral ELB Member "894"

    Feedback is for completed transactions, if you were in the middle of a deal, and wish to complete it, please post in the Dispute Resolution section.
  9. Nathan R

    Wanted ISO 911EP LS12 "white" module

  10. Nathan R

    Announcement Whats Allowed - Non-warning Public Safety Equipment

    Please use this section for selling items used directly in conjunction with performing a public safety function. Generally, if it could be issued/owned by a department or service, it's ok to sell. Commonly questioned items that are permitted Voice recorders Cameras Video equipment Specific...
  11. Nathan R

    Hello to all!!

    Welcome to the site! Hopefully we get to see your "creation" and there are plenty of people here who will offer advice (wanted and unwanted lol) on improving any install.
  12. Nathan R

    Cannon Programing

    Follow steps A-F
  13. Nathan R

    The Safety Thread

  14. Nathan R

    Happy Birthday Tony P!!!

    Happy Birthday Tony!! May you have a blinky day!
  15. Nathan R

    Wanted 911ep galaxy end ballast

    2 additional resources that may help your search that a bunch of the 911EP fans from here (myself included) run:
  16. Nathan R

    Wanted WHELEN - Classic or older Patriot ?

    I added your pictures. IIRC the Patriot didn't appear until ~ 2000-2002. You CAN replace the old 5mm LED 500 series with the newer versions of 500 Series LED (I did a few years ago, the MOST recent ones I cannot speak to).
  17. Nathan R

    Wanted WHELEN - Classic or older Patriot ?

    Send me your pictures if it will let you, in a PM, or send me an e-mail (in my signature).
  18. Nathan R

    After 2 years, I guess I'll get around to introducing myself...

    Thanks for taking the time for an introduction, and for joining eLb! Happy posting, and look forward to seeing installs, and re-upfits!
  19. Nathan R

    I.D. Unmarked glass 'jelly jar' lights
  20. Nathan R

    New Chinese Siren or JDI Siren in Development?

    Here was the original prototype JDI Siren (don't think I haven't saved the good shit I come across through the years)!! Notice the Whackmaster 800 had 'Wolf Whistle'... 'Pig'... & 'Cow'... Is this the Whackmaster 1000 that also has 'Cock'?
  21. Nathan R

    Courtesy light induced road rage

    If you want to discuss or clarify the lighting laws, please refer to the Official Thread
  22. Nathan R

    Whelen patriot question

    Here are the files I have compiled
  23. Nathan R

    Brand to Brand Faceplate Interchangeability (The above link is the thread you started 2 years ago silly!!! :p )
  24. Nathan R

    Joe Dorgan

    I am a site Administrator, I was not made aware, I cannot speak for any other member, Moderator, or Admin of this site. I never said yours was not. You simply happened to be the last person who had posted. If you have a problem with something a Site Staff member does or says, take it to PM...
  25. Nathan R

    Joe Dorgan

    Ok, so it is now established that there is an obvious problem with this individual. This forum section is meant to establish contact with an individual to begin resolving a dispute. Unless you have an active dispute, no other replies are allowed to be posted in here, and they will be deleted.
  26. Nathan R

    Whelen 400 Series "Smart Super LED" Size

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