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    Best Inexpensive Lightheads

    I have a non-warning, non-emergency project that needs some reasonably high output lights. I’m currently using SOS Led3 minis but want something brighter. I was leaning towards the Feniex Fusion as they run about $50/head. The lights may get some occasional rain but exposure but they’ll be...
  2. J

    Tahoe Setup Ideas

    Working on an unmarked Tahoe that will be used primarily for traffic enforcement. The front and sides are taken care of but I'm trying to figure out the back. I want to minimize externally mounted light heads so I'm dodging options like the Whelen Outer Edge Pillar mounts. My big concern is...
  3. J

    Upper Glass Traffic Arrow for Charger

    It's time to start speccing out lights for our incoming Chargers. What I'd like to do is run a SOS NForce on the rear deck for red/blue. I'd like to run an amber traffic arrow along the top of the glass to get some separation between the levels of light. In the past, this was a no-go with the...
  4. J

    LED Head Count - How Much is enough

    So, what is the general consensus on how many LEDs are needed in a head for effective warning. I started down this path after seeing 6 LED per head interior lightbars (SOS) installed in Ford Pursuit Utilities. With the factory tint, the lights simply couldn’t punch through the tint and the...
  5. J

    Covert Traffic Arrow - Dodge Ram

    I"m working on an unmarked 2017 Dodge Ram that will be used for traffic enforcement. I'm trying to keep the back of the vehicle fairly covert and was thinking about this: Mount 8 SOS MPowers in the gap between the bumper and tail gate and then drive them with the appropriate flasher. Has...
  6. J

    Recent New Story with My Ride

    Pic: Story link with video (good side shot at 00:52):
  7. J

    Old PBT Pictures needed

    Back in the late 80's or 90's, the early PBT's had three LED, green for under .08, yellow for .08-.10, and red for greater than .10. I have been unable to find a picture of one of these devices. Does anyone have any old Gall's catalogs or anything similar that might have a picture?
  8. J

    2017 F150 Ideas

    I'm putting together a proposal for a F150 SSV. The vehicle would be need to be setup as an unmarked suitable for traffic enforcement that could include being parked on the side of an interstate. The front seems pretty easy with an interior lightbar, and lighting on the pushbumper, and maybe...
  9. J


    I just found this product and like it except for the price. Seems like a great way to mount a bunch of lights in a fairly painless manner. It is a precisely cut plastic housing that bolts to the front of the grill. The website only has their Chevy Tahoe product but they make the for the PIU...
  10. J

    2016 Pursuit Utility LED Insert Options

    IIRC, there is a way to insert an Ion size head into the headlight assembly of a 2016 Ford Pursuit Utility. This is typically a factory option but I seem to recall some aftermarket options that accomplish the same thing. I'm not talking about a hideaway but an actual LED head. What are my...
  11. J

    Smaller Surface Mount Speaker for Motorola

    I'm looking for a surface mount speaker that is smaller than the standard brown 4.75"x4.75" speaker that is standard for Motorola. IIRC, it need to be a 3.2 ohm speaker. Any suggestions?
  12. J

    2016 Pursuit Utility Hatch Release

    Just started driving a 2016 Pursuit Utility and I HATE!!!! the new hatch release system. Is there any way to change the "flow" of the release like you can with the light module to go "dark?"
  13. J

    PowerArcs in 2016 Pursuit Utility

    Due to some unexpected complications, I've had to change a planned setup for a 2016 Ford Pursuit Utility.  The vehicle will be an unmarked, supervisor's unit that is used for occasional enforcement.  While looking at pictures and mulling ideas, it occurred to me that I may be able to slip in two...
  14. J

    GPS That Displays Waypoint Names?

    I used to run a Garmin 2450 and loved it because it would display the name of a waypoint next to the icon for the waypoint, not just the icon. I have been received multiple recommendations from Garmin for which GPS to buy to make this happen and every single unit they've recommended will not do...
  15. J

    Whelen Cencom Sapphire Input Expansion Module

    Can anyone explain the optional "input expansion module" now offered on the Cencom Sapphire?  Can I use the "inputs" to control other devices like a trigger wire for a lightbar that required 0.25 amps?
  16. J

    2015 Dodge Charger Fog Light Options

    Has anyone found a good light to mount in the fog light area of the 2015 Dodge Charger?
  17. J

    Utility Side Lighting Input

    I'm in the process of swapping out two Pursuit Utilities that are currently setup as shown below.  For the rear light, I'm moving from a surface mount Intersector to an under mirror mount to have the light sit more flush with the roof.  This will free a surface mount Intersector for possible...
  18. J

    ULF-44 Wiring Question

    I'm currently running ULF-44's because of the dual pattern feature.  What I really want is the ability to steady burn while keeping the two pattern option.  It occurred to me that I could simply add a wire for (+)to the point where the LEDs connect to the ULF.  If I didn't apply (+) I could get...
  19. J

    SOS nForce Interior Lightbar Comments

    I recently pickedup a SOS nForce interior lightbar to T&E for possible future purchase as an upgrade to these installs: I was crunched for time and didn't have time to play with all of the advanced features like I would have liked.  I could not get the USB programming to work and ended up...
  20. J

    Wiring STT lights into current model Dodge pickups (full-size)

    I need to wire STT lights into a number of current Dodge pickups that will be receiving full-size lightbars. What is the best way to pickup the appropriate connections?
  21. J

    Suggestions for Inexpensive Amber Lightbars

    I'm looking for ideas for an inexpensive all amber light bar for a number of utility vehicles. I'm thinking 48" mounted on locally made headache racks to make future transfers easier. The Whelen Justice & Century Elite as well as the SOS Skyfire came to mind - anything else to think about...
  22. J

    2012 NPS Ford Utility Slicktop

    BACKGROUND Every time I post pictures and videos of our units, I end up answering the same questions. In hopes of heading that off, let me start with this quick bit of info: These vehicles are operated by U.S. Park Rangers who have full law enforcement authority in units of the National Park...
  23. J

    Semi-Covert Expedition

    This vehicle was just pulled from service. I hadn’t posted pictures or details before as it is a semi-covert install. The vehicle served dual purposes, as a supervisor’s vehicle and as a takedown vehicle for plain clothes details. (This vehicle used a lot of recycled equipment as well.) Its use...
  24. J

    Outlet Constantly Hot on Cencom Sapphire

    I've got a quirky problem with the last three Cencom Sapphires I've had done. The low power circuit is running off of outlet 12 and for some reason, the outlet is constantly hot regardless of how it is setup in the programing. I've checked and double checked the program but don't see why it's...
  25. J

    MP3 Input for Ford Utility

    Does anyone know what's required to add an MP3 input to the factory radio in A Ford Pursuit Utility?
  26. J

    2012 NPS Ford Utility Slicktop

    Our new setup is not yet complete but I stopped by the install shop and snapped a couple of tease pics for those who might be interested. Rear Setup 2 - Whelen M6 (Red, Driver's Side) 2 - Whelen M6 (Blue, Passenger's Side) 1 set - Whelen Vertex (1-Red, 1-Blue in tail light assemblies)...
  27. J

    2012 NPS Dodge Charger

    BACKGROUND Every time I post pictures and videos of our units, I end up answering the same questions. In hopes of heading that off, let me start with this quick bit of info: These vehicles are operated by U.S. Park Rangers who have full law enforcement authority in units of the National Park...
  28. J

    Whelen Mirror Beams on Current Chargers

    Is it me or do the current, Ion based, Mirror beams for the current Dodge Charger suck? We've got our first install back with these and they are utterly unimpressive. I realize that they're competing with M6's and a full light bar but they don't project forward at all and only seem to disperse...
  29. J

    Code 3 LP Question

    IIRC, Code 3 offered their alley lights as "mini-takedowns" in the LP. I was wondering if anyone ever used them as warning lights. They always seemed like a neat way to add flashers to the bar without taking up a rotator slot.
  30. J

    Park Kill and Current Model Chargers

    We've run into an issue with the Park Kill function of our Cencoms (Gold and Sapphire). Apparently, the output from the factory connector is not enough to trigger the park kill function. Our install tech has called Whelen and they didn't have any insight. Right now our install guy is using a...

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