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    Wanted Amber LP 6000/6100 filters

    do you have pics of what they look like. I a have a bunch of filters but not sure which ones would go the bar you have
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    Wanted Rebuilding Federal Signal Streethawk

    most LED replacement bulbs like the H1 do not give 360 degree equal light and its much more focused than a halogen light. Your results with swapping the bulbs on the rotators may be unsatisfactory so I suggest testing one first and see. I tried several different LED 3156 bulbs for incandescent...
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    Wanted Code 3 Mini "Excalibur" X22A/X22CA

    actually it is its just one section of a full bar yeah my video is a Mx7000 but the only difference...
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    Wanted Code 3 Mini "Excalibur" X22A/X22CA

    that looks like a half bar as only one side looks like it has the angled corners. would be mounted on either side of a utility truck like these I made for a fire patrol If so I have plenty of these excalibur units that I can probably sell what you need.
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    For Sale Complete collection for sale

    soutthpaw updated Complete collection for sale with a new update entry: Price Drop to $2000 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    For Sale Complete collection for sale

    I don't currently have a way to load and palletize it, else I would suggest something like Uship for estimates. Open to best offers as well
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    Complete collection for sale

    Selling complete collection. Must take all. Include a lot of spare parts, wiring harness etc. 90%+ works. Rest should be easy to get working. Don't have the time to restore and sell all these. Located in Sparks Nevada. PICKUP ONLY Email
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    For Sale Complete collection for sale

    soutthpaw submitted a new listing: Complete collection for sale - Mostly vintage strobes and rotators Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted need lp6000 parts ASAP

    I have clear domes and center speaker grill. I gutted a bar so I probably have all the rotators but would need pics as I dont know what the LP 6000 rotators look like
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    The prop manager contacted me via one of my ebay listings. They also ended up being shipped overnight which is typical for movie business, because if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done. The bought 2 then decided they needed 2 more.
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    How to make Generic Whelen Transporter for B-Link & Smart Messenger

    Amazon link to the one I used
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    Wanted GALLS Branded/Code 3 LP6000 47” 3 Rotor Lightbar

    I may have a set of domes as I gutted an LP6000. I probably have most of the parts to rebuild one. I believe I have a galls branded wobbler for the center. email me
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    Wanted 50-60 inch light bar frame or full

    should be able to get any welding shop to do it
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    Vintage Frankenstein-ed lights, beacons and light bars.

    I finally got this one mounted on my F250. changed out to Excalibur LED arrowsticks and spread them out more evenly across the bar
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    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    I did a custom build and sold them all the lightbars used in this movie "The Dead Don't Die" here is video of the build
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    Wanted 50-60 inch light bar frame or full

    I just weld the frames together. This is an 80" project Excalibur that will take 4 center sections. I have everything to complete the build with front and rear arrowsticks. I have Excalibur, MX7000 and Whelen edge bars that I can join.
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    Amber lights galore!

    nope, I have a couple of RX2700's by Code 3
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    Need help with air horns!

    Don't forget all the Deaf and hard of hearing drivers out there as well. folks with Bluetooth headsets and earbuds listening to music or talking on phone etc.
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    Wanted Code 3 XL Center Rotator Assembly

    thanks, you are correct, got it working. I have 10 spare gears for fast speed, so i am good to go. just working on a source for cheap motors heh. Zoro sells the fast gears for about $5 each FYI
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    Whelen 8000, clear domes

    the inner clear dome was just to diffuse the light. I have some amber beacons like that and they all had the clear dome inside. horizontal grooves with vertical grooves on the outside dome
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    Reworked LP6000 w Stingrays

    That's cool, I have one of those from a bar that I stripped, but never actually ran it to see what it does. Mine has the molded black housing for the stingray
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    Hi-speed rotator motors

    Thanks, you are absolutely correct, I just swapped the black for the white motor gear and it produces a hi-speed rotation. So what is the speed of the motors? Should be around 5000-6000 RPM
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    How to make Generic Whelen Transporter for B-Link & Smart Messenger

    I got mine working with a USB to RS485 adapter from Amazon.
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    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    Here is what they look like cut
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    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    Okay, I thought that is maybe what you meant, I have one but not selling it unfortunately, I did cut a couple of Full bars down to be one sided like this. I have to trim the ends and caps to fit still. they are obviously deeper that the flush mounts. those were on ambulances a lot...
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    Hi-speed rotator motors

    humm, counting the teeth on the gear, there are about 60 so that would be either 6000, or 12000 rpm motor
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    Wanted 47" Excalibur

    do you want parts, I should have blue domes, intersections sweeps, light modules for the arrow stick, I don't have fast rotators, but might have some slow ones.
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    Wanted Twinsonic domes Blue or Clear

    I have a blue and a red

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